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Chapter 708 - The Great Dao of Yin and Yang!

Chapter 708: The Great Dao of Yin and Yang!

He knew that he had to turn this situation around. Otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable. His entire body was glowing, his divine flames were burning, and he burst out with his strongest aura.

The endless black sky enveloped him, and the battle with Ye Chen only lasted for an instant. Hundreds of black lights shot toward Ye Chen, causing him to encounter a crisis.

Ye Chen’s eyes shone brightly, following him like a shadow, not allowing him to escape from this area. He used his speed to the maximum, and two streams of divine power erupted, evolving into yin and yang Qi, erupting with the most powerful attack power.


Yin and yang Qi instantly surged, finally shattering the black sun that filled the sky. Then, like two heavenly blades, they hacked toward the other party.


The black-clothed man held a black sun in his hand. That was his true body. Black runes were like ripples, rapidly spreading out. Chaotic leaves withered, and sparks flew everywhere.

“Ah...” He roared and used a great divine ability. His entire body was burning up, wanting to fight to the death.


Ye Chen shouted loudly, pressing forward with indomitable will. Endless power collided together, and yin and yang merged as one. Some primal chaos qi actually spread out, and the attack power soared. This was the strongest attack of this technique.


This man had nowhere to dodge. Ye Chen’s longsword struck his arm, and his entire body trembled. The black sun in front of him shrank, and his hands exploded. Moreover, wounds were spreading.


Half of the bones in his body were broken, and his flesh and blood were a bloody mess.

This was the power of the longsword, and its offensive power was unparalleled in the world.

The black-clothed man was sent flying, and blood kept coughing out from the corner of his mouth. He steadied his body, and his gaze was frighteningly terrifying. He suddenly raised his head and said, “You’re dead!”

He threw everything aside, treating this as a life and death battle. It was a heaven-shaking and earth-shattering battle, and he was burning it at all costs. In just an instant, a blazing beam of light descended from the sky.

A terrifying divine light descended from the sun in the sky. The black-robed man seemed to have fused with the sun as he walked over on blazing flames. Every inch of his flesh and blood was spewing out divine flames.

“Go to hell!”

This was a forbidden technique. One had to pay the price and communicate with the sun to borrow its supreme power to destroy the opponent.

At this moment, Ye Chen’s charm dance displayed its greatest might. It turned into a stream of light and surrounded the man as it attacked.

The black-clothed man’s flames soared and burned. The mountain peak below turned into ashes and was directly burned away. As for the great lake, it quickly disappeared and completely evaporated.

In this place, clouds were steaming and multicolored. Divine light soared into the sky, and the sun seemed to be pressing down. It fused with the black-clothed man and erupted with the most terrifying power.


Ye Chen did not hesitate and displayed his most powerful divine ability. At the instant the two rushed to the closest point, his longsword instantly slashed out!

Boundless ice began to glow, and numerous symbols erupted, turning into a scripture that branded itself into the void. Then, it formed a world of ice that enveloped the black-robed man.


The black-robed man cried out. After being struck by the supreme-being symbol and being wrapped within, he rapidly aged. His physical body was drying up, and his essence, energy, and spirit were severely depleted.

At this moment, the sun essence fire in the sky had burned himself. His skin was dry and cracked, and his body was already half-collapsed. His hair had turned into ashes, and it was a miserable sight to behold.

The black-clothed expert roared. He did not expect this outcome. He was originally in his prime. But now, he was old, his blood was dry, and he did not have any strength.

Ye Chen naturally would not waste time. The battle opportunity was fleeting. He held the nation-guarding longsword and went forward. With a ‘pu’ sound, he directly chopped off that head.

“Ah...” The black-clothed expert roared. Even though his head was cut off, there was still a sound that shook the sky.

Ye Chen did not stop. He pounced forward and used his black longsword to slash forward. With a ‘pu’ sound, his head was split into two halves. Fresh blood dripped down, and divine light spread out in all directions!

It was also fortunate that he was so fast. Just as he chopped down, the body behind him and the two halves of the head returned to their prime state. Essence energy surged, and blood energy surged like the sea.

Ye Chen was shocked. If not for his quick reaction, he might not have been able to chop him off. As expected of a god!

Even at this moment, Ye Chen did not stop. His entire body shone as he used the suan ni technique. With endless lightning, he pounced over and killed the severed head.

The primordial spirit within had long been shattered. Ye Chen did his best and continued to attack with lightning. He wanted to destroy the shattered divine soul and permanently eliminate any future troubles.

“I am not resigned. I actually died at the hands of a puny Human Emperor!” The black-robed man roared.

With a boom, his soul was ignited. At the same time, the body behind him along with a black sun was also ignited. Then, they exploded together, and their divine power was like a vast ocean striking the sky!

He self-detonated. At this moment, the sky and earth were bright, and the bright light illuminated the entire mountain range. The mountain peaks on the ground melted like paper and disappeared.

Ye Chen coughed up blood. Even though he used the charm dance movement technique, he was still affected when the crisis came.

He leaped into the sky and retreated hundreds of miles before falling headfirst into the mountains. His entire body was covered in blood, and he had almost died.

The self-detonation of a god was truly terrifying. If Ye Chen had not been fast enough to escape from the center of the storm, he would have died without a doubt!

Even with the indestructible golden body, he was severely injured. He spat out blood as soon as he opened his mouth, and his entire body lay on the ground, unable to move.

After a full two hours, Ye Chen finally managed to get up. The new life chapter was constantly repairing his body.

“That was close. I almost died.” Ye Chen stood up. Even someone as strong as him almost had his body disintegrated. He barely managed to survive.

If not for the new life chapter, he would have died long ago. The self-destruction of a god was indeed incomparably powerful!

Now, Ye Chen had already killed nine gods!

At this time, Ye Chen was already surrounded by the gods.

“Human Emperor, where do you think you’re going!” A loud shout came from not far away.

Dozens of gods surrounded Ye Chen. A tall God, who was 80 meters tall, leaped over like a small mountain with a boom.


The mountain ground was trampled apart by it. Its entire body was covered in long black fur. Its eyes were as cold as lightning, and its movements were swift and fierce. It directly swung its palm down.


Ye Chen dodged, and that mountain peak was directly smashed into pieces by the tall god’s palm!

The violent black god was brutal and powerful.

The void trembled, and a golden light rushed over at high speed. It swooped down toward Ye Chen, destroying everything in its path. The mountain rocks on the ground were sent flying, and the trees were completely destroyed.

The golden condor god was at least a hundred meters long. It extended its large claws and tore downward.


When Ye Chen dodged, the mountain ridge that he was standing on was directly scratched by a huge gash. The scene was terrifying.

With a whoosh, the golden condor god transformed into human form. Its long golden hair was disheveled as it landed on the mountain ridge. It held a shiny long saber in its hand and said, “Human Emperor, you won’t be able to escape today!”

Another god appeared. It was multicolored and looked like a peerless divine tiger. Its movements were agile, and it leaped hundreds of meters away. When it got close, it brought a fierce wind with it. Its eyes flickered with a cunning light.

More than ten gods appeared one after another. They surrounded this mountain area with a miserable aura.

He did not act rashly because he sensed an even more dangerous aura. There were also gods hiding in the dark. There were at least six or seven of them.

He looked in one direction. That place exploded with a bang. Two people walked over after shattering the mountain forest. They were both wearing armor that covered their heads and faces. They did not reveal their true faces.

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