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Chapter 709 - Bloodbath and Slaughter!

Chapter 709: Bloodbath and Slaughter!

One of the gods wielded a Purple Metal Hammer and swung it directly at Ye Chen. With a Kacha Sound, an enormous bolt of lightning flew over with astonishing power.

Ye Chen dodged to the side, revealing a shocked expression. This was a very powerful dharmic armament.

In the other directions, seven or eight more gods appeared, all with very powerful auras.

“Are you forcing me to go on a killing spree?!” Ye Chen said coldly.

There were more than twenty gods in this area. They were scattered all over the place and surrounded him. It was destined that there would be a fierce battle.

“Human Emperor, you have nowhere to run. We will kill you today!” A god said.

Hearing the elder of the deity race say this, Ye Chen’s eyes turned cold.

“Kill me? I don’t know what the human race has done to deserve such treatment, but I know that I am the emperor of the human race. Today, even if I die, I will protect the human race for thousands of generations!”

Ye Chen said sternly, his hair flying in the wind.

“You are just a bunch of sinners. Today, all of you will die!” The old man said sternly.

Immediately, his hair danced in the wind as a violent expression appeared on his face. A powerful force erupted from him!

“Fine, since all of you want to kill me, then today, I will slaughter the gods for all of you to see!” He looked down on the gods!


Almost at the same time, the various gods roared together and charged forward. In an instant, this area was filled with saber lights and sword shadows. Lightning interweaved and flames spewed out. It was extremely terrifying. It was as if a legend had reappeared. They were all supernatural powers.

In the front, the 80-meter-tall black god grabbed a 10-meter-long boulder and smashed it toward Ye Chen.


The air exploded. The boulder that the god smashed out exceeded the speed of sound. It created a terrifying airflow and directly covered Ye Chen.


After the golden condor god transformed into a human man, it was very valiant. It was about 1.9 meters tall. At this moment, it transformed into a golden bolt of lightning and almost teleported. It arrived in front of Ye Chen with a shiny long saber in its hand. It exploded with a 10-meter-tall ball of light, the sword Qi surged and slashed toward Ye Chen, wanting to cut his waist in half.

The other god’s body was covered in dazzling fur. It waved its big claws and directly blocked Ye Chen’s left side, and the cold light was dazzling.


The god, who was wearing metal armor, had even his head and face covered by a helmet. Only his eyes were visible. He waved the purple metal hammer in his hand and exploded with a huge bolt of lightning, attacking Ye Chen from the right side.

In just a split second, all the gods in this area moved. They all attacked together, using their most powerful methods to kill Ye Chen.

They did not give him a chance. They wanted to kill him!

Ye Chen sneered. Immediately, the True Qi in his body soared, and endless power burst out. Rolling black gas immediately spread out on Ye Chen’s forehead.

Ye Chen only had one thought right now, and that was to kill!

Start a massacre!

Immediately, the black shadow behind Ye Chen surged out and directly pierced into the body of a god.

Blood splattered everywhere, and a miserable cry came from the ground.

At this moment, the system that Ye Chen had not seen for a long time appeared, continuously absorbing the divine power into his body.

Ye Chen was somewhat surprised. He did not think that his system could still absorb the divine power!

The other god rushed up from the ground to attack Ye Chen, but in the end, his head was pierced through by the long sword first, and he was nailed to the ground.


Ye Chen held the long sword in his left hand and the long sword in his right hand!

The two swords were used together, and they exploded with endless light. One sword slashed down, and the other god died instantly!

The other god pulled out the blade light from his snow-white long sword, cutting through the void and cutting into Ye Chen’s afterimage.

The mountain ground shattered, and Ye Chen tore through the soil and rushed up.

Ye Chen instantly flew to his side, and with a slash of his sword, blood splattered three feet!


A god brandished his purple metal hammer, shooting out a bolt of lightning that struck Ye Chen, causing him to stagger. His shoulder was charred black and was dripping with blood.

“Human Emperor, you’re dead meat!” At this moment, a god was very powerful. Black flames erupted from his palm as he slapped forward.


Ye Chen stabilized his body. The moment he landed on the ground, he leaped up once again. He swung the longsword in his right hand with all his might, striking toward the palm that was striking toward him.

Panic appeared in the eyes of the god. It was already too late for him to move his body horizontally. He could not even retract his palm, and it had already struck toward Ye Chen.

Ye Chen only swung his longsword after he leaped up, the Longsword was suddenly even more resplendent than the sun. The energy that was injected into it was surging, and it instantly became terrifying.

Moreover, this was a strike that fell from above, and it would not fly into the distance.


Blood splattered everywhere, directly tearing the god into pieces. His flesh was a bloody mess, and his white bones were thick. The lower half of his body was broken, and fresh blood gushed out like a small waterfall, dyeing the mountain forest red.

A God wanted to sneak attack Ye Chen from behind, but it was still too late. Ye Chen’s longsword pierced through his chest, crushing his heart like a red flood dragon.

With a plop, the god fell to the ground, dead.


The demonic Qi behind Ye Chen immediately surged out, spewing out dazzling sword rays. Tens to hundreds of them shot toward the various gods in front of him.

Clang clang clang...

The gods used their long sabers to block the attacks. Sword rays bloomed, and sparks flew in all directions.

All of this happened in a split second, so fast that it was dazzling.

A few gods were directly killed!

However, Ye Chen had been through hundreds of battles. Even though he was trapped in a killing trap, his reaction was still very fast. He caught the opportunity to seriously injure and kill the gods here.

Obviously, facing so many gods, even if he had achieved an astonishing result in a short time, he was still in danger. At this moment, the lightning exploded again, and the purple metal hammer in the god’s hand shot out lightning, striking his body.


At the same time, a god hiding behind the brambles suddenly leapt up and smashed into Ye Chen’s body, sending him flying and spitting out large mouthfuls of blood.

The other god directly covered Ye Chen in the west, wanting to tear him apart.


At the same time, Ye Chen stared at the god holding the Purple Metal Hammer. His eyes emitted a cold light as he directly charged over.


He raised his left hand, and endless ice spread out.


The god wearing the armor could not dodge. He was covered in ice and snow. The black shadow behind Ye Chen fell down and directly absorbed his True Qi.

“Shame, so many people are still intimidated by him alone. Let’s attack together and kill him!” A god roared.


Another god roared and charged forward with a long saber in his hand.


For a moment, the gods moved together and attacked fiercely again, wanting to kill Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was extremely furious. He growled in a low voice and suddenly raised his head. His eyes were as bright as the sun and shot out two rays of light that were like torches burning, illuminating the mountain forest.

“Since you all want to die, I’ll grant you your wish!”

At this moment, he had no choice. He had no choice but to use his most powerful strength. In an instant, all the wounds on his body burst open.

In particular, there was a sharp pain in his heart, which made his face pale.

With a whoosh, Ye Chen’s speed reached its limit. It was unbelievably fast.

“You’re talking crazy. Die!” A god shouted. He thought that Ye Chen was an arrow at the end of its flight.

Ye Chen swung his sword, and the huge palm was pierced through. Ye Chen, covered in blood, pierced through and landed on his body. Then, he jumped up and attacked his head.

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