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Chapter 711 - Slaughter!

Chapter 711: Slaughter!

However, at this moment, Ye Chen had decided to break out of the encirclement and focus on this direction. He was going to go all out, and he was going to slaughter them at all costs!


The ice on his left palm glowed, and a streak of ice slashed out, colliding with a streak of lightning.

Ye Chen felt a sharp pain in his heart, but he still took a deep breath and circulated his cultivation technique, pushing the strength in his body to the limits. He was going all out.

Not only did he use his longsword to slash forward once more he also used the ice of eternity to combine them together and kill a few people with his full strength.


This supreme attack was resplendent, and everything within a ten-meter radius was as bright as day. A god flew up and exploded in midair.

Ye Chen, who was carrying out the final battle with a pale face, had already arrived before. He punched out with an extremely resplendent fist, smashing onto Ye Chen’s body along with an illusory figure.


This god was directly sent flying and then exploded.


Lightning interweaved and sent that god flying.


Following that, that person was slashed in the waist by Ye Chen’s long sword. Fresh blood splattered everywhere.

The deity race elder looked at him coldly. Instantly, the divine power on his body exploded out.

Instantly, the two of them began to fight.

The deity race elder stabbed out with his sword, and a sword array was instantly released.

Ye Chen’s long sword slashed out!


The sword array in his body was destroyed, and it was shattered by a drop of Ye Chen’s blood essence. All of this happened in a very short instant. The two of them clashed and fought fiercely. They were extremely fast, and in just a few flashes, this was the result.

Ye Chen was only a youth, but he actually had such high attainments in Sword Dao. As long as he had enough strength, he could kill gods. This was definitely not ordinary, and the more the elder of the deity race thought about it, the more he felt terrified.

“The younger generation is indeed formidable! However, you still have to die!” He could only exclaim in surprise.

In the surroundings, even though there were spell formations protecting them, many mountain rocks and giant trees still rose up from the ground and floated in the air. They trembled along with Ye Chen’s words and exploded in the end.

At this moment, it was not just a single stalk of grass. The air was filled with lush greenery and full of vitality. Dozens of types of grass took root in the air and manifested, giving off a powerful life force.

The deity race elder was shocked and his heart trembled. He simply could not believe it. This was trying to figure out the Great Dao. It was clearly sword Qi that was in charge of killing, but now, it was creating life and evolving life force.


Ye Chen shouted loudly. Dozens of stalks of grass shook in the void. Then, brilliant sword Qi erupted and slashed forward.

This was a great decisive battle. The deity race elder’s entire body was translucent. All kinds of arrays in his flesh and blood were revived. They surged wildly and released divine chains of order one after another.

He was like a large spider, forming a large web constructed from laws. Divine chains filled the sky with him at the center.

This time, the battle was intense. Both sides shook, and all kinds of light danced. Endless symbols bloomed and extinguished. The two were like a galaxy opening up, like a golden crow crashing into the Earth.

This place was extremely resplendent!

A trace of blood dripped from the corner of Ye Chen’s mouth. After wiping it clean, he was fine. With a wave of his hand, he wanted to imprison the deity race elder.

However, a cold killing intent rushed toward the back of his head. It was powerful and cold, and it could erupt at any time.

The deity race elder stared at him and looked at him with some suspicion.

The dark red longsword’s cold air was threatening. The scarlet red sword ray was like a beautiful immortal multicolored light, like the reflection of a lake. It was like a war god controlling the sky. Ye Chen immediately hacked forward, pressing forward!


The deity race elder was shocked and angry at the same time. At this moment, he seemed to have woken up from a dream. He recovered from his shock, and his gaze was extremely cold.

The instant his finger was cut by the sword blade, he was forced to cut off his arm. At that time, he was forced to retreat.

Then, Ye Chen brandished his sword and took the initiative to attack, charging forward.

The deity race elder was furious. He was retreating and looking at Ye Chen. Under normal circumstances, his palm force was extremely powerful and his energy was surging. It was enough to shock his opponent to death. Now, he could not kill him in one strike, moreover, he was afraid of the other party’s longsword.


The old man from the deity race dodged and avoided the sharp edge of Ye Chen’s longsword. He had suffered a great loss once, so how could he possibly meet it head-on.


In the next moment, he attacked from the side. His body was like a ghost as he rushed over at high speed, slapping toward the side of Ye Chen’s body. His fingers were as black as ink, and the aura of the Netherworld rose explosively. Ghosts and gods were crying in front and behind him, and their shadows were indistinct, there was even a scene of a graveyard.

Ye Chen left with a whoosh. His speed was extremely fast, causing his speed to be astonishing.

The deity race elder was shocked. His opponent was actually not slower than him.

He did not only want to injure his opponent, but he also wanted to kill his opponent!


The sword Qi was like a rainbow, like a scarlet wave slapping toward him. The scene was grand, and the scene was terrifying.

The deity race elder’s expression was gloomy. He opened his mouth and spat out a small tower that was as black as ink. It swayed in the wind and rapidly expanded, enveloping toward Ye Chen.


Ye Chen did not even think about it. He slashed out with his sword. With a ‘kacha’ sound, the long sword was very terrifying. It cut open the black pagoda and the metal fragments shattered.

Immediately, energy surged. Rolling yin Qi swept out like a storm.


At the same time, a long sword was unsheathed from the back of the deity race elder. The cold light was dazzling. He held it in his hand and swept out with his sword. The sword Qi was over ten kilometers long and could be considered soul-stirring.

This kind of sword light could easily sweep through mountains and cut off mountain ranges. Its energy was terrifying.

At this moment, the surface of the sea was sinking. Under the pressure of the sword Qi, there were countless corpses in the sea. All of them were sea beasts and fish. They were all strangled to death by the terrifying sword intent in the vast ocean.

This was the terrifying aspect of the deity race elder. Once the sword Qi was released, it did not directly slash at these creatures. Just the killing intent alone killed the densely packed sea race.

In an instant, this area was silent. The sea beasts that were walking on the path of evolution had all fled. The other weaker ones had all been destroyed by the sword Qi.


Ye Chen’s body was pierced through by a sword Qi. The scene was truly terrifying.

It was like a dream-like illusion. He was like a phantom as he moved in the air above the sea. However, he did not retreat. Instead, he found an opportunity to rush over and cleave with the reincarnation sword in his hand.


The deity race elder shouted. With a raise of his hand, a golden precious seal flew out. Then, it rapidly magnified and suppressed down like a mountain. It was too huge, and golden light overflowed into the sky. It was incomparably terrifying.

Ye Chen’s pupils constricted. He waved his long sword. At this moment, he smashed out without any hesitation.

With a bang, it was as if the sky was collapsing and the Earth was splitting. Threads faintly appeared on the long sword. Specks of light made its aura flourish. The light was dazzling, and it was as heavy as a star. There were astonishing symbols shining.


After the mountain-like golden seal was struck, it directly exploded. This scene was too shocking. It was as if a sun had exploded, and its energy was boiling.

On the surface of the sea, white fog overflowed into the sky. It was unknown how many pools of water had been evaporated. In a short instant, the vast ocean had almost bottomed out, and all the corals had been exposed.


Ye Chen roared loudly. He did not hesitate at all, and unleashed his ultimate attack, wanting to fight to the death with this person.

In a flash, he came, waving a long sword on the cut.

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