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Chapter 710 - The Gods Besieged!

Chapter 710: The Gods Besieged!

A god opened his mouth and spat out a black flame, burning Ye Chen.


Ye Chen used his spiritual energy to move his body strangely in the air, and then pounced forward with all his might!


He punched his forehead, and a string of blood spurted out.

At the same time, Ye Chen coughed up blood. His heart was in pain, and the bloody hole in his chest appeared again. He slid to the ground powerlessly.

At this time, some gods thought that they had an opportunity and charged forward to kill him.


Ye Chen snorted coldly. His pupils shone brightly. He activated his long sword, and with a poof, it entered his mouth. With a violent twist, it turned the place into a bloody mess.

All the gods felt their hairs stand on end. Ye Chen was already at the end of his rope. Anyone could see that he had killed several gods in a row, which made people fearful.


As everyone attacked together, Ye Chen moved close to the ground and charged toward the gods.

Bang bang bang...

During this process, some of the gods attacked at the same time. The energy beams they shot out hit Ye Chen’s body. Ye Chen groaned in pain as his injuries worsened.

Lightning erupted. That god’s eyes were cold. He activated his Purple Metal Hammer and attacked Ye Chen.

Ye Chen also released his longsword. An intense explosion occurred between the two.


In the end, Ye Chen’s body was covered in lightning. He was heavily injured, but his sword still pierced through that person’s body and sent him flying.


At the same time, Ye Chen released black Qi and sucked that person’s divine power into his body.


“He’s finished. His life force is drying up. Let’s kill him together!” Someone shouted.


A god leaped up. His entire body was pale gold and his scales were sturdy. He crashed toward Ye Chen.


Ye Chen had too many enemies to deal with. He was hit by the god, and his entire body was sent flying. He coughed out blood, and his eyes were cold.


The new life chapter on his body was continuously healing his body. However, these gods were all very powerful. Their attacks continuously hit his body, and he could not heal them at all.

While he was flying, he raised his left hand. The power of ice and snow instantly surged out and hit the god, causing it to fly away. Its body was charred black, and it coughed out blood.

With a puff, Ye Chen was a step too slow in dodging. A god with a shiny long saber came from the side and finally injured him. The blade cut through his ribs and touched his bones.

Blood splattered everywhere. Ye Chen felt a bone-piercing pain. This time, his injury was quite severe. He fell to the ground and staggered.


The other god was very fast. As he approached the other gods, he punched the god’s back fiercely and tyrannically.

Ye Chen spat out a mouthful of blood. He leaned forward and almost fell to the ground. His ears buzzed, and he felt like thunder. The blood in his body surged.

In just a short while, he suffered heavy injuries one after another and narrowly escaped death.

He was only one person. His life force was already exhausted, and he was heavily injured. How could he kill so many people?

One of his arms was broken. He was retreating and trying to reattach the broken arm to his body. He used the rebirth chapter to exude vigorous vitality.


This area was shining with light. Flames interweaved, and supernatural power surged. It was like a reenactment of the Great War of Legends.

Ye Chen’s condition was terrible. He had consumed too much energy.

Moreover, the wound on his heart had split open again, and his blood essence was severely depleted!

He was extremely tired and very weak now. It was as if he had lost his spirit and sharpness. It was really because his body was too exhausted, and his injuries were too severe.

If he was careless for even a moment, he would be crippled. His arms and legs would be chopped off, giving off the feeling that he would fall down at any moment.

The mountain ground had collapsed under its stomp. It was even bigger than an elephant. It was like a small black mountain, trying to crush Ye Chen.


Ye Chen took out his long sword.


He charged forward and stomped on the ground.

Ye Chen dodged. He frowned. His physical body was in a terrible state. Even his mental energy was weakened. The power of his long sword had been reduced drastically.


A flower of blood splattered, killing him.

A God was extremely agile. He struck Ye Chen at lightning speed, leaving a terrifying wound on his back. Even his bones were about to be exposed.

“Ha!” The other gods were laughing.

After Ye Chen was weakened for a moment, a divine light flashed in the depths of his eyes. He was prepared to use his strongest power again. Although the burden on his heart would be heavier, he had no choice.

He was praying that his heart would not be completely torn apart.

He was not in a hurry to erupt. Instead, he was choosing the best opportunity to inflict heavy injuries on his opponent.

Furthermore, after this wanton massacre, he was prepared to break out of the encirclement. Perhaps if he killed enough, he would be able to temporarily intimidate them!

“Human Emperor, you’re too weak. This deity is here to kill you!” A god provoked him. With a mocking expression, he dashed over. The other gods also made their moves.

At this moment, Ye Chen erupted. Once again, he used his most powerful strength. Regardless of the consequences, he activated the sword wheel and smashed it out with a bang.

A god wished that he could immediately change his direction and flee for his life. However, it was already too late.

“How is this possible?!” He could not believe it. How could the extremely weak Ye Chen suddenly become lively and vigorous again? He erupted with his most powerful strength.


The longsword pierced through his body and spun, crushing his heart and flying out. Although the speed was reduced, it was still supersonic.

One of the gods was still smiling. It was prepared to use its spiritual energy to interfere again and plot against Ye Chen.

However, at this moment, it was horrified. Its eyes widened as it saw the longsword flying toward it.


It was too sudden. It was unable to dodge. The longsword struck its head and directly shattered it.


Then, when the longsword flew out again, it just so happened to hit the other god’s body. It was hit until it was dizzy and smashed into a bloody mess. It tumbled a few times.

However, it was also heavily injured. It was almost unable to move.


A longsword shot out and cut through his wound. It violently stirred in its body.


It screamed and died instantly.

All of this happened in an instant. It was too sudden. Ye Chen attacked again and killed three gods, shocking everyone.

In an instant, they all felt their hair stand on end. Was this Human Emperor not so weak that he was about to fall?! How could he suddenly erupt with such power?!

This was simply unbelievable!

Previously, people had estimated that Ye Chen had already lost more than half of his life. Even if he were to go all out, he would only be able to drag one or two kings with him. After all, with so many people working together, he had no chance at all.

Who would have thought that he had already killed so many gods?

Now, with a single strike, these people felt their scalps go numb, greatly shocking them.

However, there were also people who were fearless, thinking that Ye Chen would die. If he used up so much energy, it would be difficult for him to survive.

Moreover, everyone saw that the bloody hole on his chest spurted out a blood arrow as if his heart had been torn apart.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh...

In fact, Ye Chen had acted before them.

Moreover, he had killed countless gods. This was a battle opportunity that he had carefully chosen. He had already anticipated the trajectory of the diamond chakram and that it would be blocked by the pangolin in the end.


Ye Chen was the first to approach. He used his spiritual energy to retrieve his longsword. His eyes were cold. Then, he activated his longsword and slashed forward fiercely.

“Kill!” The others also shouted and charged toward Ye Chen.

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