Silver Overlord

Chapter 24 The Powerful Lu Clan

"Young’un, this is not a joke! A person’s life is at stake…" cried the steward from the Lu Clan as he swept his gaze behind Yan Liqiang and across his surroundings. "Whose disciple are you? Do you have a master or an elder accompanying you?"

At such a moment, when everyone seemed helpless in the face of a crisis, a plainly dressed youth of fourteen had suddenly jumped out of nowhere saying that he was capable of rescuing and that he would try. This prompted two thoughts to suddenly emerge from the Lu Clan’s steward’s mind; this young lad was either joking or he was perhaps a disciple of some expert. But after Steward Lu surveyed the vicinity, he confirmed that Yan Liqiang seemed to be alone.

"Does one’s age or sect have anything to do with saving people?" asked Yan Liqiang smilingly.

"This…" Steward Lu was hesitant as he eyed the youthful-looking Yan Liqiang. The fourteen-year-old Yan Liqiang had bright and clear eyes, with a very thin layer of stubble growing by the edge of his mouth. The clothes he was dressed in was that of a commoner and didn’t appear luxurious in the slightest. He didn’t look at all like the disciple of some expert. And to top it all off, Yan Liqiang’s accent seemed like it was from the nearby county state. Never in his life did Steward Lu ever hear of a boy of fourteen or fifteen originating from the nearby county state with the capability of saving people. If there was truly a youth with the ability to do just that, then such a young lad would already have made a name for himself. Every year when summer comes around, where would you find a place where there aren’t children drowning?

Judging by the expression on Steward Lu’s face, Yan Liqiang knew exactly what was going on inside his mind. Initially, he had volunteered out of good intention, wanting to try whether there was even the slightest chance that he could help out since a life was at stake. Even if he failed, he was still young and wasn’t famous to begin with, so he wasn’t worried about what he had to lose. If he did in fact succeed, then he would have done a great service to mankind. However, if the Lu Clan didn’t believe him, there was no need for him to keep forcing himself. He would treat it as it was not meant to be since he had no relations with the Lu Clan anyway.

"Nevermind then. If Steward Lu doesn’t trust me, then let’s just leave it to Heaven’s will…" Yan Liqiang shook his head and said nothing more. He immediately proceeded to call a horse cart in order to return to the Weaponsmiths Quarter.

Perhaps it was due to the calm and unperturbed demeanor that Yan Liqiang had, that made Steward Lu realize that there was something distinguished about the fourteen-year-old youth, that made him different from the common folks. It was either that or maybe he was seriously out of better options, so he could only try it out as a desperate last resort.

Steward Lu instantly pursued after him, calling for Yan Liqiang to stop. "Little brother, please wait!"

Halting in his tracks, Yan Liqiang turned to stare at Steward Lu.

"Little brother, is that the truth? Do you really have a way to save him?"

"I have a way to save him, but I, myself, can’t guarantee whether or not I’ll be successful in saving him. We can only see if the Heavens will bestow an opportunity for him to live."

Gnashing his teeth, Steward Lu stamped on the ground. "Fine! Follow me! We’ll head to the Lu Residence immediately!"

After he finished, Steward Lu immediately ordered two of the three bodyguards he had brought along to remain and see if there was anyone who was still willing to come and ‘apply’. He then ordered the other bodyguard to ride on the same rhinodrake steed together with Yan Liqiang and head back with him. When he came here, he had prepared a dual saddle and placed it on one of the rhinodrake steeds, which allowed room for two people to sit.

"Steward Lu. I don’t need anyone to bring me. I know how to ride a rhinodrake steed!"

"You know how to ride a rhinodrake steed?" Steward Lu shot a surprised glance at Yan Liqiang. It should be known that there was a difference in riding a rhinodrake steed and an ordinary horse. Normally, those who lacked the experience of riding a rhinodrake steed would have difficulty in controlling one. Moreover, since a rhinodrake steed wasn’t something that was easily afforded by commoners, a young man at this age from an ordinary household might know how to ride a horse, but it was very rare to find one who knew how to ride a rhinodrake steed. This was due to there being a very scarce number of common households with the capability to raise rhinodrake steeds.

Yan Liqiang nodded.

Pointing to one of the other three rhinodrake steeds, Steward Lu said, "Then you shall ride this rhinodrake steed and return with me!" Then he proceeded to order the three bodyguards, "All three of you are to remain here!"

The three guards nodded in response.

Steward Lu immediately pulled his own rhinodrake steed over. He mounted the steed before directing a gaze at Yan Liqiang. "Let’s get a move on!"

Yan Liqiang smiled. He stood before the rhinodrake steed, grabbing onto its reins. He supported himself by holding onto the saddle while also stepping on the stirrup with one foot. He turned his body around lightly and sat on top of it. His actions were clear-cut and done without the slightest hesitation.

On seeing that Yan Liqiang looked to be adept at mounting the rhinodrake steed, Steward Lu shook the reins of his own steed, prompting it to break into a small gallop out of the plaza with Yan Liqiang following a short distance behind.

This particular rhinodrake steed was gentle and didn’t pose a problem to ride. It didn’t feel more difficult than riding the one he had at home.

The two rhinodrake steeds were initially running at a slow pace. However, after departing the crowded area and streets, they crossed the stone bridge over Shiqiao Town. It was then that Steward Lu gave a shout and shook the reins. This caused the rhinodrake steed he was riding to instantly increase its speed. As it charged ahead, the sounds of its hooves were akin to crashing thunder. Yan Liqiang smiled and gave his own steed a quick squeeze, causing it to also break into a run. The two rhinodrake steeds ran neck and neck, rushing towards the Lu Residence.

Even though it had broken into a run, the steadiness and snugness riding on the broad back of the rhinodrake steed was far superior to that of an ordinary horse. Yan Liqiang felt that if he were to compare an ordinary horse and the rhinodrake steed, then it would be the same as comparing an old Santana versus a Mercedes Benz.

After passing the Horse Stance stage, Yan Liqiang found it to be smoother and easier for him to ride the rhinodrake steed. He effortlessly sat on top of the thick and broad saddle, squeezing the steed’s back with his thighs while leaving his feet hanging. He had completely become one with the steed. His upper body was as steady as the mountains and was completely capable of riding this rhinodrake steed without the need to use his hands.

Steward Lu was quietly studying Yan Liqiang. When he discovered that Yan Liqiang did not require the use of his hands to handle the rhinodrake steed and that he was holding the reins short and hanging close to his legs, Steward Lu’s mouth was agape from the shock. This was completely not the level of skill that a youth like Yan Liqiang should have at his age. Even if it were the guards from the Lu Residence, not many of them had such skills in horsemanship, much less someone like Steward Lu himself.

A number of thoughts were rolling about Steward Lu’s mind. He suddenly began to have more confidence in Yan Liqiang.

He had already attained such a profound level of horsemanship at such a young age. This clearly proved that there must be something extraordinary about this young lad’s origin and education. Such a person probably wouldn’t trick him with any regard to the severity of the situation.

"May I know what I should be addressing this little brother as?" Riding on top of the steed, Steward Lu’s tone turned more courteous as he inquired about Yan Liqiang’s circumstances.

"I’m called Yan Liqiang!" Yan Liqiang smiled, glancing at Steward Lu. "Quarter Master Qian of the Huanglong Weaponsmiths Quarter is my uncle!"

"Ah! Quarter Master Qian is your uncle?" Steward Lu’s eyes blinked, as a look of revelation appeared on his face.

"Why? Does Steward Lu also know my uncle?"

"Haha! In the entirety of the Huanglong County, who doesn’t know Quarter Master Qian? Moreover, Quarter Master Qian is also a frequent customer of our inn below our Lu Residence. Last time, during my clan’s old master’s birthday, Quarter Master Qian even came to offer his congratulations!"

"Oh. Then that’s great. I came out earlier today and should be heading back to the Weaponsmiths Quarter right about now. To prevent Uncle Qian from getting worried about me, I would like to request for Steward Lu to arrange for a person to inform my uncle at the Quarter."

"No problem, that is easy to do! When we reach the Lu Residence, I’ll be sure to send someone to the Weaponsmiths Quarter and inform Quarter Master Qian, so that he won’t worry!"


A rhinodrake steed running at full speed was extremely fast, it was completely similar to being as fast as lightning. The sound that the eight iron hooves made when it ran was akin to thunder and was essentially far more effective than the sirens on top of a police car. Along the road, people and carts they encountered would all veer to the side upon hearing the sound of the thunderous hooves, despite being hundreds of meters apart, they would still open up a pathway for them to pass by.

Just like that, not even twenty minutes had passed after Yan Liqiang had followed Steward Lu and within that time frame, they had already arrived at the Lu Residence on their rhinodrake steeds.

The Lu Residence, as the name implied, was the manor of the Lu Clan. The entirety of the Lu Residence was larger than Liuhe Town. Liuhe Town had many households living within it, but the entirety of the Lu Residence were just assets of the Lu Clan alone, this included the surrounding lands of many thousands of mu, a greater distance than the eye can see.

The exterior of the Lu Residence was surrounded by a defensive wall of more than seven meters in height. It was all built by laying dark red sandstones on top of each other. It looked extremely firm while also appearing extremely aged. On top of the wall were arrow battlements and towers, as well as guards standing alert. Outside of the defensive wall, there was a river that protected the wall, the river was about dozens of meters wide and was both for protecting the wall as well as irrigating the cultivated land around the residence. It could be said that this was killing two birds with one stone.

Although Yan Liqiang hadn’t been a rich man in his previous life, he had seen his share of wealthy men. Those wealthy men were wholly the same; playing with delicate models, cars, watches, as well as purchasing mansions, private planes, and yachts. He’d seen them all.

Yet, when comparing the rich and powerful people in his previous life with the Lu Clan before him, Yan Liqiang realized that the rich and powerful men that he had been accustomed to in his previous life were utterly nothing before the Lu Residence, which looked like a castle. Before the Lu Residence, they were similar to duckweeds.

While Yan Liqiang gaped in shock at the Lu Residence before him, he was only overwhelmed with one feeling—b*llshit!

How many generations in a clan had to work hard and settle in order to achieve wealth on such a scale? This Lu Residence, unless if someone wanted to raise a military banner and start a coup d’etat, who else could shake them? In his previous life, Yan Liqiang knew about this billionaire who had married a female celebrity. In the end, he was extorted and scammed by a hoodlum in a fitness club, ultimately leading to his bankruptcy and his family ruined. For this Lu Residence, what kind of hoodlums would dare to extort them?

In most cases, the time that it took for one's riches to settle in was possibly more valuable than the sheer amount of wealth that they've accumulated!


Steward Lu directly brought Yan Liqiang on their rhinodrake steeds, through the wide-opened main gate into the Lu Residence without stopping, even for the briefest of moments. Finally, they arrived at the main gate of a grand manor located in the center of the Lu Residence.

At the doorway of the grand manor stood two lines of guards and beside the gates, were two awe-inspiring guardian lions which were nearly two meters high.

The pair dismounted their rhinodrake steeds and right away a servant beside them quickly took the reins of the rhinodrake steeds and led them away.

Steward Lu called out to Yan Liqiang, before hurriedly entering the gate with Yan Liqiang in tow.

There were numerous courtyards; one after another inside the grand manor of the Lu Residence. But today, after entering the Lu Residence, Yan Liqiang felt the obviously depressed atmosphere of the entire Lu Clan, without the least bit of clamor. All of the servants and guards inside of the grand manor appeared to be trembling, not one of them had even the trace of a smile on their face...

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