Silver Overlord

Chapter 25 Saving A Life 1

After bringing Yan Liqiang to one of the side halls in the numerous courtyards and having him wait there, Steward Lu hastily walked out. He had even forgotten to order the servants to serve Yan Liqiang a cup of tea.

Yan Liqiang knew that Steward Lu was reporting to his superior. He guessed that Steward Lu wasn’t able to make a decision on such a matter; he was only responsible for bringing him back. Even if he could give it a try, it would still be up to someone of higher authority. However, Yan Liqiang believed that the Lu Clan were already out of ideas at this point. Otherwise, they wouldn’t even allow the manor’s steward to ‘try his luck’ outside. This was similar to the desperate people in his past life who would ask for help in online forums.

Yan Liqiang wasn’t anxious either. He sat quietly in the side hall, pretending to admire the few calligraphy paintings that were hung in the side hall. In a discrete manner, Yan Liqiang compared the commodities which he had saw along his way after entering the Lu Clan’s manor with Liuhe Town’s Hong Clan’s manor.

Hong Clan and Lu Clan were on completely different levels. The Hong Clan was only a dominant clan within Liuhe Town whereas the Lu Clan was a massive tyrant even within Huanglong County.

Yan Liqiang hadn’t need to wait for long in the side hall. Barely two minutes had passed before he heard the footsteps of two individuals coming from outside the side hall and at the same time, the faint voice of Steward Lu. From Steward Lu’s voice, Yan Liqiang was able to discern a few words such as ‘Quarter Master Qian’ as well as ‘great horsemanship’ and the likes.

Prior to practicing the Muscle Tendon Changing and Marrow Cleansing Manual, Yan Liqiang hadn’t possessed such a sharp sense of hearing. However, after he had practiced the Muscle Tendon Changing and Marrow Cleansing Manual, Yan Liqiang had realized that his five senses had improved substantially. Because of this, Yan Liqiang was able to detect the footsteps outside of the side hall as well as listen in on the conversation of the two individuals from a distance.

The sound of the footsteps grew closer. Soon after, Steward Lu entered the room in the company of another person.

The person who had entered along with Steward Lu seemed to be roughly sixty years old. His head was covered in white hair and the clothes he wore were very exquisite. He looked slightly aged but still held a very sharp gaze; his body exuded an astute and powerful aura. Before this person, Steward Lu appeared to be more prudent.

"Brother Yan, this is Head Steward Lu of the Lu Clan. He’s responsible in all matters within the manor. I have told Head Steward Lu about your situation and I have also just sent someone to the Weaponsmiths Quarters to inform Quarter Master Qian. You can be at ease…"

"Greeting, Head Steward Lu!" Yan Liqiang nodded as he politely greeted him. However, Yan Liqiang had also noticed that Head Steward Lu slightly frowned upon seeing him. After all, his age and the manner in which he dressed were drastically different to other highly skilled physicians.

Head Steward Lu’s sharp gaze pierced through Yan Liqiang like a sword. His gaze lingered for fully ten seconds and not a single word was spoken. The pressure was enormous. Head Steward’s expression only softened when he realized that Yan Liqiang’s expression remained unchanged as he looked calm under his sharp stare.

"I’ve never heard that that Quarter Master Qian had any medical skills. Furthermore, there are no medical experts within the Weaponsmiths Quarter. I wonder where you learned your medical skills from?" Head Steward Lu opened his mouth and slowly asked.

Yan Liqiang laughed, "I’ve never learned any medical skills!"

Head Steward Lu frowned once again before glancing at Steward Lu who stood at the side, "So, how are you able to save someone?"

Yan Liqiang unfolded his arms and began to utter nonsense with a deadpan face, "I had a strange dream a couple of days ago. In my dream, I accidentally entered deep into mountains wreathed in mist and met an old man who possessed completely white hair as well as a completely white beard. The old man conversed with me for a short period of time before abruptly telling me of a way to save a drowning victim. Even after I awoke, I still remember it. Today, I coincidentally ran into Steward Lu upon my arrival at Shiqiao Town and thus, I had followed him here!"

"So, are you confident in saving this person?" Head Steward Lu frowned even deeper before he continued asking.

"I’m not confident!"

"Not even a little?"

"Not even a little!"

Head Steward Lu stood up abruptly and took a deep glance at Yan Liqiang. He nodded before saying, "Come with me!"

Steward Lu—the person who had brought Yan Liqiang here—sighed in relief as he witnessed the manner in which Yan Liqiang presented himself in.

Yan Liqiang smiled. He knew that there was a high possibility of being kicked out by Head Steward Lu if he answered Head Steward Lu’s questions by saying that he had confidence.. By admitting that he had no confidence, he had instead earned Head Steward Lu’s trust. This was also based on his experiences in his previous life. Being honest before those who were experienced in life was oftentimes better as they had seen enough of the so-called smart asses.

Under Head Steward Lu’s direction, Yan Liqiang left the side hall and passed through the lengthy corridor as well as the courtyard door before finally arriving before a house.

A portion of the few Lu Clan’s bodyguards stood outside of the house. Under the eyes of the Lu Clan’s bodyguards, Yan Liqiang followed Head Steward Lu into the house.

A number of people were already within the house. Amongst them was a slightly pale but plump old man with three strands of beautiful long beard. He sat upright on the host’s seat within the house. Adjacent to the old man was middle-aged man who wore a brocade robe and seemed to be roughly thirty years old middle aged man. The old man looked mournful whereas the middle aged man was on the verge of tears.

On the chairs to the left of the room’s entrance were a group of people who ranged from forty to sixty years old. In comparison to the old man and the middle-aged man, every single one of them wore an awkward and helpless expression. Medicine chests could be seen before the group of people. Due to this, Yan Liqiang knew that they were the physicians invited by the Lu Clan. He had heard that the Lu Clan had invited the best physicians from Huanglong County and Pingxi Prefecture and presumed that they were this group of people.

The sound of a weeping woman’s heartbroken cry as well as the wailing of many women could also clearly be heard from the room which was connected via a door at the side.

A glum atmosphere hung within the room.

As soon as Head Steward Lu brought Yan Liqiang into the room, the gazes of those present immediately focused on Yan Liqiang. Every single one of them were somewhat stunned. Amongst the physicians, two of them gazed at Yan Liqiang with disdain after the brief period in which they were slightly stunned.

Head Steward Lu walked towards the old man, bent down, and softly uttered a few words to him.

That old man fixed his gazed onto Yan Liqiang for two brief seconds before waving his hand in disappointment, "Fine! Let him give it a try. We’ll do everything we can and leave the rest to fate. If it still doesn’t work, then… then let the servants arrange the rest….."

Head Steward Lu nodded and walked over. He gave Yan Liqiang a signal before bringing Yan Liqiang to the adjacent room.

After passing through a door and the side room beyond that door, Yan Liqiang arrived before a room with two maids as well as two bodyguards guarding the room along with Head Steward Lu.

Although it was a bedroom, it only possessed a small number of items.. It looked vacant. Only a bed could be seen with a child who seemed to be six to seven years old lying on it; his complexion was pale. His face was already completely drained of colors.

Yan Liqiang gazed at the child lying on the bed before giving Head Steward Lu a single glance. Head Steward Lu nodded and Yan Liqiang walked over in order to carefully examine the child.

The child that lay on top of the bed wore a loose white night robe. His hair was untied and slightly resembled the middle-aged man who was standing outside with red eyes just now.

Yan Liqiang began by touching the child’s forehead. It was ice cold and no longer had the body temperature of a normal person. He then examined the child’s breath, pulse, as well as heartbeat. As expected, all these vital signs were already long gone from the body of this child.

"How long has it been since the child was first in this state...?" Yan Liqiang asked Head Steward Lu.

"Before lunch hour up until now, roughly six hours!" Head Steward Lu sighed. "This morning, he was playing hide and seek outside with the other children from the residence. Whilst hiding within the reeds by the river bank, he accidentally slipped and fell into the water. His leg was trapped by the water plants and because of this, he drowned. At first, the kids couldn’t find him and thought that he had ran to other places. It was only during lunch time that we realized that he had been missing so everyone went out to find him, only to discover him in the water behind the reeds. He’s been like this ever since we lifted him out of the water. We’ve thought of many methods in the manor. We’ve tried lifting him by his feet, chest compressions, and also mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Other than releasing a small portion of water from his mouth, there were no signs of improvement. Although the physicians we had invited had tried all sorts of methods, nothing had worked..."

Yan Liqiang knew that if it weren’t for the fact that the child had been drowned for more than six hours, there would be no way that a great clan such as the Lu Clan would turn to outsiders.

As for the chest compressions as well as the mouth-to-mouth resuscitation that Head Steward Lu mentioned, it was known as cardiopulmonary resuscitation and artificial respiration in his previous world. There existed many martial practitioners in this world. In comparison to ordinary people, martial practitioners were much more knowledgeable on human body’s physical form and functions. Many killing techniques were also converse methods that saved people’s life. Hence, it wasn’t unexpected for Earth’s life saving procedures to appear here.

"May I ask, who is this child to the Lu Clan?"

"This child is Old Master Lu’s eldest grandson. Prior to this child’s birth, Old Master Lu only had a few granddaughters!" Head Steward Lu glanced at Yan Liqiang. He thought that Yan Liqiang was worried about the expenses and uttered in a deep voice, "If you have a way to save him, just do it. Don’t worry about the costs. Our Lu Clan will be able to afford it. Even if you want a 100-Years Ling Shen, our Lu Clan will be able to take it out as long as you save him!"

No wonder why! It turned out that this child was the Lu Clan’s eldest grandson!

Yan Liqiang had finally understood the reason as to why Lu Clan was so anxious.

"Then, I’ll have to request that Head Steward Lu will help me prepare a few items!"

"What do you need?"

Yan Liqiang took a glance at that child who was lying on the bed, "Head Steward Lu, please help me prepare a few moxa sticks!"

"Moxa sticks?" Head Steward Lu gazed at Yan Liqiang in astonishment. Head Steward Lu wouldn’t be surprised even if Yan Liqiang were to request for rare items during this situation. However, the words ‘moxa sticks’ had surprised him. This was due to the fact that this item was an extremely cheap and common item. Mugwort plants could be found all over the place, and Moxa sticks were made by wrapping up the moxa floss made out of Mugwort plants in a bundle. They could be made by anyone.

"Do you need anything other than the moxa sticks? Is there a need for assistants?" Head Steward Lu asked.

"No need. Moxa sticks and a candle to light them up will do. The temperature in this room is a slightly low. Add a few more basins of charcoal!"

After gazing deeply at Yan Liqiang, Head Steward Lu quickly exited the room. In less than two minutes, a few servants came in carrying a few more basins of charcoal and placed them at the corners of the room whilst maintaining the air ventilation in the room. At the same time, Head Steward Lu returned with the items that Yan Liqiang had requested. Entering alongside with Head Steward Ly was the middle-aged man as well as the physicians whom he had just seen outside…

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