Sir, How About A Marriage?

Chapter 28 - Troublemaker

Chapter 28 - Troublemaker

Song Ning did not have to shadow Professor Li today. Her task was to complete the homework assigned by the professor and sort out documents and files of patients' diagnoses. With no other distractions, her work went smoothly.

At noon, she finally stopped working. She stretched her waist as she asked, "Jiahui, are you done?"

"Song Ning, shut up! Don't bother me!" An Jiahui said gruffly.

Song Ning chuckled. She went to the pantry with the intention of making two cups of coffee to boost their energies. When she was coming out of the pantry, she saw Feng Man who was surrounded by a group of young nurses in a grand manner.

Song Ning frowned. She did not reply to Feng Man's harassment on WeChat nor did she receive a proper explanation from Fu Le. Over the years, she had changed and protected herself very well. Her guard was always up so no one could hurt her. In her opinion, no one deserved her sadness except for her mother. Not even Fu Le, whom her mother thought she could entrust her daughter to and shield her daughter from the storm, could make her sad. Her mother did not know that Fu Le would be the one to bring the storm to her. As for Feng Man, although she felt disappointed, she did not lose sleep over Feng Man. She did not want to waste her sadness or emotions on Feng Man at all nor did she harbor intentions of seeking revenge. As the saying went, 'If one was bitten by a mad dog, one wouldn't try to seek revenge from the mad dog'.

Jiahui did not understand this so she did not understand why Song Ning was so calm.

Song Ning thought that perhaps, Mu Chen was right. The most important thing in a relationship was to give each other their hearts. Fu Le did not give her his heart nor did she give him her heart. This meant that they did not owe each other anything.

Alas, not everyone shared the same thoughts as Song Ning. Feng Man, who was making her way over, obviously did not think that way.

Song Ning who was holding two cups of coffee looked at Feng Man whose eyes were red and swollen and wondered what Feng Man was plotting now.

A young nurse by Feng Man's side narrowed her eyes and said unhappily, "Drinking coffee? It seems like you're in a good mood. I really pity Feng Man; she didn't sleep the entire night."

Song Ning looked at the cups of coffee in her hands before she looked at Feng Man. She did not understand the meaning behind the young nurse's words.

"Look at her. She likes to stay silent so the male doctors and teachers think she's cute. Men are stupid, but she can't fool us women. Ah, what a cunning vixen!"

"Song Ning, I really didn't know you're such a terrible woman! You secretly hooked up with another rich man and dumped Mr. Fu, and yet, you don't allow Mr. Fu and Feng Man to have a happy relationship?

"Tell us, did you invite President Lin and the others over yesterday to ruin Man's birthday?"

"Those roses were carefully selected by Mr. Fu for Man. However, because of you, the roses had to be thrown away. Don't you think you're too cruel?"

"That's right! Song Ning, I didn't expect you to be a scheming b*tch! Not only are you a jealous woman, but you're greedy as well! You're really too vicious!"

"A vicious and promiscuous woman like you is an embarrassment to Professor Li!"

"That's right! We should report her to Professor Li! Don't let her tarnish Professor Li's reputation! How can we accept such useless students?"

All of the women attacked with words covered with thorns one after another. No, to be precise, only six women spoke up. Feng Man did not speak at all, only weeping silently.

Song Ning was confused. Why was Feng Man crying? She looked at Jiahui's latte in her left hand and her Americano in her right hand as she wondered which of them she should throw at the women to shut them up.

While Song Ning was contemplating this matter, someone snatched the cup of coffee in her right hand. She looked up and saw the cup of coffee was now in An Jiahui's hand.

Following that, Song Ning heard the women in front of her screaming one after another.

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