Sir, How About A Marriage?

Chapter 29 - Confrontation

Chapter 29 - Confrontation

Song Ning sighed inwardly. 'Jiahui is going to say that I'm slow on the draw again.'

As expected, An Jiahui glared at Song Ning with her big and round eyes as she scolded, "Song Ning, are you a fool? Why are you just standing still when they're scolding you like this? Is there a need for you to be polite to this group of idiots?"

Song Ning thought to herself, 'I wasn't planning on being polite. However, you've already acted before I had a chance to act!'

"Hey! How can you splash the coffee on us! You stained my uniform!"

"My makeup is ruined!"

"Hey, isn't this An Jiahui? What's the matter? You think you're hot stuff just because your father is the principal? Do you think you can do whatever you want?

"An Jiahui, you've crossed the line! We are going to lodge a complaint against you! Just you wait! Let's see if your father punishes you!"

All of a sudden, the women began screaming again.

The remaining cup of coffee was splashed on the group of women. This time none of them were spared.

Song Ning said tonelessly, "What's the matter? Didn't you come here to pick a fight? You call it justice when you act out, but when we act, you say we're breaking the law?"

The women fell silent.

Song Ning had always been courteous and modest, but she maintained an appropriate distance from everyone, except for Jiahui. Even Feng Man was not an exception when they were on good terms. In fact, Feng Man was the one who took the initiative to befriend her and clung to her back then.

Although Song Ning was quiet, her presence was hard to ignore. When she spoke, she would attract everyone's attention.

This moment was a good example.

As Song Ning swept her gaze across the crowd, everyone could not help but fall silent. After a while, she called out, "Feng Man."

Stunned, Feng Man began to sob harder. "Ning, I'm sorry, I know you're upset Fu Le chose me in the end. I know we deserve whatever you throw at us. I… I didn't him to fall in love with me as well. This is all my fault. I shouldn't have tried to help when you and Fu Le were having trouble in your relationship. I… I shouldn't have helped Fu Le… I didn't expect him to fall for me."

Jiahui's face turned red from anger. She pointed at Feng Man. "You! You're too shameless!"

Upon hearing this, the young woman standing next to Feng Man stepped forward to shield Feng Man and retorted, "Who are you calling shameless?! Song Ning is the shameless one!"

"Song Ning, the person Fu Le likes is not you! He likes Man! You relied on the agreement between your family and Fu Le's mother to keep him with you while you cheated on him! Then, when you saw Fu Le treating Man so well, you even came to stir up trouble! What do you want? Do you really want to date two men at the same time? Why don't you look at yourself in the mirror first?"

Song Ning's expression remained calm as she looked at Feng Man and her friends. She said in an even tone, "Feng Man, your relationship with Fu Le has nothing to do with me. Please make it clear to the people in front of you. Don't just hide behind them. I'm not interested in Fu Le, and I have no interest in destroying your relationship!"

Then, Song Ning brought her phone out of her pocket and shook it in front of Feng Man. "Feng Man, mind your behavior. If you don't make things clear, I'll publish the video and photos you sent to me. You should know that I'm a woman of my words!"

Song Ning's words made Feng Man's face turn pale. "Song Ning, you b*tch!"

Song Ning cocked an eyebrow and looked at the women in front of her before she asked, "What's the matter? Are you afraid? Why didn't you think about that before you came here? Why did you incite these people to cause trouble on your behalf? What's your purpose? Do you want to embarrass me or yourself? Or do you really treat them as fools?"

Shocked by Song Ning's domineering aura, Feng Man could not help but take two steps back.

"Man, don't be afraid of her! This woman is too vicious. There's no doubt she's responsible for yesterday's incident. Usually, no one cares if we receive flowers. However, all of a sudden, we had to throw your flowers away!" Feng Man's friend said indignantly.

Meanwhile, An Jiahui was satisfied with Song Ning's domineering attitude. With this, her anger had been extinguished.

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