Sir, How About A Marriage?

Chapter 31 - Making It Public

Chapter 31 - Making It Public

'I'm here to support you!'

Mu Chen's words struck everyone like a bolt of lightning.

Secretary Zhang's eyes widened in shock as he stuttered, "P-P-President Mu, y-y-you..."

Mu Chen placed his hand on Song Ning's shoulder nonchalantly as he looked at Secretary Zhang and said, "Secretary Zhang, I'm not here to ask for justice. I'm here to support my beloved Song Ning since she's my wife. Next time, please think twice before scolding her."

If the professor were not present, An Jiahui would have given a thumbs-up to Mu Chen out of admiration. Indeed, he was an outstanding bigshot! This domineering man came to protect his Song Ning and support her, not to seek justice. This meant he did not care if Song Ning was right or wrong; he was here to support Song Ning no matter what. She wanted to laugh when she thought about this. Those people deserved this. A grin appeared on her face as she thought to herself, 'Song Ning, you're really blessed!'

Meanwhile, Secretary Zhang was so embarrassed that he wished he could hide in a hole.

Professor Li Sen's eyes lit up as he asked, "Hey, when did this happen? Girl, when did you get married? Why didn't we know about it?" Then, he looked at Jiahui and asked, "An Jiahui, did you know about this?"

Upon hearing the professor's words, Jiahui was stunned. She was so focused on Mu Chen's declaration of supporting Song Ning that she did notice he had referred to Song Ning as his wife. She only looked at the professor blankly and shook her head.

Professor Li Sen scowled and beckoned Song Ning over. "Girl, come here! Tell me, were you tricked into getting married? How come we don't know you got married even though we see each other every day? Don't worry, I have your back if anyone dares to trick you!"

At this moment, Direction Lin laughed. He hurriedly stepped in front of Secretary Zhang as though he was shielding Secretary Zhang before he said with a smile, "Song Ning, Professor Li really cares about you! Mr. Li, don't be ridiculous. Who do you take our President Mu for? How could it be possible that he tricked Song Ning into marrying him? Don't talk nonsense!"

Li Sen ignored Director Lin. Instead, he glared at Mu Chen and said, "Song Ning is my beloved student. She's really naive and innocent. You see, she was just minding her own business and drinking coffee, and yet, these girls blocked her path and cursed at her. I'm just worried she was tricked into marrying you due to her kindness..."

Mu Chen turned to face Li Sen with a rare gentle expression on his face; even his cold aura had dissipated. After all, he knew Li Sen was Song Ning's teacher and that she respected Li Sen a lot. He glanced at Song Ning, who was blushing, and gently pulled her closer to him, resting his arm around her shoulders. He wanted her next to him. "Professor Li, Song Ning and I only registered our marriage, and we haven't had a wedding banquet yet. We're planning to wait until she graduates."

Upon hearing these words, Li Sen seemed appeased. However, despite the smile on his face, he asked again, "Girl, did you willingly marry him?"

Mu Chen turned to look at Song Ning tenderly when he heard Li Sen's question.

Song Ning nodded gently. "Professor."

Li Sen laughed and stopped teasing her. Then, he said to Mu Chen solemnly, "My apprentice is very kind. She's worthy of your love."

"Yes." Mu Chen placed his hand on Song Ning's head and ruffled her hair affectionately.

Direction Lin tried to lighten the atmosphere and hurriedly chimed in, "Oh, this is good news! I didn't know that Ms. Song and President Mu are married!"

At this moment, a gentle voice rang in the air. "Mr. Mu, you can't marry Song Ning!"

With these words, the atmosphere turned tense again.

Director Lin sighed inwardly. 'Why am I so unlucky today?'

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