Sir, How About A Marriage?

Chapter 30 - Support

Chapter 30 - Support

An Jiahui crossed her arms and watched the excitement, admiring her 'idol'. Then, she said mockingly, "Hey, you there, did you come to help Feng Man or to harm Feng Man? Look, Feng Man has stepped back. She's afraid Song Ning will reveal evidence and expose the fact that she's using all of you. And yet, you persist in taking her side. You're all as stupid as pigs!"

"Who did you call a pig!?" Feng Man's friend hissed.

"The person who replied to me!" An Jiahui retorted smugly.

Feng Man pulled the sleeves of her friend's shirt and said pitifully, "Nan Nan, forget it. We can't beat them. They're Professor Li's students so we can't afford to offend them. Let's go."

Jiahui grew angry again when she heard these words. "Hey, Feng Man, can you stop playing the victim? You took the initiative to look for trouble with Feng Man, but now that you're about to be exposed, you still have the audacity to act like a victim? What does our conflict have to do with Professor Li? Who do you think you are? There's no need for us to ask for Professor Li's help to deal with small fries like you!"

"Girl, who do you need help dealing with?" A gentle voice rang in the air all of a sudden.

Everyone instinctively turned to look at the owner of the voice.

Professor Li stood in the corridor with two students. Director Lin, Secretary Zhang, and a handsome man stood behind him.

The young nurses were shocked. Was the handsome man not the Ceo of the Mu Group? He was the one who wanted to donate equipment for the nurse station yesterday!

Professor Li looked at them and asked with a smile, "What's the matter? Why are your uniforms stained?"

Secretary Zhang glanced at the cups in Song Ning and Jiahui's hands and immediately understood what had happened. He, naturally, did not dare to provoke An Jiahui since her father was the principal of N Medical University. However, Song Ning did not have such connections. Therefore, he scolded, "Song Ning! What's the matter with you? This is a hospital, not a gangster hideout. You're a medical student, not a gangster! How can you splash your colleagues with coffee? Hurry up and apologize to everyone!"

Secretary Zhang's words, naturally, drew everyone's attention.

Before An Jiahui could speak up, Professor Li's smile vanished as he said, "Secretary Zhang, you must be mistaken. I understand my student very well. Song Ning is not a bully!"

Seeing that they had a supporter, Feng Man's friend said, "Professor Li, don't be fooled by this vixen! She is a double-faced b*tch. She's good at seducing men!" As she spoke, her eyes darted to Mu Chen. Clearly, these words were meant for him. She wanted to let the Ceo of the Mu Group know that Song Ning was a vicious woman.

After being refuted by Professor Li, Secretary Zhang was upset and vented his anger on Song Ning. "Song Ning, what kind of shameful things did you do?"

At this moment, a low voice rang from behind Secretary Zhang. "Secretary Zhang, why do you think Song Ning is at fault?"

Mu Chen looked at Song Ning who was standing calmly at the side even though she was being picked on and felt a pang of pain in his heart. What did she go through to have developed such a tough front? Although she was independent, her figure seemed so lonely standing in the midst of a crowd.

Secretary Zhang was taken aback when he heard Mu Chen's words. He panicked and quickly said in an ingratiating tone, "Mr. Mu, there's always drama around women. Song Ning has always looked down on others because of her good grades. There's no doubt she's the bully… She..."

"She has the qualifications to look down on others..." Mu Chen said, directly cutting off Secretary Zhang's words. Then, he stepped forward and walked toward Song Ning.

When Mu Chen stood in front of her, he reached out and tucked her hair behind her ears. His eyes softened when he saw the tips of her ears turned red. The corners of his lips could not help but rise.

Song Ning asked softly, feeling slightly uncomfortable, "Why are you here?"

"I'm here to support you," Mu Chen replied. Although his voice was not loud, everyone clearly heard his words.

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