Sir, How About A Marriage?

Chapter 5 - Honest

Chapter 5 - Honest

Song Ning smiled upon hearing Mu Chen's words. "I guess you still haven't believed me when I said I'm a doctor."

Her words made Mu Chen a little uncomfortable.

She continued to say, "I suggest giving Grandma a comprehensive physical examination, but you can also hide the truth from her because keeping her happy is important for recovery. I'll formulate a special treatment plan based on her health report. I'll ask my mentor to help with the diagnosis."

Mu Chen sighed in relief when heard Song Ning's words. "I'll pass you a copy of Grandma's report. The doctor has already informed me about this, and I told him to hide it from Grandma."

Song Ning was not surprised by his response. She lamented, "The doctors have it tough. Not only does he have to help Grandma lie to you, but he also has to help you lie to Grandma. In any case, I can see you're very close to your grandmother."

Mu Chen replied in a low voice, "My grandma raised me. She's my closest relative."

Song Ning nodded. "Don't worry, Grandma will recover in three months to six months."

Seeing Song Ning's determination, Mu Chen's eyes light up.

Song Ning could empathize with Mu Chen so she said, "My mother was also my only relative. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to treat her. You and Grandma are so close. I'll do my best to cure her so you won't have regrets like mine."

"Thank you, Song Ning," Mu Chen said sincerely.

Song Ning said with a smile, "I still haven't thanked you for marrying me today."

Mu Chen only looked at her and did not reply.

Song Ning looked at him calmly as she said, "You probably don't understand why I have to get married today… To the extent that I would even marry a stranger..." A bitter smile appeared on her face as she continued to say, "My mother chose this day for me to get married. She said that I'll definitely have a lifetime of happiness if I get married today. She left me some inheritance… To receive the inheritance, I have to show my marriage certificate."

A surprised expression appeared on Mu Chen's face when he heard her explanation.

Song Ning chuckled self-deprecatingly before she said, "My mother and my fiance's mother were good friends, and they were the ones who arranged our marriage. They sealed up the item my mother left me and came up with this rule as a joke… Unexpectedly… Heh, well, life is full of surprises..."

"What did she leave you?" Mu Chen changed the topic, not wanting her to dwell on her fiance's betrayal.

Song Ning shook her head and replied, "I don't know. Not long after my mother died of an illness, my aunt had a car accident and passed away. They didn't manage to tell me what was left behind for me. I want to obtain it as soon as possible since it's the last thing she left for me."

When she finished speaking, her eyes brimmed with tears.

Upon seeing this, Mu Chen poured a glass of water and silently handed it to Song Ning.

After composing herself, she continued, "Mu Chen, I've already achieved my goal. I guess you can say we're partners now. For your grandmother's health, we'll have to maintain this relationship for half a year at least. When Grandma gets better, we'll tell her the truth. Of course, if you and your girlfriend get back together, I can go through the divorce procedures with you at any time."

Song Ning had always been straightforward and frank so she did not beat around the bush and spoke bluntly.

"I don't have a girlfriend," Mu Chen said quietly.

Song Ning only smiled in response. 'If you didn't have a girlfriend, why did you go to the Civil Affairs Bureau in the first place? Don't tell me you went there in hopes of picking up a random woman to marry?'

"I planned to fake marriage with an acquaintance of mine to appease Grandma. Ms. Ye and I… we're family friends. She's in the entertainment industry and has used me for publicity before. In the past, Grandma was delighted when she saw our dating news. I was planning to divorce her after Grandma recovers. However, I didn't expect her to refuse me at the last minute. If I didn't meet you, I would probably have to pay a female employee of mine to fake a marriage." Mu Chen smiled bitterly. "You've seen Grandma's temper. I'm left with no choice but to acquiesce to her request."

Song Ning nodded sympathetically.

Mu Chen looked at her and continued to say, "Grandma is very smart and observant. If we are even a little negligent in our daily interactions, she'll definitely find out. Therefore, I'd like to invite you to move in and act like a loving couple with me in front of Grandma. I'm sure you know it's conducive to Grandma's condition for her to be happy and have a healthy state of mind."

Song Ning nodded in agreement. "Okay, but I have two conditions. You must agree to it first."

He asked, "Okay, what are the conditions?"

"First, I still have to go to school, and I have to take care of the studio my mother left me. Please don't interfere with my private life. Second, since we're just husband and wife in name, I hope you won't overstep the boundaries."

An expression of delight flitted across Mu Chen's face as he nodded. "Okay. I'm willing to transfer half of the property under my name to you when Grandma recovers as long as you stay with her and make her happy!"

Song Ning smiled and refused his offer. "No, I don't need your money."

He said with a sigh, "But I have nothing to offer you except money. The only thing I can do to repay you is to give you my heart and soul." It seemed as though he was speaking to himself during the latter half of his words.

Song Ning was taken aback when she heard his words. She thought, perhaps, she had misheard him.

At this moment, Yu's excited voice rang from the living room. "Young Master, Ms. Song… No, I mean Young Lady, the Old Madam is awake!"

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