Sir, How About A Marriage?

Chapter 6 - Cooking

Chapter 6 - Cooking

Mu Chen hurriedly stood up.

Seeing this, Song Ning said, "Go and accompany Grandma while I prepare a few small dishes. They'll be ready soon."

Mu Chen nodded before he left the kitchen.


Meanwhile, Yu helped Jiang Jin out of her room. For some reason, her body was relaxed, putting her in a good mood.

Upon seeing this, Mu Chen stepped forward and held Jiang Jin's arm. "Grandma, did you sleep well?"

Jiang Jin was filled with joy when she saw her grandson, but she only replied, "Not bad."

Mu Chen knew Jiang Jin was not being truthful and that she had slept well. Therefore, he was not too worried.

When Jiang Jin saw four dishes and a bowl of soup on the dining table that Song Ning brought out, she could not help but widen her eyes.

As Song Ning lifted her hands to remove the apron, she said with a smile, "Look, Grandma! I wasn't lying when I told you that you'll be met with delicious food when you wake up. Come and try my cooking."

Jiang Jin took a seat and looked at the dishes carefully.

Song Ning placed a bowl of porridge in front of Jiang Jin and prompted her, "Grandma, have a taste."

"Hmm." Jiang Jin accepted the bowl of porridge. The girl in front of her was calm and mature, making those around her feel at ease.

Following that, Jiang Jin picked up the spoon and began to eat the porridge. After tasting the porridge, she could not help but exclaim in surprise, "It's delicious! Girl, how did you make this porridge? It's so soft and tastes fresh."

Song Ning who was sitting next to Jiang Jin used her chopsticks to pick some shredded chicken before putting them on a plate in front of Jiang Jin. "Try this."

Jiang Jin did not hesitate to eat what Song Ning had given her. She nodded excitedly like a child as she chewed. "It's delicious! Yu, Mu Chen, come and try the food. They're really delicious."

Hearing these words, Song Ning served the porridge to Mu Chen and Yu as well.

Yu was flattered by this favor.

Song Ning motioned for Yu to take a seat next to Jiang Jin before she said "Yu, help me taste the food for Grandma first. Let me know if they taste bad."

Jiang Jin urged Yu to eat. Both of them had been together for many years now. Despite their status as master and servant, they were as close as sisters.

Meanwhile, Mu Chen had already taken a seat next to Song Ning.

Song Ning picked some vegetables and placed them in Mu Chen's bowl.

Jiang Jin could not help but grin ear to ear when she saw this. The already delicious porridge tasted even more delicious after she saw this scene.

"Grandma, you have a weak liver, which results in poor sleep. However, the main culprits are your weak spleen and stomach. Therefore, you should always eat food that nourishes the spleen and invigorates your appetite. That's the reason I added some herbs to the porridge as well. I'll make it often for you. I handmade the chicken shreds, and I only lightly drizzled soy sauce on them so they're not greasy and easy to digest. You can eat without worrying about any stomach discomfort."

Yu watched Jiang Jin eat with a worried expression. Then, she asked tentatively, "Young Lady, is what you said true? The Old Madam won't get indigestion issues if she eats these? She often vomits and suffers stomach discomfort after eating meat."

Song Ning picked a vegetable ball with her chopsticks and gave it to Yu as she said, "Don't worry. I'll be here to take care of her. In the future, we must accompany Grandma for a half-an-hour walk after food. Yu, I'll leave this to you when I'm not at home during the day."

Yu nodded quickly. "No problem, no problem."

When Jiang Jin saw the vegetable balls, she asked in a pitiful tone, "Can I eat them?"

Song Ning chuckled before putting a vegetable ball in front of Jiang Jin. "You can, but you can't eat more than two a day, okay?"

"Alright, alright." Jiang Jin nodded and smiled happily like a child.

Mu Chen was indescribably happy when he saw this. His grandmother had always had a poor appetite. He and Cheng Che tried their best to make her eat by cooking using expensive ingredients such as cordyceps, bird's nest, sea cucumber, and shark's fin. They even hired a professional chef to cook for her. However, she remained a picky eater. They had been at their wits' end trying to make her eat more. It was only natural that he was surprised when he saw his grandmother taking the initiative to ask for Song Ning's vegetable balls.

If Cheng Che were here, he would have been dumbfounded.

At this moment, Song Ning filled a bowl with soup before passing it to Mu Chen. "Bamboo shoots are tasty and nutritious. You should buy more and keep them at home."

Mu Chen nodded in response.

Meanwhile, Jiang Jin continued feeling delighted as she watched the interaction between the two. "Ning, Mu Chen used to hire chefs to cook for me, but the food they cook is horrendous! He's just trying to fool me and bully me because he thinks I'm old and useless!"

Upon hearing these words, Mu Chen choked on his soup and began to cough.

Song Ning hurriedly took a piece of tissue and handed it to him. Then, she poured a glass of water and placed it next to his hand.

On the other hand, Jiang Jin and Yu exchanged a look before they burst out laughing.

Due to embarrassment and partly due to choking on the soup, Mu Chen's cheeks flushed red.

Jiang Jin grabbed Song Ning's hand and happily proclaimed, "My dear granddaughter-in-law, you're truly a good cook. I haven't had such a delicious meal in a long time. Mu Chen, I'm only letting you off the hook this time because of Song Ning!"

Mu Chen was rendered speechless by his grandmother's words. Nevertheless, he was glad that his grandmother seemed to acknowledge Song Ning as her granddaughter-in-law now. However, he had a feeling that he would have less and less authority in the family in the foreseeable future.

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