Sir, How About A Marriage?

Chapter 601 - Breakfast

Chapter 601 Breakfast

The smile on Guan Tang’s face did not fade at all as she said, “It doesn’t matter what he looks like; I don’t care. I’ll be the wife of whoever I marry.” Yin Jia said expressionlessly, “Well, it’s not like you have a choice.”

Guan Tang smiled and said, “That’s why we should attack and defend together. After all, both of us will have the closest relationship in this family in the future.”

Upon hearing these words, Yin Jia said mockingly, “Shouldn’t your aunt be the closest person to you?”

Guan Tang continued to smile and say, “Of course, I’ll still be close to my aunt. Even if she’s married into your family, we’re still close.”

Yin Jia’s expression finally eased. She said, “I heard that my brother has a fiancee now and that they’re already discussing their marriage. It seems like they have a good relationship. You have to be careful.”

Guan Tang nodded. “Thank you for your reminder, Sister.”

At this time, a helper walked in and greeted them. “Good morning.”

The duo immediately fixed their expressions and distanced themselves from each other. When they walked out, they saw Yin Bin already sitting at the dining table, reading the newspaper.

“Good morning, Father.”

“Good morning, Uncle.” The two greeted Yin Bin before they took their respective seats.

Guan Ning walked over, neatly dressed, before she said with a smile, “Both of you woke up really early.”

The duo nodded and greeted Guan Ning.

Guan Ning asked a helper, “Is the Second Young Miss still asleep?”

The helper whispered, “Yes.”

Upon hearing this, Yin Jia quickly said, “Mom, Little Sister must have slept late. Let her sleep in a little longer…”

Before Guan Ning could reply, Yin Bin said, “What time is it already? Go and wake Second Young Miss up. Tell her to come down for breakfast.”

Yin Jia smiled and said, “Father, don’t be so fierce to Little Sister.”

Yin Bin seemed to realize he had been harsh so he said, “I just want her to come down for breakfast. She shouldn’t mess up her schedule.”

Guan Ning slowly said after she sighed, “Yin Yi is too carefree, unlike our Eldest Young Miss. Our Eldest Young Miss has always been self-disciplined and has clear goals. Yin Yi is still so immature. I really don’t know what to do with her.”

After swallowing the food in her mouth, Yin Jia said, “Mom, how can you say that about Little Sister? Yin Yi was born blessed. Moreover, she’s Father’s little lucky star, making Father’s career thrive. She just needs to be happy and healthy. Isn’t that right, Father?”

Yin Bin nodded. “Yes.”

Guan Ning withdrew her hand that was holding a pair of chopsticks while Guan Tang turned a blind eye to everything around her.

At this time, Yin Yi walked in. She yawned before she said, “Good morning, Mom, Dad, Sister, Cousin!”

After the sleepy Yin Yi took a seat next to Guan Ning, the helper placed her breakfast in front of her.

Yin Yi’s face scrunched up in disgust when she saw the food. She complained, “This again? I really have no appetite seeing this.”

Yin Bin glared at Yin Yi. “You’re still half-asleep, but you’re already picky with your food. Do you have any manners?”

Yin Jia reached out and patted Yin Bin’s hand, gesturing for him to calm down. Then, she said to the helper, “Bring a sandwich and fry the sausages that Young Miss likes.”

Then, Yin Jia pushed a glass of milk to Yin Yi as she said, “Drink a glass of milk to warm your stomach first.”

Yin Yi was so angry that she did not say anything. She obediently accepted the glass of milk that Yin Jia pushed over.

When the helper brought Yin Yi’s breakfast over, Yin Bin put down his chopsticks and said to his eldest daughter, “I heard that Cheng Che was hospitalized because of a car accident. Go to the hospital to visit your brother later. Take care of him, understand?”

Yin Jia straightened her back immediately before she replied, “I understand, Father. I’ll leave immediately after this.”

Yin Bin was very satisfied with Yin Jia’s attitude. Then, he turned to say to Guan Ning, “As for you, go and visit Zhuang Ji as a customer today. Don’t talk about anything else; just silently observe. I’m still getting people to verify Ye He’s words.”

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