Sir, How About A Marriage?

Chapter 602 - Sisters

Chapter 602 Sisters

Yin Bin looked at Guan Tang and said, “Since you studied fashion design, see if there’s anything special about it from a professional standpoint.”

Guan Tang nodded. “I understand, Uncle.”

Yin Yi asked, “Does this mean I can buy the clothes I like?”

Yin Bin only glanced at Yin Yi and did not say anything

Instead, Yin Jia was the one who said, “Of course, you can buy them. If we don’t buy them, how will we know if the clothes are worthy of their reputation?”

Yin Yi’s face lit up as soon as she heard these words.

On the contrary, Guan Ning felt that the food in her mouth was incredibly hard to swallow. When she saw Yin Bin standing up after he finished eating, she hurriedly followed suit and asked, “Are you going to company now?”

Yin Bin nodded. “I have an appointment with Ye He to discuss something.” Guan Ning sighed. “You’re too busy. It’s all that rascal, Yin Zheng’s fault. Otherwise, he’d be able to help you.”

Yin Bin only scoffed coldly.

Guan Ning no longer dared to say anything.

Meanwhile, Yin Yi looked at her parents’ backs before she turned around and made a face at her two sisters.

Yin Jia and Guan Tang smiled indulgently.

Yin Yi took a bite of her sandwich and mumbled, “When will Dad forgive Brother? Look at how worried my mom is. She’s been like this for the past six months.”

Yin Jia and Guan Tang tacitly avoided this topic.

Guan Tang asked Yin Jia, “Sister, do you want to meet us after you leave the hospital?”

With this, Yin Yi was reminded of Yin Jia’s task today. She said, “Sister, is Eldest Brother really handsome? I found his pictures online, but they’re not very clear. I heard that Mu Chen hates having his pictures taken. However, I have to say that Mu Chen is very handsome. If he enters the entertainment industry, those top celebrities will be out of work. Oh, that’s right. I heard Eldest Brother has a film company, right? The three shows they produced are airing now. Zhuang Ning, that popular celebrity, stars in one of them. Although I’m a woman, I really like her. Sister, can you ask Eldest Brother to let me work in his company? I want to get close to those celebrities! In fact, it’s even better if I were given a chance to act!”

Yin Yi spoke confidently while Yin Jia listened quietly and patiently.

Guan Tang, on the other hand, advised, “Yin Yi, the matter with your brother hasn’t been settled yet. When he officially returns to the family, you can speak to him. I’m sure he’ll agree to your request. After all, you’re his younger sister.”

Yin Yi smiled and said teasingly, “Cousin, you’re not even married yet, but you’re already speaking up for my brother?”

Guan Tang’s face flushed red.

Yin Jia calmly said, “Your cousin is right. You can speak to your eldest brother when he returns to the family. I’m sure he’ll acquiesce to your small request.”

Yin Yi was very happy upon hearing these words. To her, she had no problem having another elder brother. After all, she was the youngest in the family, and everyone spoiled her. Recently, her father had been very angry because her second brother had gotten into trouble. Although it had nothing to do with her, she tried to help her mother by not contradicting her father, hoping it would appease her father’s anger toward her second brother.

Yin Yi was very curious about her eldest brother who suddenly appeared. He was not a poor person on the street like in those novels and dramas. He was also raised in a wealthy family. The Mu family was not inferior to the Yin family. In fact, the Old Madam of the Mu family’s status was several times higher than her grandmother.

Yin Yi looked forward to her eldest brother’s return to the family. At that time, she would have another person she could ask for pocket money from. She could also brag to her friends that her elder brother is the boss of a film and television company. It would give her a certain prestige.

At this time, Yin Yi, who had the least burden, was the happiest person in the Yin family.

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