Sir, How About A Marriage?

Chapter 627 - Meeting

Chapter 627 Meeting

Cheng Che clasped his hands on top of his knees. His expression was grim. When he calmed down, he said, “I’ll look for President Yin to make my stance clear.”

Mu Chen nodded. “It’s best to make these things clear. However, we still have to discuss our strategy. They’re using your sister now. In their minds, no matter what, you won’t fall out with your biological sister. Even if you fall out with your sister, at that time, President Yin will definitely step forward with some excuse and blame it all on your sister. What can you do at that time?”

Cheng Che felt a little lost and angry.

Mu Chen continued to say, “Timing is very important. They’re trying to use Jiahui to pressure you. Once they arouse your anger, they’ll make their move. From what I know, the Yin family isn’t very harmonious or united. Everyone has their ulterior motives, but they have one thing in common: they want you to return to the family. You have to be calm and patient at this time.”

Cheng Che nodded slightly. His heart was filled with warmth. He asked, perplexed, “What should I do then, Brother?”

Mu Chen said, “Let them make a fuss. Their intentions will slowly be revealed as they continue to make a fuss. Even if you can’t see their intentions, you’ll definitely be able to see their true colors at least. If they’re trying to look for your weakness, you can also look for theirs. However, let me warn you. The more you know, the colder your heart will become. I know you have no feelings for them, but even then, I still have to warn you. You know I’ve always treated you as my younger brother. If I know there’s a fire pit ahead of you, I definitely won’t let you jump


Cheng Che nodded before he said determinedly, “I don’t want to return to that family.”

However, Jiahui suddenly said, “It doesn’t matter if you want to return to that family.”

Cheng Che said without hesitation, “No, I don’t want to return to that family. The Yin family has nothing to do with me. This has been decided since I was born. There’s no need to discuss it any further.”

Cheng Che’s attitude was very firm.


Jiahui continued to say calmly, “Returning doesn’t mean you have to inherit the family business. It can be just a visit. You can leave after seeing them.”

Everyone was stunned by Jiahui’s words.

Mu Chen and Song Ning smiled.

Cheng Che understood Jiahui’s meaning and said with a smile, “Alright, I understand.”

Jiang Jin sighed inwardly. Initially, she was worried Cheng Che would thoroughly sever all his family ties, and as a result, would end up hurting himself. However, not only were Song Ning and Mu Chen trying their best to protect him, but even Jiahui was protecting him. She could see Jiahui was guiding Cheng Che without pushing her opinions on him. Clearly, no one cared about the benefits having ties with the Yin family would bring them.

Jiang Jin thought the children before her were all truly worthy of her pride.

Naturally, the Yin family would not give up easily.

Yin Bin had set the date for an official meeting between the families during the weekend. The venue was at a hotel that the Yin family had just invested in. It was adjacent to a six-star hotel under the Mu Group. Coincidentally, the private room that had been chosen to host the meeting had a window that directly overlooked the Mu Group’s hotel.

From the Yin family, there were Yin Bin, Guan Ning, Yin Jia, Yin Yi, and Guan Tang.

On the Mu family’s side, there were Jiang Jin, Mu Chen, Song Ning, and Cheng Che. Jiahui was not present because she did not want to escalate the conflict now. She said she would support Cheng Che from behind for now.

Cheng Che did not have confidence in the Yin family’s morality and was worried they would target Jiahui. Hence, he also did not force Jiahui to attend the meeting.

This was the first time Yin Bin officially met Cheng Che. After Yin Bin exchanged pleasantries with Jiang Jin and Mu Chen, he grabbed Cheng Che’s hand, unwilling to let go as he looked at Cheng Che with a face full of smiles. After he pulled Cheng Che to sit next to him, he sighed emotionally as he said, “You really resemble your mother. When I first saw you, I recognized you immediately.”

Meanwhile, Yin Jia chose to sit next to Jiang Jin, showing the utmost respect to Jiang Jin.

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