Sir, How About A Marriage?

Chapter 628 - Introductions (1)

Chapter 628 Introductions (1)

Upon hearing Yin Bin’s words, Yin Jia’s eyes began to brim with tears. She grabbed Jiang Jin’s hand and said tearily, “Grandma Mu, you don’t know how bitter my heart has been for so many years.”

As Yin Jia spoke, tears began to stream down her face.

Jiang Jin only sighed and patted Yin Jia’s hand gently.

Guan Ning’s expression was slightly unsightly upon hearing this. Then, she sighed and said to Jiang Jin, “Since ancient times, stepmothers have always been in difficult positions. When I first married into the Yin family, Yin Jia was still very young. She cried day and night. My heart broke just looking at her. Fortunately, I managed to look after her bit by bit…”

Jiang Jin only smiled sympathetically in response.

Yin Yi, who had chosen to sit next to Mu Chen, was delighted. She looked at Mu Chen from time to time, and her gaze seemed as though she wanted to swallow Mu Chen whole.

Song Ning quietly switched seats with Mu Chen upon seeing this.

Yin Yi did not bother to hide her disappointment at all. She said bluntly to Song Ning, “I want to sit next to Brother Mu. I want to learn about my brother’s life in the Mu family so I can tell my grandfather about it when I return.”

Song Ning remained elegant as she said politely, “Miss Yin, it makes no difference if you speak to me. I’ve always treated Cheng Che as my younger brother, and I’m very clear about his affairs. What do you want to know about him?”

Seeing the unhappy expression on Yin Yi’s face, Song Ning said apologetically, “Everyone says my husband is like a cold-faced devil. Moreover, he’s very blunt with his words. I’m afraid his words would be unpleasant and would embarrass Miss Yin. If that happens, it’d make the atmosphere awkward.”

Yin Yi was rendered speechless by Song Ning’s smiling face and words.

Upon seeing this, Guan Tang said with a smile, “Young Master Mu and Young Madam Mu have a truly profound relationship. My little sister is still young so I hope you can understand her longing for her brother.”

Song Ning looked at Cheng Che’s ‘fiancee’ and replied with a smile, “I heard that Cheng Che was born outside of the Yin family. Miss Yin misses her brother so much even though she’s never seen her brother before. What a rare sibling love.”

A trace of embarrassment appeared on Guan Tang’s face upon hearing these words.

Yin Yi hurriedly said, “I heard the elders talking about my brother in the past so I want to know more about him. Sister, please let Brother Mu sit next to me and Sister Guan Tang so we can learn more about my brother.”

Song Ning had seen a lot of shameless people before, and Yin Yi was not inferior to those people. Since Yin Yi was shameless, she could only be blunt. Hence, she said, “I’m sorry. I don’t like other women to be too close to my husband.”

Song Ning had learned from Jiahui that to deal with shameless people, one had to be even more shameless.

At this time, everyone finally took their seats.

Yin Bin introduced his family to Cheng Che one by one. “This is your stepmother. She raised your sister since your sister was young. It hadn’t been easy on her. Your sister also addresses her as ‘mother’. You can also call her ‘mother’ from now on.”

Guan Ning revealed a kind smile and hurriedly said, “Don’t make things difficult for the child. Cheng Che, you can just call me ‘aunty’. Let’s slowly get to know each other.”

Cheng Che nodded slightly and said, “Nice to meet you, Madam Yin.”

Cheng Che naturally did not call Guan Ning ‘mother’ or ‘aunty’.

Yin Bin and Guan Ning were clearly stunned by this obvious alienation. They exchanged a look before Yin Bin finally said, “It’s okay. Let’s take it slow as we get to know each other.”

Then, Yin Bin continued to say, “This is your sister, Yin Jia. You’ve already met her. This is also your sister, Yin Yi. She just graduated from university. She’s the youngest in the family so she’s a little spoiled. Everyone dotes on her and indulges her too much.”

“Brother,” Yin Yi called out sweetly.

Cheng Che only nodded and did not respond.

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