Sir, How About A Marriage?

Chapter 629 - Introductions (2)

Chapter 629 Introductions (2)

When it was Guan Tang’s turn, Yin Bin’s smile deepened as he said, “Come, Cheng Che. This is Guan Tang. She’s the most important person to you. Your mother and her mother were best friends in the past. Back then, the two of them got pregnant at the same time. Just like in the dramas, both of them promised to marry their children to each other. This is also your mother’s wish.”

Yin Bin sighed as he continued to say, “Your mother passed away early. Guan Tang’s mother also passed away when she was ten years old. Your… Your Aunty Guan is Guan Tang’s biological aunt so Guan Tang grew up in our family as well. Your Aunty Guan personally raised Guan Tang. Since your grandfather also acknowledged Guan Tang as his granddaughter-in-law, we naturally raised her like our own as well.”

Yin Bin saw that Cheng Che had no intention of acknowledging Guan Ning as his mother so he referred to Guan Ning as ‘Aunty Guan’ instead.

Guan Tang’s face was slightly red as she greeted Cheng Che. “Nice to meet you.”

Guan Tang looked at Cheng Che with her large eyes as though she wanted to say more. However, in the end, she only lowered her gaze.

Cheng Che looked at Guan Tang expressionlessly before he turned away and introduced the Mu family one after another.

“This is my grandmother. She personally raised me since I was young. This is my brother and sister-in-law. Since I was a little weak when I was young, my brother has always protected me. He fought for me whenever I got into trouble. My grandmother also couldn’t bear to hit me when I was young. Hence, when I made mistakes, my brother would be hit instead. My sister-in-law is the woman my brother loves most. From the moment she joined our family, she’s always treated me like her younger brother. Although I’m an orphan, I’m exceptionally blessed,” Cheng Che said calmly as he adjusted his glasses.

The Yin family looked slightly embarrassed when they heard Cheng Che’s words.

Cheng Che continued to say, “My fiancee is the woman I love most in my life. She’s a doctor and is very lively and cheerful. She’s also very beautiful. I love her very much. She’s busy today so she’s not here. I’ll introduce you to her when she has the time.”

Cheng Che did not mention anything about Yin Jia and Guan Tang visiting Jiahui. He did not want to give the two women any excuse to slander Jiahui. With these words, he also cleanly rejected Guan Tang. All in all, he made his stance very clear; he was Cheng Che, not a member of the Yin family.

Yin Bin’s expression was very unsightly at this moment. Just as he was about to lose his temper, Yin Jia looked at him meaningfully to stop him.

Following that, Yin Jia said in a gentle voice that was laden with sorrow, “Brother, did you consider Guan Tang’s feelings when you said those words? She’s innocent. As a girl, she was betrothed before she was even born. For over twenty years, she carried the empty title of being your fiancee. Now that you’re found, you don’t acknowledge her. Not only that, but you even bluntly spoke about your sweetheart. You’re too much.”

Guan Tang, who was sitting at the side, had already begun to shed tears.

Cheng Che’s expression was stiff. He really wished he could flip the table at this moment. Then, he calmly asked, “If Yin Xing were not found, what identity was Miss Guan going to use to stay in the Yin family?”

Yin Jia was stunned by this question. Then, she said helplessly, “What are you saying? Didn’t we find you in the end? If we didn’t find you, we’ll definitely marry her off like a daughter of the Yin family. After all, Mother is Guan Tang’s biological aunt. However, it’s different now that we found you. Guan Tang will continue being your fiancee. This is our mother’s last wish after all. You won’t defy our mother’s last wish, right?”

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