Sir, How About A Marriage?

Chapter 730

Chapter 730: Honesty

Yin Jia and Ye Cheng held hands as they walked to a small park from the house.

Ye Cheng decided to ask a question that had been in his heart for a long time. “Yin Jia, I actually don’t quite understand why it’s necessary to make Cheng Che acknowledge and return to the family. You were all separated for so many years, and if you really wanted to find him, you should have done so a long time ago. Why wait until now? I’ve seen your grandfather’s attitude. It’s clear that he won’t give up until Cheng Che returns to the family. Why?”

Yin Jia’s movements froze. She was silent for a moment before she replied, “It doesn’t matter why. What’s important is that Yin Xing can now return to his original position. There were many problems in the family before this regarding my grandparents. It was exhausting for me, and it would have been exhausting for Yin Xing if he were around. However, heaven is good and rewards the just. Grandpa now realizes the problem. This is a great opportunity for Yin Xing to return. He has to return to the family as soon as possible. No matter how those people scheme or what their motives are, they can’t surpass Yin Xing’s identity and status.”

Yin Jia gritted her teeth after she finished speaking.

Ye Cheng smiled and said, “Don’t worry. I’ll do my best to persuade Cheng Che.”

Yin Jia looked at Ye Cheng gratefully and said seriously, “Ye Cheng, thank you! No matter what your past is like, I’m endlessly grateful that you’re helping me to this extent. I owe you a favor, and in the future, I’ll definitely return it to you.”

Ye Cheng reached out and brushed a strand of Yin Jia’s hair to the side before he said with a distressed expression in his face, “Silly, what kind of words is that? Is there a need to be so courteous between us? You have to take care of yourself. I can see that Guan Tang doesn’t have any good intentions toward you. Trust me. I won’t fall for her tricks.”

Upon hearing this, Yin Jia’s tears streamed down her face. She reached out and hugged Ye Cheng, burying her face on his chest. At this moment, she really could not believe her luck. She felt that God was finally treating her well.

Ye Cheng reached out and patted Yin Jia’s back to comfort her. At the same time, he thought to himself that it was impossible for the Mu family not to be troubled by the Yin family’s persistence.

When Jiahui arrived at the Mu family house, she happily told Jiang Jin and Song Ning about Guan Tang’s sorry state.

Jiang Jin smiled and sighed. “You child. After all she did to you, you only scared her?”

Song Ning patted Jiang Jin’s hand. “Grandma, don’t worry. Jiahui may be a little silly, but silly people have good fortune. Look, she was imprisoned for a week, but she’s still safe and sound. Moreover, she’s not muddle-headed when it comes to important matters.”

Jiang Jin only smiled and looked at Jiahui affectionately.

Jiahui stopped smiling and moved to sit next to Jiang Jin before she said, “Grandma, I just don’t understand why the Yin family is so adamant that Cheng Che has to return to their family. Every single one of them has their own agendas. Guan Tang wants to get married, and she thinks Cheng Che is the best candidate. Yin Jia feels that everything in the Yin family should belong to her and Cheng Che. As for the others, their motives are not clear. Regardless, there’s definitely something fishy about this matter.”

Jiang Jin nodded. “The people we sent to S City didn’t find any useful information. Let’s wait a little longer. The truth will come out eventually. Jiahui, at times like these, you and Cheng Che have to be honest with each other. You can’t allow people to drive a wedge between both of you.”


Jiahui hurriedly replied, “Yes. I understand, Grandma.” Then, she seemed to recall something before she said, “Ningning, Yin Yin went to the company earlier. She visited the company under the pretext of visiting Cheng Che, but in fact, she has designs on Mu Chen.”

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