Sir, How About A Marriage?

Chapter 731

Chapter 731: Photos

Jiang Jin and Song Ning exchanged a look before Jiang Jin asked, “What do you mean?”

Jiahui thought about it for a moment before she said, “Yin Yi is completely different from Yin Jia. Yin Jia’s mind is a little twisted and abnormal. Perhaps, that has something to do with her childhood experiences. She treats Cheng Che as her private property because in her eyes, he’s her only flesh-and-blood relative. Yin Yi, on the other hand, is a little like Ye Xin. She’s spoiled and thinks the entire world belongs to her.”

Jiang Jin and Song Ning frowned at the same time.

Jiang Jin sneered. “She knows very well that Mu Chen has a wife and a son, and yet, she still has feelings for Mu Chen. This can’t be forgiven. Ningning, since Mu Chen is back as well, tell him to come over. I want to speak to him.”

Song Ning smiled before she replied, “Grandma, you should know what your grandson is like. Don’t worry. Mu Chen won’t make any mistake regarding matters like this.”

Jiahui playfully pushed Song Ning before she said, “Grandma, look. She’s really silly. We’re worried for her, but she trusts Mu Chen unconditionally.”

Jiang Jin smiled. “Both of you are silly. I don’t know how much good my two grandsons did in their previous lives that they’re lucky enough to marry the both of you.”

The three women laughed and continued chatting. They did not take the matter regarding Yin Yi to heart. All of them trusted Mu Chen’s character. How could Yin Yi alone shake his and Song Ning’s relationship?

Three days later.

Song Ning received a package. When she opened it, she discovered that it was a gallery of photos of Mu Chen and Yin Yi. From some angles of the photos, Mu Chen and Yin Yi looked very intimate. Some showed them holding hands, and some showed them kissing.

Jiang Jin was naturally furious when she saw the photos. She immediately called Mu Chen to reproach him.

Song Ning was initially shocked, but she calmed down soon after. After getting home from work, she showed the photos to everyone.

Mu Chen was furious. “Which bast*rd did this?”

Mu Chen picked up his phone to call Han Mo when Song Ning stopped him and asked, “Why are you so anxious?”


How could Mu Chen not be anxious? He quickly said, “Ningning, these photos aren’t real. Trust me.”

Song Ning nodded. “Of course, I trust you. So, don’t be so anxious.”

Mu Chen still wanted to say something, but Song Ning looked at Jiang Jin.

Jiang Jin nodded. “Seems like they’ve already begun to make a move. I didn’t expect them to start with Ningning and Mu Chen. Mu Chen, calm down first.”

Realization dawned on Jiahui when she heard Jiang Jin’s words. She recalled she was the first to notice Yin Yi’s intention. “Yin Yi is obviously behind this. She wants to drive a wedge between both of you.”

Song Ning nodded slowly and looked at Mu Chen as she said, “Yin Yi is interested in you.”

Mu Chen looked annoyed as he unbuttoned his shirt slightly. Fortunately, his family trusted him. Otherwise, it would be difficult for him to defend himself. He felt frustrated at this moment, having nowhere to vent his anger.

At this time, Cheng Che said guiltily, “Brother, it’s all my fault.”

Mu Chen said irritably, “This is none of your business. She likes me, after all.”

Song Ning could not bear to see Mu Chen speaking in this manner so she said, feigning anger, “Oh, you seem quite proud of yourself?”

Mu Chen hastily said, “No! No, I’m not!”

Jiang Jin was both angry and amused. After a moment, she admonished them gently, “Alright, that’s enough.”

With this, everyone fell silent.

Jiang Jin sighed and continued to say, “I didn’t expect this Yin Yi to be so unscrupulous.”

Jiang Jin thought that Yin Yi was like her biological grandmother, but out of consideration for Cheng Che, she did not say it out loud. In fact, Yin Jia and Yin Yi were somewhat like their grandmother; they were both stubborn and radical. Cheng Che, on the other hand, took after his mother, Yi Wan.

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