Sir, How About A Marriage?

Chapter 9 - Provocation

Chapter 9 - Provocation

Today, Song Ning was shadowing Professor Li Sen who had many patients to see in the morning. Throughout the entire time, she was focused on taking notes, taking pictures, and writing down prescriptions.

She was as capable as she usually was, and Professor Li Sen was rather satisfied with her performance.

When the last patient got up and thanked Professor Li Sen, Song Ning's two classmates who were sitting next to her heaved a sigh of relief.

After Professor Li Sen took a sip from the glass of water his student had handed him, he turned to look at them and asked, "How's it going? Did you guys learn much this morning?"

The students nodded in response.

Meanwhile, Song Ning typed out the last prescription before closing the program.

Seeing this, Professor Li said to her, "Ning, sort out today's medical records and send them to me in the afternoon. I'll use them in class tomorrow."

"Yes, Professor!" Song Ning nodded. She was already in the midst of sorting out the files.

Jia Hui, Song Ning's classmate, giggled before she said, "Professor, you don't have to wait until afternoon. I guarantee that Song Ning will send it to you within half an hour."

Professor Li looked at his beloved student whose eyes were glued to the computer before he said with a smile, "If all of you work as hard as Song Ning, we, the old men, can retire and leave everything to our successors."

Jia Hui laughed before she retorted, "Don't even think about retiring, Professor. You are as precious as the national treasure. For the sake of the patients, you have to continue working in the front lines."

The students joked and chatted with Professor Li. Someone even approached Professor Li to massage his stiff shoulders.

Amidst their bonding session, Song Ning finally typed out the last word and saved the document before she heaved a sigh of relief.

Upon seeing this, Jia Hui rushed to say, "Look, Professor. It's just as I've said. She finished it in half an hour. Ning, you're so amazing that you make the rest of us look bad."

Another classmate patted Jiahui and said teasingly, "Hey, don't drag us into this. We don't feel that Song Ning makes us look bad. Instead, she's a big help to us. Hurry up, Ning. Send us the documents."

The group of students laughed upon hearing this.

Meanwhile, Professor Li Sen looked at Song Ning with a satisfied expression. She was talented and willing to endure hardships. Such a student was rare and precious.

After helping Professor Li send the laptop and the medical records back to the office, Jia Hui linked her arm around Song Ning's arm and asked, "What do you want for lunch? It's my treat!"

Song Ning was not averse to Jia Hui's affectionate gesture. She asked jokingly, "Why are you treating me to lunch? You should state your motives first. Otherwise, I'm afraid I'll be doomed after unknowingly eating the lunch you buy."

Jia Hui feigned anger as she said, "Hey, you brat! Am I so evil?"

"Yes," Song Ning replied without any hesitation as she tried to hold back her laughter.

At this time, a group of nurses walked past; their conversations naturally entered the duo's ears.

"Hey, did you hear? Feng Man received 999 roses today. The nursing department on the first floor is flooded with flowers!"

"Really? Let's go and have a look! Did someone confess to her?"

"No, I heard it's her birthday today so her boyfriend decided to surprise her."

"Ah, how romantic! When did Feng Man get a boyfriend? Why don't I know about it at all?"

"They've been dating for a long time. His name's Fu Le. He visits her quite often. I heard he's from a wealthy family. It looks like Feng Man's persistence finally paid off, huh?"

"Hey, isn't Fu Le the boyfriend of Song Ning, Professor Li's student?"

"They broke up. What's the matter? Feng Man is beautiful and has a good personality. If I were a man, I would like her as well."

After hearing the nurses' conversation, Jia Hui stopped in her tracks immediately and grabbed Song Ning's arms. "Ning, who are they talking about?"

Song Ning put her hands in the pockets of her white coat before she continued to walk forward and calmly said, "Didn't you hear what they said?"

It seemed like Feng Man liked to show off, but it had nothing to do with her.

Riddled with anxiety, Jiahui dragged Song Ning in the opposite direction. "Let's go and have a look! Feng Man, that shameless vixen! I bet she doesn't even intend to continue working in the hospital after this!"

Song Ning cried out, startled, "Hey! What are you doing!? I don't want to go there!"

Jia Hui said through gritted teeth, "Song Ning! You are a Chinese medicine student, not a saint! That wench snatched your boyfriend away, and yet, you're still so calm! Don't be a pushover!"

Song Ning, who was amused by Jia Hui's words, said, "An Jiahui, how can you call me a pushover? Don't forget I'm the winner of this semester's first-class scholarship. Moreover, do I need to remind you that this has nothing to do with you? How dare you call me a pushover?"

"Who cares about that scholarship? That b*tch snatched your boyfriend away! Didn't you say you were childhood sweethearts? How did that stupid b*tch manage to snatch him away? Hey, she's obviously provoking you! Let's go! You have to win him back!" After Jia Hui finished speaking, she continued to fume as she dragged Song Ning with her.

Song Ning gently broke free of Jia Hui's grip. At this moment, Jia Hui's anger highlighted her calmness even more. "Jiahui, since you know she's provoking me, why do you want me to see them? Why would I want someone who's unfaithful and is so easily snatched away as my boyfriend?"

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