Sir, How About A Marriage?

Chapter 8 - Checking Up On The Sleeping Couple

Chapter 8 - Checking Up On The Sleeping Couple

The morning sun poured in through the gaps in the curtains.

Song Ning gradually woke up, still in a daze.

Where was she?

This was not her bed or her quilt.

It did not take long before memories from the day before flooded her mind.

Last night, Mu Chen had given her wine. After that, it seemed like she had gotten drunk and began to vent her feelings to him.

She was now married to Mu Chen; he was now her husband.

With all these thoughts in mind, she could help but sigh.

At this moment, she felt the bed sink. She turned to look and saw a figure getting under the quilt before pressing up against her.

Startled, she instinctively shrank back. However, a strong arm reached out and pulled her back. Then, she heard Mu Chen's voice by her ears.

"Don't move. Grandma is here to check on us."

Song Ning's body that was being held by Mu Chen stiffened. His hand was pressed against the back of her head, and her face was pressed against his chest. She could even smell the scent of shower gel on him that was mixed with a scent unique to men. Her body heated immediately; she did not dare to move at all.

Sure enough, in the next moment, the bedroom door opened slightly.

"Old Madam, look, the young couple is sleeping. Oh, they're so affectionate. Let's go now!" Yu said, clearly flustered.

Jiang Jin took two steps into the room and peered at the couple on the bed. When she saw them hugging, she nodded. "The more I look at them, the more I'm convinced they're truly married. Mu Chen is truly a good grandson. He has always exceeded my expectations since he was young. I was so worried that he'd marry that girl from the Ye Family yesterday."

Upon hearing these words, Yu could not help but exclaim, "Then, why did you force him to get married? I was so sure that Young Master would return with Miss Ye yesterday! If you don't like Miss Ye, why did you want them to get married?"

Jiang Jin shushed Yu before she said angrily in a hushed tone, "Keep your voice down! You don't understand. My grandson is as dense as a brick so I had to help him. He thought I would like Ye Xin so he allowed Ye Xin to use him to create scandals. If I don't let him see Ye Xin's true nature, he would've sacrificed his happiness and married her just to appease me!"

Confused, Yu asked, "Then, how do you know that Young Master has seen Miss Ye's true nature?"

Hearing this, Jiang Jin said happily, "Because he married Ning! She's a great woman. She is indeed suitable to be with my grandson."

Yu could not help but giggle. "Then, why did you get up so early just to check on them? You still don't believe they're a couple?"

A gentle smile appeared on Jiang Jin's face as she looked at the couple on the face. Then, she said with a scoff, "I don't care. Even if they're a fake couple, I'll make sure that they become a real couple soon."

After that, Jiang Jin pulled Yu out of the room and slammed the door shut.

Yu was taken aback and hastily said, "Old Madam! Please be gentle. Don't wake them up!"

However, Jiang Jin did not worry about waking the couple up. Her grandson had always been a light sleeper. However, the entire time she and Yu were chatting in the room, the couple stayed motionless. Did they think she was a fool? Her grandson was still no match for her!

Meanwhile, in the bedroom.

Mu Chen felt slightly reluctant to let go of the gorgeous woman in his arms.

Song Ning was like a little hedgehog with spikes all over her body to protect herself. However, she was clearly very soft-hearted. It could be seen in the way she treated his grandmother. She seemed to have a soft spot for the elderly.

Last night, she told him a lot about her and her mother. He could see she was filled with longing and regret due to her mother's death.

On the other hand, Song Ning was startled by the sound of the slamming door. Mu Chen's grandmother should have left. However, when she saw Mu Chen did not move, she did not dare to move as well. His grandmother was wise and observant after all; it would not be easy to pull the wool over her eyes.

Jiang Jin had tricked Mu Chen, but Mu Chen was clearly not gullible. Song Ning really had no words for this pair of grandmother and grandson.

After a moment, Song Ning gently pushed Mu Chen. They were too close, and it was too hot!

With that, Mu Chen released his hands and whispered in her ear, "It's still early. Let's sleep for a little longer."

'Don't go to sleep!' Song Ning sighed inwardly. Then, she struggled to extricate herself from Mu Chen's arms and the blanket. Finally, she sat up with the blanket around her. When she lifted her hand to tidy her hair, she felt her head aching. She must be hungover from drinking too much last night.

Meanwhile, Mu Chen leaned against the bed's headboard and looked at Song Ning who was wrapped in the quilt. He could not help but reach out to pat her head. "Song Ning, let's date!"

Flustered, Song Ning whipped her head around to look at him, causing his hand to slide down to her delicate face.

Upon seeing the shocked expression on Song Ning's face, he smiled slightly before he repeated his earlier words. "Song Ning, let's date. I'm serious."

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