Sis-Con With Dimensional Chat Group

Chapter 11 Light Magic

Chapter 11: Light Magic

Haruka opened the Light Magic and started to read it. He saw it was quite simple since he only needed to remember some formula and magic circle of each magic. He had a very good memory and it was easy for him to remember it. He knew magic didn't need a chant or screamed their name to make it work.

Haruka only needed to imagine what kind of effect that he wanted to create with this magic. He closed his eyes and concentrated. He needed to feel the source of magic inside his body while imagining the effect of the magic. He imagined creating a ball of light on his palm. He knew that it was his first time to do magic and he needed to do something simple rather than something complicated.

Haruka created an imaginary magic circle and did some formula within the palm of his hand. He wasn't sure why but he felt his body felt hot. He also felt that his body was tingling as if he was stabbed by a needle. He also felt something that clogged inside his body was released and made him feel refreshed suddenly. He didn't open his eyes and focussed on feeling this feeling.

Haruka opened his eyes and looked at the palm of his hand. He saw a ball of light was there and suddenly it vanished without a trace. He suddenly felt his body felt quite weak and he fell down on the ground.


Haruka breathed heavily on the ground but smiled at the thought that he had succeeded on his first step to doing magic.

"Haru, what's wrong?" Sora opened his door and saw him fall down on the ground. She saw him breathe very heavily and his face was quite pale. She became worried and helped him, "What's wrong?" She became scared suddenly thought that he would go far away.

"I'm okay, I only need to sleep," Haruka answered her.

"R - really?" Sora was still nervous. She had lost her parents and she didn't want to lose him.

"Yeah, can you help me change my shirt? It is drenched in sweat, I feel very uncomfortable," Haruka said.

Sora nodded and took a shirt from his wardrobe. She also took a towel and started to open his shirt. She suddenly gulped but shook her head hurriedly.

Haruka let his little sister help him change his clothes while remembering that feeling earlier. He knew that magic from Fairy Tail coming from the feeling of the user. He wasn't sure but in the middle of his meditation, he suddenly felt something was drained from him. He only wanted to go sleep right now to take a rest.

Sora wiped the sweat on his body with the towel that she had brought earlier. She wiped his body slowly and confused what made him became tired suddenly, "What did you do earlier?"

"Hmm, workout," Haruka answered.

Her tears started to well up when she heard his answer.

Haruka suddenly became startled and asked, "What's wrong? Why are you crying?"

"I - I thought you would leave me, d - don't leave me, okay? You're the only one I have in this world," Sora said while looking at him. She thought that something must be happening but he was only working out. She felt dumb to worry about him. She stood up and wanted to get out only her hand was pulled by him.

"Let go of me!" Sora said.

"No, please listen to me, I'm sorry that I made you worry earlier, please forgive me," Haruka said to her. He needed to solve this problem now or else he would regret it in the future. He pulled her into his arms and hugged her.

"I'm sorry, okay, I won't do it again in the future," Haruka said to her.

"...Really?" Sora asked, but she didn't look at him.

Haruka was glad that she didn't try to run away, "Yes, of course, we will go out tomorrow, aren't we? I will buy you something you want too."

Sora didn't answer him for a while and said, "I want very expensive ice cream."

"Sure, I will buy it," Haruka answered.

"Also, you're kind of smelly, hurry up and let go of me," Sora said.

"Really?" Haruka let her go and smelled himself. He wrinkled his eyebrow but didn't smell anything strange. He shook his head and thought that she was only exaggerating something. He forgot that he was very tired right now since he saw her tears earlier.

Both of them looked at each other, he looked at that her eyes were full of tears. He could see that she was very cute and he shook his head. He wiped her tears and went to the bathroom, "You should sleep earlier, I will take a bath first."

Sora didn't say anything and looked at his back. She suddenly remembered the thing that happened a few years ago in the countryside.

Haruka had a cold bath and tried to calm himself. His nerves were a bit tense since he succeeded on his magic and he also felt very hot earlier.

"Sigh, what am I thinking?" Haruka hurriedly dried his body and went to his bed. He took his phone and opened the chat. He tried to remember the feeling earlier and made a small ball of light on his palm. He took a photo of it and shared it to everyone.

[Ding! Haruka has sent a photo!]

Haruka: "I'm a success in doing magic and I'm very tired, I will continue to chat tomorrow."

Haruka placed his phone on the table and slept. He was dreaming about his life before his parents left.

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