Sis-Con With Dimensional Chat Group

Chapter 12 How to make money?

Chapter 12: How to make money?

Haruka woke up quite early and prepared breakfast. He thought of why he could do magic, probably because he was reincarnated. He looked at his hand and checked whether there was something uncomfortable or not. He didn't feel anything strange in the morning, rather he felt quite fresh. He was shocked at how his little brother suddenly became very lively in the early morning.

Haruka shook his head and opened the group chat. He needed to ask whether there was some side effect for doing magic from Yajima.

QueenOfNightmare: "@Haruka, how can you do magic? Tell me!! ASAP!!"

QueenOfNightmare: "@Haruka, it is not fair! You can do magic, but I can't!!"

QueenOfNightmare: "@Haruka, please answer me!"

Haruka looked at her spam and also somehow understood her feeling, "@QueenOfNightmare, shouldn't you ask @Yajima for this kind of question? He is a magician, you know?"

Yajima: "Not everyone can become a magician, in our world, only 10% of the population is the magician, the rest is normal people."

Tsunade: "In my world, it's also the same, some people also don't have a chakra at all inside their body."

Gintoki: "I don't even use magic, we only use a sword, weapon, or a technology, there is an alien in our world after all."

Haruka: "@QueenOfNightmare is fine even if you can't use magic right? Your world is pretty much normal like me, right, Ruri Gokou?"

Ruri, who was looking at the group chat, suddenly stopped. She didn't expect anyone from the group chat knew his identity.

QueenOfNightmare: "@Haruka, h - how did you know my name?"

[Ding! Haruka has sent 'Oreimo' anime to the group!]

"Eh?" Ruri looked at the file and opened it. She started to watch the anime since she was curious about her future.

Yajima: "@Haruka, is that the identity of @QueenOfNigthmare?"

Haruka: "Yeah, she is living in a similar world to me."

Gintoki: "@Haruka, you really don't have any interest in your little sister?"

Haruka stopped and looked at this message with a strange expression, "@Gintoki, why do you say that?"

Gintoki: "Of course, you send us an anime about a little sister? The chat group isn't wrong, you really have a sister complex!"

Haruka looked at the chat with speechless expression.

Tsunade: "There are a lot of people in my world that are married to their own family, @Haruka, you don't need to care about those things."

Yajima: "@Haruka, I will support you!"

Haruka decided to ignore the chat and started to open the daily points, "Hmm, 88 pts, not bad." He looked at the chat and decided to reply, "Did any of you have search what is the use of points?"

Gintoki: "He was averting the conversation."

Tsunade: "He is averting the conversation +1"

Yajima: "He is averting the conversation +1"

QueenOfNightmare: "He is averting the conversation +1"

Haruka twitched his lips, "Alright, alright, I won't do something similar to my little sister!"

Gintoki: "Really?"

Tsunade: "Really? +1"

Yajima: "Really? +1"

QueenOfNightmare: "Really? +1"

Haruka hurriedly replied, "Do you have fun making fun of me?"

Gintoki: "Yes."

Tsunade: "Yes +1"

Yajima: "Yes +1"

QueenOfNightmare: "Yes +1"

Haruka twitched his lips and replied, "I have thought that these points could make us teleport to another dimension and also probably buy something, though, there isn't any store option in this group chat."

QueenOfNightmare: "It would be great to be able to buy something such as magic or power."

Tsunade: "Oh, I want to buy the ability to gamble."

Gintoki: "Oh, I want the ability to win a pachinko."

Yajima: "I want a recipe book."

Haruka twitched his lips and remembered something, "Do you remember there is a quest that will happen in the future?"

Yajima: "Quest, eh? I wonder what kind of quest is it?"

Tsunade: "Nothing, happen yet, we can only collect daily points until something happens."

QueenOfNightmare: "I want to use magic....."

Tsunade who was in the group thought for a while and shared something with everyone.

[Ding! Tsunade has sent an introduction to Chakra!]

[Ding! Tsunade has sent an introduction to the hand seal!]

[Ding! Tsunade has sent a Body Replacement Technique!]

[Ding! Tsunade has sent a Clone Technique!]

[Ding! Tsunade has sent a Transformation Technique!]

Tsunade: "I don't know whether you can use it or not, but I sent you guys the basics of the ninja."

Haruka: "Thank you very much!"

Gintoki: "Thank you very much +1"

Yajima: "Thank you very much +1"

QueenOfNightmare: "Thank you very much +1"

Tsunade: "Don't worry about it."

Haruka: "By the way, have you become a Hokage?"

Tsunade: "Not yet, Orochimaru still hasn't attacked Konoha, in three months the Chuunin's exam will be held." She didn't have that much worried since she had sent a message to her teacher in advance. She knew that at that time her teacher would have time to prepare for the war. She would also come back to the village in too later.

Yajima: "@Tsunade, do you want me to help?"

Tsunade: "@Tsunade, thank you for your offer, but my world is pretty dangerous, you know?"

Yajima: "Even though I'm like this, I'm also one of the 10 magic councils, I'm not as powerful as before, but I'm still quite strong, at least I can beat that anyone in the Akatsuki."

Haruka: "Wow."

Gintoki: "Wow +1."

QueenOfNightmare: "Wow +1"

Haruka: "@QueenOfNightmare, why don't you change your name? Don't you feel embarrassed to use that kind of name?"

QueenOfNightmare: "@Haruka, you don't understand, this name is suitable for me since it sounds domineering and the new members will be in awe in front of me."

Haruka: "...."

Haruka: "Anyway, that's it, I will off since I have to go out."

Gintoki: "W - wait!!! @Haruka!! I have something to ask!!"

Haruka looked at him and replied, "@Gintoki, what's wrong?"

Gintoki: "How did you make money?"

Haruka was speechless looking at his message.

Yajima: "....."

Tsunade: "..."

QueenOfNightmare: "I want to know too!!" Her family wasn't that well off and both of her parents were working very hard every day for them. She wanted to reduce the burden on her family and have her own income.

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