Sis-Con With Dimensional Chat Group

Chapter 13 Going Out

Chapter 13: Going Out

Haruka thought for a while and replied, "I write a novel."

Gintoki: "Really?"

Haruka replied, "Both of my parents have died and I don't have a choice but to make my own money, luckily, my novel is quite good."

Suddenly the group chat became heavy when they heard his parents had died.

Gintoki: "Somehow, I'm sorry about this."

Haruka smiled and thought about his parents, even though he missed them but he knew that he couldn't meet them.

Tsunade: "@Haruka, you should come to my place, I will comfort you here."

Yajima: "@Haruka, I will teach you how to cook maybe you can open your own restaurant there."

Gintoki and Kuroneko, who read the comment, became startled and thought of a way to comfort him.

Gintoki: "@Haruka, I will treat you my Ojiki-Special."

Kuroneko had decided to change her name into her usual id on the internet, "@Haruka, you can come here too, I will bring you to Akiba and maid cafe."

Haruka replied, "Alright, alright, you don't need to do this, I can send you my novel manuscript and you can publish it on your world, at that time, you only need to sit down in your office and do nothing @Gintoki."

Gintoki felt his heart very heavy when Haruka would give him a manuscript of his novel. He thought about the things that he had. He sighed and thought that he spent most of his time at war against Amanto. He could only share his knowledge about the sword.

Gintoki: "Ugh, I can give you much, maybe I will share you my experience with a sword."

Everyone became interested when they heard he would share his knowledge about the sword. They had seen his life and in their opinion, his life was very epic. They saw him fighting with a lot of people with only his sword.

Haruka also didn't expect him to share his knowledge about sword since he knew that it was very important for him, "@Gintoki, you don't need to do that much, you know?"

Gintoki hurriedly replied, "No, no, my heart won't be able to handle it!! Please, everyone, I will share with you my experience with a sword!"

[Ding! Gintoki has sent knowledge about 'The Way of Sword'!]

Gintoki: "@Haruka, by the way, can you share with me how to court a girl? I want to make Ketsuno Ana my wife."

Haruka replied, "I'm not sure whether I can help you or not, but can you tell me who this Ketsuno Ana is? Her name is kind of strange in my ears."

Gintoki: "@Haruka, you idiot! You don't know Ketsuno Ana? Are you really a millennial kid?? Are you using your smartphone properly? Are you still using your flip phone? Do you have a television in your home?"

Haruka was speechless looking at his reply.

Yajima: "@Gintoki, you know that he is coming from a different world from you."

Gintoki suddenly remembered it and replied, "@Haruka, I'm sorry about it, I'd get very excited when I'm talking about her."

Haruka replied, "@Gintoki, it is okay, you don't need to worry about it, I have heard that she is still married to her husband, you need to wait for both of them to divorce before you start to court her, at that time you should try to become her friends or something." He had also sent them his novel in a group chat.

Gintoki: "@Haruka, that's true, thank you for your lesson teacher."

Kuroneko: "As expected of a man who did his own little sister."

Tsunade: "As expected of a man who did his own little sister +1"

Yajima: "..."

Yajima: "I'm not going to follow them."

Haruka was speechless looking at the reaction.

"Hmm, Haru?" Sora woke up and still looked quite sleepy.

"You have to wash your face and eat your breakfast, let's go out when you're ready," Haruka said.

Sora nodded in response and went to the bathroom.

Haruka had gotten a lot of things from the group chat. He should learn them until the group chat would give them a quest. He knew the quest wouldn't be simple and probably needed to strengthen himself.

Haruka: "I will go off now, I have to go out with my little sister."

Kuroneko: "Sister Complex."

Tsunade: "Sister Complex +1."

Gintoki: "Sister Complex +1."

Yajima: "Sister Complex +1."

Haruka sighed and closed the group chat. He ignored them and thought where he should bring her little sister. He looked around and noticed her black rabbit doll on the table. He nodded and felt it was quite good to bring her to that place.

Sora came out of the bathroom after she had cleaned her face.

Both of them were eating together while talking to each other.

"Do you have anywhere you want to go?" Haruka asked.

Sora thought for a while and said, "I want to see a new movie."

Haruka nodded, "Sure, let's watch a movie."

Sora smiled and looked at him, "Do you have any place that you want to see?"

"Hmm, how about the zoo?" Haruka asked.

"Zoo?" Sora was surprised. She didn't expect him to see a group of an animal.

"You don't want to go?" Haruka asked.

"Sure, let's go to the zoo, I want to see a baby animal," Sora said.

Haruka nodded, "Good, let's finish the breakfast and we can go out after that.

Sora nodded and started to eat her breakfast.

Haruka had thought to make a maid cafe and he needed to buy a house. He needed to call his aunt to become his guarantee when he bought the house. He thought about his aunty and sighed. He was wondering whether someone would marry her. He only hoped that his aunt didn't notice that he was talking badly about her.

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