Sis-Con With Dimensional Chat Group

Chapter 16 Happy Birthday

Chapter 16: Happy Birthday

The girl went back to her apartment where her family stayed.

The apartment is old and dilapidated.

The girl took a deep breath and opened the door, "I'm home." She walked inside and no one replied to her greeting. She looked at the living room and saw both of her parents were fighting with each other.






The girl hurriedly ran back toward her room and put a blanket over her body. She didn't really want to go home but she didn't have anywhere to stay. She hoped to become a singer and get out of this place. She looked at the box of cake and opened it slowly. She looked around and found a candle. She placed the candle near the cake and lit it with fire.

The girl closed her eyes and started to pray. She had hoped to become a popular singer and got her own place to live. She opened her eyes and blew the candle, "Happy birthday."

Haru went back to his room and checked the group chat. He didn't find anything important and sent a photo of gorilla that he had taken earlier.

Haruka: "@Gintoki, if you meet a gorilla."

Gintoki: "Sigh, why there are a lot of gorillas in my world? I want a lot of beautiful girls in my world!!!"

Kuroneko: "@Haruka, hey, can you tell how can you do magic? I can't seem to do it."

Haruka: "Hmm, the concept of magic in the Fairy Tail is also quite ambiguous and it depends on feeling, maybe you should try to go to Yajima's world to try it."

Kuroneko: "@Haruka, can we go to another world?"

Haruka looked at the option on the chat group. He saw an option to go to another world, "1000 pts, huh?" He wasn't sure whether 1000 pts was only enough to go back to his own world. He didn't mind staying there for a while but he was sure his little sister would be worried when he had gone for a few days.

Haruka replied, "@Kuroneko, yeah, we can, you need 1000 pts to do that, but for the safety of preparing at least 2000 pts whether we need to pay or not when we want to come back to our original world."

Yajima: "Everyone is welcome to come to my place."

Tsunade: "Don't go to mine, it is very dangerous, there is a lot of bandit and ninja here."

Gintoki: "You guys can come to mine too."

Haruka: "Oh, I want to go to Yajima and watch the Grand Magic Games."

Gintoki: "That's interesting."

Tsunade: "Ugh, why do I have to become a Hokage?"

Yajima: "Hahaha, how about we make our own guild in my place? You guys should enter the game at that time."

Everyone was shocked with his offer but they thought for a while and shook their heads. They thought it was possible for Tsunade but it was different for Haruka, Kuroneko, and Gintoki. Kuroneko and Gintoki couldn't use magic. Haruka was only a beginner in magic and he needed to learn more before that.

Haruka: "@Yajima, that's an interesting proposal, maybe we need more members in our group chat."

Gintoki: "Hmm, new members, huh? I wonder what kind of person the new members are."

Kuroneko: "Can you invite someone to this group chat?"

Haruka thought for a while but he didn't find any option in the group chat. He replied on her, "Probably not for the time being, but I'm not sure in the future, maybe we can invite someone to enter the group."

Tsunade: "Hmm, I want to invite Suzune here."

Yajima: "Hmm, I don't have anyone right now that I want them to join the group maybe someone from the Fairy Tail but they are still on Tenrou Island."

Gintoki: "Ugh, Shinpachi is asking me for a salary, but I don't think I should let him enter this group."

Haruka: "@Gintoki, have you found Shinpachi?"

Gintoki: "I have helped him during his work on the restaurant, her big sister forced me to make him work in my place, that gorilla woman!! I will have my revenge somehow on her!"

Haruka: "@Gintoki, forget it, you will lose no matter what, her strength is at least Tsunade's level."

Tsunade: "Oh, that woman, yeah, that woman is very strong, just don't die, okay?"

Gintoki: "...."

Yajima: "@Gintoki, have you tried to learn magic? My flat magic is quite good for running away and hiding."

Haruka: "That's not solving the problem though, he needs to pay his rents and the salary of his employee first."

Yajima: "Ah, that's true."

Gintoki: "Guys, do you have enough to make fun of me?"

Haruka: "Not yet."

Yajima: "Not yet +1."

Tsunade: "Not yet +1."

Kuroneko: "Not yet +1."

Gintoki: "I - I will go out to drink first, I'm going out!!!"

They had a speechless expression on him.

Haruka: "Yajima-San, I'm planning to open a cafe, do you have some advice?"

Yajima: "Ah, really? What kind of cafe?"

Haruka: "Maid cafe."

Kuroneko: "Pervert."

Tsunade: "What is a Maid Cafe?"

Gintoki: "Hey, that's a good idea!!"

Yajima who looked at the group chat started to think about the idea of maid cafe. He knew the existence of maid was for the group of noble and rich people in his country. He knew that most people wouldn't get a chance to meet and hire them. He crossed his arms and replied, "That's a good idea, really, when you will make it?"

Haruka: "Maybe in a few months, I will buy a house and renovate it to become a cafe."

Yajima: "Then you should come to my world, I will teach you how to cook here, I'm sure your cafe will be booming."

Haruka nodded and replied, "Yeah, I will do that, but before that have you told anyone about the existence of this group chat? Also, tell me their reaction."

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