Sis-Con With Dimensional Chat Group

Chapter 17 Sword Training

Chapter 17: Sword Training

Yajia: "No, I think, it is better to keep the existence of this group by myself."

Gintoki: "Everyone will think, I'm crazy when I tell them about this group chat."

Kuroneko: "Me too, I think I will keep it by myself."

Tsunade: "....."

Tsunade: "I've told my apprentice."

Haruka: "Oh, really? How is her reaction?" He was a bit curious since he also wanted to tell the existence of this group chat to his little sister. He knew that there would be a quest or he would go to another world. He didn't want to lie to her and also wanted to invite her to this group chat.

Tsunade: "Well, she is a bit surprised, she can see my chat, she wants to join but it seems that there is no option to invite someone."

Yajima: "Hmm, that's interesting, maybe I should invite Makarov next year when he has gone out from Tenrou Island."

Kuroneko: "@Haruka, do you want to tell someone about this group chats?"

Haruka: "Yeah, I want to invite someone if possible."

Gintoki: "Really? Who is it?"

Haruka: "My little sister."

Yajima: "...."

Tsunade: "....."

Gintoki: "...."

Kuroneko: "Sis-Con!"

Haruka: "No way, there is only both of us in this world, I don't want her to be alone."

The four of them who read his reply nodded since both siblings were orphans and didn't have anyone to depend on and they could only depend on each other.

Yajima: "@Haruka, I will send you my recipe from my restaurant, maybe you can learn it."

Haruka: "@Yajima, thank you very much." He was very happy that he got such a nice elder in this chat group. He decided to leave the chat group since he wanted to check the housing to see whether he could search a better house. He browsed through the internet and found a good house. He was surprised that the price was very cheap. He became very doubtful and started to see why this house was very cheap.

Haru searched for a bit and sighed. He found out that this house was haunted. He found out before there was a robber who entered this house and killed three children inside. He thought for a bit and decided to see this house beforehand. He needed to see whether he could purify those ghosts with his magic or do something. He knew that he was very reckless but the house had such a big bargain 10 million yen for such a big house.

"Ghost, huh?" Haru looked at the ceiling and wondered whether the ghost really existed but when he thought about magic that he had learned the existence of ghost seemed quite normal to him. He knew that needed to practice his Light Magic to prepare himself. He concentrated and focussed himself to create a ball of light.

His room suddenly brightened with the appearance of this ball of light.

Haru looked at it curiously and touched it with his finger. He didn't feel anything and it couldn't be touched actually.

"Haru, what are you doing? Why is your room very bright?"

Haru hurriedly ended his magic and said, "Nothing."

"Eh, really?" Sora opened his door and looked curiously at him. She saw him sitting on the chair doing nothing there. She suddenly got embarrassed and said, "I - I have searched the information about maid cafe earlier."

"Really? What do you think?" Haru was interested in her opinion.

Sora blushed and thought this guy was really perverted. Did he ask him her opinion? Obviously, she was too embarrassed, she thought this guy wanted her to wear that maid outfit, though she didn't really mind it.

"It is okay, the outfit is really cute," Sora said to him. Even though she knew that the outfit was a bit embarrassing but she knew that it was very cute.

"That's true...." Haru thought for a bit and looked at his little sister. He imagined her little sister served him with a maid outfit only he shook his head hard. He slapped his cheek hard to calm himself.


"Hey! Why are you slapping yourself?" Sora asked with a worried expression.

"N - nothing, don't worry," Haru told her.

Sora was a bit suspicious but she didn't press him. She looked at him and asked, "Can we sleep together again tonight?"

"Why?" Haru asked.

"Nothing, I just want to sleep with you," Sora said.

"Sure, why not," Haru said, and added, "I will do my work out for hours, you should study or play a game."

"Can I watch you?" Sora asked.

"This isn't interesting," Haru said. He wanted to try the swordsmanship that he had gotten from Gintoki.

"It's okay, I'm going to bring a comic here," Sora said.

"Well, do whatever you want," Haru said.

"Good," Sora nodded and walked back to her room.

Haru took the wooden sword that he had gotten earlier. He took his phone and started to read the sword practice from Gintoki. He read it seriously and didn't notice that Sora had entered his room.

Sora looked at him reading something with serious expression from his phone. She was curious and asked, "What are you reading?"

"Hmm, it is swordsmanship training," Haru answered.

"Swordsmanship?" Sora looked at the wooden sword in his hand. She wasn't sure what kind of sword practice but she knew it would be interesting. She didn't bother him and laid on his bed while looking at him.

Haru nodded and understood that Gintoki this swordsmanship manual was a fart. He read it for a while and understood that Gintoki didn't even have a normal sword training rather Gintoki was fighting using mostly his instinct or similar to a beast. He sighed and started his sword training. Even though the swordsmanship manual was fart but Gintoki gave him an important basis for every swordsman. He started to swing his sword and targeted to do 1000 swings today.


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