Sis-Con With Dimensional Chat Group

Chapter 2 From Another World

Chapter 2: From Another World

Haru was very angry toward his nickname on the chat group and he wanted to change it until he saw another notification on his phone.

[Ding! 'QueenOfNightmare.' has joined the dimensional chat group!]

[Ding! 'Shirayasha' has joined the dimensional chat group!]

[Ding! 'MagicCouncilChef' has joined the dimensional chat group!]

[Ding! 'GamblerAddict!' has joined the dimensional chat group!]

The five notifications made him startled and weren't sure what to do since he didn't know them.

Haru looked at the four members beside him and frowned since he didn't know who they were and their name was quite strange. He was also quite perplexed when he became the group owner. He thought this was a group of gamers and comic nerds.

[Welcome to the Dimensional Chat Group! You can chat and share with everyone from another dimension. You can also buy anything or do anything through the points that will be given daily and quests that will be given randomly.]

Haru wasn't sure but he felt that it was quite similar to the 'Cultivation Chat Group' that he had read in the past but it was different since he was sure that they weren't a cultivator, 'Or maybe, it's just a game?' He was waiting for them to talk in the group chat to check which one was true.

GamblerAddict: "Is this some kind of Genjutsu? Or am I just drunk right now?"

Shiroyasha: "Probably drunk since I'm also the same."

MagicCouncilChef: "Is this the new 'Archive' magic? What do you want?"

QueenOfNightmare: "I'm the Queen of Darkness!!! Is this a new group that has called me?"

Haru wasn't sure how to respond to their chat. He was really considering that they were people from another dimension. He was reincarnated after all and everything was probably possible. From their conversation, he could tell that they were probably from a famous manga or anime in his past life, however, he didn't know their identity and intended to wait before he could conclude anything.

Shiroyasha: "What is this? Is this a group of eighth-grade syndrome? You guys should go to sleep right now since it has already passed the time for children to sleep."

QueenOfNightmare: "What! How dare you! I will curse you to death!"

Shiroyasha: "Really? You read too much Nurarihyon No Mago."

QueenOfNightmare: "It isn't Nurarihyon No Mago!! But a Maschera: Lament of a Fallen Beast!!"

Shiroyasha: "What kind of manga is that?"

Yajima frowned when he looked at the conversation in this group chat magic. He wasn't sure what kind of magic this 'Dimensional Chat Group' was and their purpose was to let him join this group chat. He had found this magic tool in the market and bought it because it was interesting and only felt cheated since it was broken. He wanted to give it back to the seller but he couldn't find him. He was looking at this magic tool until there was a notification from this group chat notification. He decided to join since he was curious.

"Are they talking about a comic?" Yajima thought. He felt weird since they were talking about comics and also curious who could cast this magic on this magic tool. He wanted to trace the magic but he couldn't find anything.

Even though he had retired, he had once become a member of the Ten Wizard Saints in the past. He was quite strong but he didn't find any clue. He decided to observe for a while and asked some questions in this group chat. He tried to press a lot of things until he saw a list of members of this group chat.

"Group owner?" Yajima saw a title in his name. He was curious and thought this person should know something about this group chat.

"But what is 'Sis-Con'?" Yajima didn't understand this name. He also looked at everyone and each of them had a very strange and special name.

'QueenOfNightmare.' and 'Shiroyasha', he thought these names were very domineering and thought they were quite powerful people.

'GamblerAddict?' Yajima scratched his head and thought this was a really terrible name. He decided not to overthink and started to ask the group owner. His life was quite dull since it had been six years since his friends had disappeared. He only knew that their guild had gone to the Tenrou Island for the S-Class Exam, only suddenly disappeared without a trace. He only hoped that his friend would be alright.

Yajima also thought to distract his mind with this 'Dimensional Chat System'.

MagicalCouncilChef: "Sis-Con, do you know anything about this 'Dimensional Chat Group'?"

QueenOfNightmare: "Sis-Con!! What kind of name is that!!"

Shiroyasha: "Do you like that forbidden relationship, huh? It is not like that I can't stop you but you need to see there are a lot of girls outside."

GamblingAddict: "Shut up!! You make my hurt dizzy!!"

QueenOfNightmare: "By the way, what kind of chat group is this?"

Haru twitched his lips and sighed. He thought for a while and started to write his reply.

Sis-Con: "You know I want to change this name actually (∩︵∩) ."

Tajima: "How can you make something like that!!" He was surprised at how he could use emoticons on the chat group.

QueenOfNightmare.: "Why are you surprised by that!!!"

Shiroyasha: "Anyway, @Sis-Con, what is this? Is this new technology from Amanto?"

Sis-Con: "Don't call me Sis-Con!! Sigh, I don't know for sure but can we change our name into our real name first? I need to confirm something before I conclude everything."

QueenOfNightmare: "Real name? Why do you need that?"

Sis-Con: "I want to check something, it is better for us to use a real name to do that."

MagicCouncilChef: "How do I change this name to my real name?"

Haruka ignored both 'Queen of Nightmare' and 'Shiroyasha' and focused on the 'Magic Council Chef'. He felt that he knew this 'Magic Council Chef' but first he changed his name to his original name to give them an example.

Haruka: "There is a profile option on the top of the screen, you should press that and change your name."

QueenOfNightmare: "Haruka? Are you a girl?"

Haruka: "No, I'm a man."

Shiroyasha: "You shouldn't judge someone by their name little missy."

QueenOfNightmare: "Hmph, you should look into the mirror before you said that to me!!"

Shiroyasha: "Mirror? Did you see my nose hair or something?"

QueenOfNightmare: "Disgusting!!"

Yajima looked at the profile option and changed his nickname into his real name. He thought these people didn't mean harm and he was quite surprised to hear that the group owner's name was 'Haruka'. He thought they were from the same village since he only heard this kind of name from his village. He changed his name and started to reply to him.

Yajima: "How is it? Do you know anything?"

Haru remembered who this person was and thought about the famous 'Fairy Tail' that he had seen in the past. He knew this person was one of the members of the Magic Council. He needed to ask him to check whether it was true or not.

Haruka: "Yajima, do you know Fairy Tail?"

Yajima: "Hmm? Of course, everyone knows about it, are you trying to make me angry?" He was sad since his friends from the 'Fairy Tail' had gone now someone asked him if he knew Fairy Tail? He really thought this person really tried to anger him.

Haruka: "No, you misunderstand me. I know this sounds a bit strange, but I'm from a different world from you and everyone in this group too. I know a bit about the future of your world, do you want to hear it?"

At that time, everyone in the group chat stopped their action and thought this person was drunk, though some of them believed in his words.

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