Sis-Con With Dimensional Chat Group

Chapter 3 Known

Chapter 3: Known

GamblingAddict: "..."

GamblingAddict: "I will sleep first, my head is really dizzy."

Shiroyasha: "I will do the same, I will sleep and you guys should too, it isn't good for children to sleep late at night."

Shiroyasha: "Don't forget to brush your teeth before sleep since a sweet will make a hole in your teeth."

Ruri ignored the chats of both 'Gambling Addict' and 'Shiroyasha'. She looked at the chat of 'Sis-Con' or 'Haruka', "Group chat with someone from another dimension?" She got excited when she thought about it.

"Yajima, hmm, let me check it," Ruri started to search Yajima on the browser while also adding a 'Fairy Tail' behind his name. She knew 'Fairy Tail' since it was quite a famous manga but she wasn't sure Yajima's identity since she thought this guy must be minor characters.

"T - this is..." Ruri was surprised to see that Yajima was a member of '10 Magical Council'. She looked at his ability and it had only a few abilities since he was an only a minor character in the 'Fairy Tail'. Though she knew he was still amazing since he could enter the '10 Magical Council' that meant his strength was really good.

QueenOfNightmare: "Are you really Yajima of the 10 Magical Council?"

Yajima: "Of course, why am I lying to you?"

QueenOfNightmare: "Can you give me your photo?"

Yajima: "Photo? Well, I don't really mind, but how can I send a photo?"

QueenOfNightmare: "There should be a button on the bottom right side, you can take your picture and share it here."

Yajima found the button in the surrounding scenery with his Lacrima phone. He was surprised to see his phone had this kind of option. He didn't know how to take selfies and asked his subordinates to take pictures of himself on the phone. He said thank you to his subordinates and sent this picture to the chat group.

[Ding! Yajima has sent a picture!]

Haruka and Ruri looked at the picture and were surprised to see this was really one of the characters from the Fairy Tail. He suddenly remembered that Yajima had said that Fairy Tail had gone and disappeared from the Tenrou Island. But he knew that the world would have a problem from both the Demon and the Alvarez Kingdom.

Haruka: "@Yajima, how long has Fairy Tail disappeared?"

Yajima: "It has been five years, you really don't know that? It is very famous!"

'Five years, huh?' Haruka thought for a bit and decided to reply: "Do you want me to send you about the future of your world?"

Yajima: "Can you?" He was skeptical but he wanted to know whether what he said was true or not.

Haruka: "@Yajima, wait for a bit, let me send you a 'Fairy Tail' manga in here."

Haruka opened his laptop and opened the CONNECT group in his laptop. He searched for an e-book file for 'Fairy Tail' and downloaded it. He had finished to download it and shared it on the group.

[Ding! Harusa has sent manga 'Fairy Tail'!]

QueenOfNightmare: "T - this? Is this photo real? Or is this is very good cosplay?" She was very startled when she looked at the photo that had been shared by Yajima. She had never seen someone had a similar feature to one of the characters in the manga that she had read.

Yajima: "This is my real face and is this 'Fairy Tail' manga? Why did you send us a manga? @Haruka."

Haruka: "In my world, you're one of the characters in the manga, @Yajima."

Yajima was shocked when he read this reply. He hurriedly downloaded the manga and started to read it.

"This is really Fairy Tail!" Yajima could see there was Natsu, Lucy, Gray, and Erza since they were the troublemaker of the Fairy Tail guild. His reading speed was very fast since he also had a Gale-Force Reading Glasses that made him could read a book in seconds. He only needed a half minute and he had finished reading all of the manga. He was shocked and couldn't utter any words. He didn't believe that he was a part of the manga but the truth was in front of him.

'Demon, Eclipse Gate, and the Alvarez Kingdom,' Yajima knew that three of them were the most important event that would happen in the future. He also clenched his fist when he knew there was someone who betrayed the magical council and he knew that person well.

Yajima felt thankful for the appearance of this 'Dimensional Chat Group' since it helped him to prevent the problem that would happen in the future. Even though he knew that they would win but he still wanted to limit the casualty. He also smiled when he thought it was Fairy Tail who solved all of those problems.

Yajima: "@Haruka, thank you very much for sharing this important information with me."

Haruka: "@Yajima, you don't need to worry too much, I thought that we should help each other since we don't really know much about this 'Dimensional Chat Group'. We need to know the purpose of this chat group and whether this group has other functions besides chatting and sharing some information."

Yajima: "@Haruka, that's true, by the way, Haruka, what is your full name? Maybe I can help you to search for your information in my world to know whether there is a comic or any movie with you as the character?" He wanted to help him since he thought that it was possible for his world to be as dangerous as him.

Haruka felt a cold sweat when Yajima asked his full name but he thought for a bit that it was impossible for the 'Yosuga no Sora' to appear in the Fairy Tail.

Haruka: "My full name is Haruka Kasugano, maybe you can help me to search for some information about me." He decided to hide his real identity as reincarnation people.

Yajima: "@Haruka, good, I will try to ask someone whether there is someone with your name in some book, also this is maybe not much, but I will send you a magic introduction to help you somehow."

[Ding! Yajima has sent a magic introduction!]

[Ding! Yajima has sent a magic power introduction!]

[Ding! Yajima has sent a light magic introduction!]

[Ding! Yajima has sent a flat magic introduction!]

Yajima: "This is not much, this will help you somehow."

Haruka had never thought that he would receive knowledge about magic from this chat group.

Haruka: "@Yajima, thank you very much, but my world is very peaceful and there isn't any monster or magic in this world, but I'm very grateful for you to share your knowledge with us."

Yajima had a good impression of this young man, "@Haruka, maybe the existence of this group is to help each other since we come from a different dimension."

Haruka started to think the same and it was possible to help each other but he was just a normal human. He couldn't help them with only this mortal body.

"Haru, I'm hungry, it is time for dinner!!!"

Haruka looked at the time and it was quite late, "I have to leave first since my little sister calls me."

Yajima: "Sure, this old man is also thinking of taking a rest now."

Haruka closed the CONNECT apps and came out of his room since he was also hungry.

Ruri looked at the full name of Haruka, "Haruka Kasugano?" She felt this name was quite familiar and she had seen it in the past but she wasn't sure where it was. She was also quite happy when she looked at the magical knowledge that Yajima had shared to everyone. But she was very curious about Haruka and decided to open the browser and search for his name.

"Hmmm, this is!!" Ruri shouted when she found out who he was.

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