Sis-Con With Dimensional Chat Group

Chapter 20 Ghost

Chapter 20: Ghost

Tsunade didn't really believe in the existence of ghosts. She knew that ghost was probably ninjutsu or illusion or something in her world. She had heard a lot of people were talking about it but she had never seen it. She looked at his streaming curiously.

"Tsunade-Sama, what are you watching?" Shizune asked. She was holding Tonton on her hands while looking curiously at the strange device on her teacher's hand. She knew that her teacher had gotten this device when she had won a gamble before. She also knew the existence of the mysterious group chat. She also wanted to join but her teacher told her there wasn't a way for someone to enter the group.

Tsunade had told her to be patient and Shizune only nodded. Suzune looked at the screen and saw a very handsome young man, "Wow, he is very handsome."

Tsunade nodded, "Yes, he is." She had to admit that Haruka was handsome in the video.

"What is he doing?" Shizune was curious.

Tsunade told her that the young man wanted to buy a house but the house was haunted. He asked everyone in the group whether they had a way to help him.

Shizune was amazed, "G - ghost!!"

"Shhh, as he enters the second floor, I think the real thing is in here," Tsunade said.

Shizune and Tonton nodded and watched the streaming quietly.

Haru entered the second floor and he was greeted by this voice again this time it was louder.


"GET OUT!!!"



*boom boom

Haru heard children screaming and someone smacked the door from the door, "I have heard that three children have died before because of robbers accident, I think that is the cause of this haunted house." He walked slowly toward the door and wanted to open it. He ignored both Gintoki and Kuroneko who tried to stop him.

Gintoki: "Stop! Stop! Don't open the door!"

Kuroneko: "No! That place is full of evil spirit! Don't open it!"

Haru looked at the chat and found new magic that Yajima had sent him, "Legend of City?"

Yajima: "@Haruka, you should read that magic book for a while before you enter that room."

Gintoki: "Yeah, @Yajima is right! Read a mantra, chant, or something before you enter that room!"

Kuroneko: "Ugh!! Are you not afraid of being cursed???"

Haru opened the book and read it for a while. He understood the concept of this magic but he couldn't use it right away since he didn't have that much of time. He felt that the ghost wanted to open the door. He snorted at the ghost, 'Do you think I'm scared?' He opened the door directly and he saw it the thing that kept screaming, smacking, and scratching in this house. He saw a three black shadow in front of him which looked very scary. He looked at his phone and saw the face of three children with a scared expression.




Haru saw the ghosts crying in blood and had a scared expression on their face. He wasn't sure whether it was working but he decided to use the Light Magic.

Light is very sacred and it has always the weakness of something evil.

Haru created a ball of light and unleashed it toward them. His ball of light had the size of a soccer ball and it moved quite fast toward those ghosts. He knew that those ghosts weren't mean of harm, rather they were scared. He knew those ghosts were coming from the three children who were killed in the robber's accident in the past. He was very angry when he thought about those robbers who killed those innocent children but he couldn't do anything since it was happening in the past.

Haru wanted to make those ghosts go to heaven only he failed but he saw their appearance was changing. He saw three children there looking very scared and hugging each other.

"Nee-Chan, please help us!!"

"Please, don't hurt us!!"


Haru could only put on a very warm smile and said, "Don't worry, I won't hurt you."


"Older brother, are you really not going to hurt us?"

Haru nodded and said, "Of course, I won't." He was wondering whether he could pat their heads. He walked toward them and patted their heads. He also covered his hand in warm light maybe this could make them calm.

The three children seemed very calm when they said the elder brother in front of them was very kind and they really liked when he patted them.

"Older Brother, can I ask you a request?"

Haru nodded, "Of course, you can tell me." He had decided to buy this house since he had tamed the existence of a ghost in this house.

"Can you help our older sister?"

"Yes, please, help our older sister, older brother!"

"Our older sister is very scared right now, please help her!"

Haru was surprised that they had an older sister. He wasn't sure who was their older sister and he decided to ask, "Who is the name of your older sister?"

"Her name is Yuri Nakamura."

"Please find her older brother!"

Haru thought for a while and he knew it was very easy to search for her on the internet. He nodded at the children and said, "I will find her, don't worry, do you want some snack? I will buy it for you." He knew that they were children and even though they had died they still retained their personality. He knew no children dislike a snack.

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