Sis-Con With Dimensional Chat Group

Chapter 19 Streaming

Chapter 19: Streaming

Haru went to the first floor and took out his phone. He opened the chat group and wrote, "Do any of you know how to handle a ghost?" He didn't need to wait too long and every one replied to him very fast.

Gintoki: "G - ghost!! Ghosts are non-existent! There is no way a ghost would have existed!!"

Kuroneko: "Y - yeah, I agree with @Gintoki!!!"

Tsunade: "Hmm, I'm not that knowledgable about a ghost or I haven't met a ghost in my entire life, is ghost really exist?"

Yajima: "Can you tell me how can you meet a ghost?"

Haru started to tell them that he wanted to buy a house since the house was very cheap. He told them that he checked the house today and he found out the house was haunted. He wanted to know whether it was haunted and entered it. He told them that he heard a lot of strange voices coming from the first floor, the sound of someone scratching the door, and a child screaming for help. He told them his experiences that happened when he entered this house for the first time.

Kuroneko and Gintoki were really scared when they heard his story. They didn't expect this guy would be brave enough to buy a haunted house.

Tsunade: "@Haruka, is that really happening? You're not making this up right?"

Haru hurriedly replied, "@Tsunade, of course not, do you want me to open streaming for you guys?"

Tsunade: "Streaming? What is that?"

Haru replied to her, "@Tsunade, hmmm, in a simple way, I can make a live video and you can see it directly from your group chat."

Tsunade: "@Haruka, interesting, open it, open the streaming feature."

Haru thought for a bit and nodded. He had seen the streaming feature before but he didn't think that it was quite useful since he would only see a video. But he didn't expect that he would use it this way.

Gintoki: "Eh? You don't need to do that! We believe you!!"

Kuroneko: "Yes, yes, you don't need to prove it! We believe in you!"

Haru ignored those two and opened the streaming. He pointed his camera phone toward the house.

Tsunade: "Is this the house? This house looks quite good."

Gintoki and Kuroneko had to admit that the house was very good in their eyes. But they shook their heads when they heard that this house was haunted.

Haru entered the house again and did what he had done before. He went to every part on the first floor.

Gintoki and Kuroneko were scared but they couldn't close their phones.

Ruri was looking at the phone with a nervous expression.

"Nee-Chan, what are you looking at?"

"A haunted house's exploration, my friend doing it in real time," Ruri answered.

"Eh? Haunted house? Are you not scared, Nee-Chan?"

"No way, I'm the Queen of Darkness, there is no way, I will be scared by this," Ruri proudly said, but she was shivering.

Her little sister had sweatdropped looking at her big sister. She sighed and said, "I will watch with you too, Nee-Chan."

"N - no, this is very scary, you don't need to force yourself," Ruri said.

"No, I'm also curious Nee-Chan."

Ruri couldn't stop her little sister and both sisters were watching the haunted house's exploration.

Gintoki was really scared looking at the screen of the phone and wanted to close the group chat but he was worried about him also he was also curious at the same time. He wasn't sure whether the ghost existed but he was really scared and excited to know the truth.

"Eh? Gin-San, what are you looking at your phone?"

Gintoki didn't look at him and said, "I'm watching an a.d.u.l.t video." He wanted to tempt him to watch the video with him but he didn't want him to know that he was scared. He decided to bait him with an a.d.u.l.t video since he was sure such a v.i.r.g.i.n boy would be interested in this video.

"E - eh?" Shinpachi blushed and shouted, "Gin-San, I can't believe you! How can you watch something like that!"

"Calm down, Patsuan, do you want to watch the video with me?" Gintoki asked.

Shinpachi was tempted but he shook his head, "No, I will report this to Otae-San!"

"Patsuan, wait! This will be a secret between the two of us! I won't tell your older sister too! I have this video from my friend! He said that the video is very unforgettable! You won't get any chance to watch this video again if you report it to your big sister and Otae!" Gintoki tried to tempt him again.

Shinpachi gritted his teeth since he also wanted to watch it. He was a healthy teenager and he was curious about p.o.r.n.

"Oh, it is almost the climax! Hurry up, Patsuan!" Gintoki shouted.

Shinpachi ran very fast toward him to watch the video together.

Gintoki smiled inwardly but he was really scared right now since he heard the voice from the ghost. He couldn't move and hoped Shinpachi would help him to go to the toilet tonight.

Yajima went to his library to find magic for a supernatural thing since he heard that there was a ghost in his house. He knew that there was a magic that could manipulate ghost, he had given him a Light Magic and it was very suitable to purify a ghost but he knew that the boy only a newbie and only learned it for few days.

Yajima looked around and found it the magic that could collect a ghost, "I will send it to him right now." He scanned the book with the apps, he had found this scan feature that helped to share something more quickly than before.

[Ding! Yajima has sent a magic book of Legend of City!]

Yajima hurriedly opened the streaming and saw him entering the second floor. He could also see something strange inside that house.

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