Sis-Con With Dimensional Chat Group

Chapter 26 Meeting Her

Chapter 26: Meeting Her

The next day, he had gone to the middle school to visit the older sister of those ghosts. He went to that school around the time everyone came out of school. He was glad that he had told about his magic to Sora and she didn't make too much of big fuss about it.

Sora also didn't have that much interest in magic and only wanted to see him when he practiced his magic. Thought he still hadn't talked about the existence of the group chat. He could tell her later since he had something important thing to do now.

He stopped a female student and asked, "Hello, can you I ask you something?"

"Y - yes!! Please ask me anything!" The female student was quite happy when this handsome guy suddenly asked her something.

Haru chuckled and asked, "Do you know Yuri Nakamura?" He hoped that she knew about this girl.

The female student was a bit dazed when she saw him chuckled and nodded at him, "Yes, I know her, do you need something from her?" She asked curiously.

Haru nodded, "Can I trouble you to ask her to meet me?"

The female student nodded, "Sure, do you know her?"

Haru nodded, "Yes, she is an acquaintance of my friend, my friend left me a message for her." He didn't lie since those children had become his friend in a few days. He really liked them but he knew that he couldn't let them stay in that house. He needed to make them didn't have any lingering feeling from this world. He wanted to send them to heaven since it pained him to see them calling their older sister every day.

The female student nodded them, "Sure, let me call her for a bit, please wait."

"Thank you," Haru said to her.

The female student ran to call Yuri Nakamura.

Haru was waiting while leaning back on the wall. He knew that he had become a center of attention since he didn't wear their uniform. He didn't really care about the male and sometimes smiled at the female student. He didn't wait that long until he saw a girl in the kendo outfit walked toward him. He straightened his back and introduced himself, "Hello, my name is Kasugano Haruka." He looked at this girl and had to admit that she was quite a beauty.

She has with magenta-purple colored hair and sea-green eyes.

Yuri was a bit curious since a female student had come to her and said that there was someone who wanted to meet her. She was also a bit nervous since she saw him quite handsome and he was her type.

"Hello, are you Yuri Nakamura?" Haru asked.

Yuri nodded, "Yes, I'm, do you need something from me? Also, who are you?" She thought this guy was trying to pick her up since she was beautiful.

"My name is Kasugano Haruka, do you have time after this?" Haru asked directly.

Yuri thought for a bit and said, "Can you wait for a while? I need to finish my extracurricular."

Haru nodded, "Sure, I will be waiting for you in that coffee shop, do you mind it?" He was happy that she accepted his invitation

Yuri shook her head, "Yeah, please wait for me there."

Both of them were talking for a while and separated to each other.

Haru went to the coffee shop to wait for her.

Yuri was blushing and thought that guy was really trying to pick her up. She was at the age where she was curious about love and she went to the dojo to finish her matter as soon as possible.

Haru was waiting in the coffee shop while thinking that the coffee that he had a drink right now was quite bad. He had heard there was a special school for cooking in this town. He didn't really have that much interest to become a chef but he was also curious at the same time since he would open a cafe in the future.

Haru was waiting for a while and he saw her coming to the cafe. He waved his hand toward her, "Nakamura-San!!"

Yuri turned her head and saw him. She nodded and walked toward him.

"Do you want to order something?" Haru asked.

Yuri nodded, "Sure, I want a mochaccino."

Haru nodded and talked to the waitress to give her a mochaccino. He was curious and asked, "Do you have an extracurricular?"

Yuri nodded, "I have played kendo.

"Really? I have also had an interest in kendo," Haru didn't lie since he had experience from Gintoki. He was glad that he had learned it and it could become part of their conversation.

Yuri was also surprised that he had also interested in kendo.

Both of them were talking to each other and he felt that both of them had become quite familiar to each other. He decided to give a shoot and asked her.

"Can you come with me?" Haru asked.

"Where?" Yuri asked.

Haru wasn't sure how to explain that he wanted her to come to the house where her siblings were killed. He knew that he was very cruel to make her remembered something that she didn't want but he knew that he needed to do this for her and her siblings.

"There is someone that wants to meet you, can you come with me?" Haru said.

"Who?" Yuri asked curiously.

"They're someone important for you," Haru said.

"Someone important from me?" Yuri became confused.

"I know it is a bit confusing, but please believe in me," Haru said.

Yuri felt it was a bit strange but she decided to follow him. She had a good impression of him and she also brought her sword with her. She thought for a while and said, "Good, but I can't stay too long."

Haru nodded, "Sure." He was glad that he succeeded to bring her.

Yuri was walking with him while talking to each other. In her honest opinion, she thought that it was very nice to talk to him. He could make him laugh and they had a similar hobby. She was curious where he would bring her until she saw a familiar road and her expression became ugly but she didn't stop and kept following him, even though she didn't talk with him again.

"We have arrived," Haru said.

Yuri looked at him with anger, "Why do you bring me here!!"

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