Sis-Con With Dimensional Chat Group

Chapter 27 Regret

Chapter 27: Regret

Yuri wasn't sure what he wanted to bring her to this place. She couldn't help but remember the thing that had happened in the past where her siblings were killed. She still remembered their faces and their bodies laying on the ground because of those robbers.

"I know that you're upset but please this time, for this time only, please believe in me," Haru said. He knew that it was very hard for her but he hoped that she would follow him. He knew that he had asked too much for her but he wanted them to be freed from the earth and went to heaven. He also wanted to help Yuri since this girl was obviously blamed herself for what was happening to her siblings.

"Believe in you? You bring me to this place know perfectly what is happening to me, aren't you very cruel?" Yuri asked with tears. She couldn't help since she started to remember her sibling. She turned her body and ran only her hand was caught by him.

"Let go of me!!" Yuri shouted.

"No," Haru shook his head.

"Let go of me or else I will call the police!" Yuri shouted.

"No, I won't let go of you, I know that I'm very cruel to you but I wish you to believe in me, please give me a chance," Haru said with a desperate tone.

Yuri stopped and looked at him with teary eyes, "What do you want?" She looked at him and wasn't sure what he wanted her to do coming to this place.

"I just want you to meet with someone," Haru said.

Yuri didn't say anything for a while and said, "Who?"

"I'm sure you won't believe me when I explain it to you, please enter the house with me, you will see them," Haru answered.

Yuri felt her judgment was in a mess and she didn't know what to do right now. She didn't want to enter her house but at the same time, she also wanted to know what made him very desperate to call her to this place.

'Them?' Yuri was confused.

"I can do anything for you, that's why, please meet them," Haru said.

Yuri knew that he was very sincere and didn't lie from his eyes. She was in a dilemma until someone tapped her shoulder, "Hmm?"

"Girl, your boyfriend is sincere enough, you should forgive him."

Yuri and Haru looked at this random middle-aged woman who suddenly said something strange to them.

Yuri blushed and said, "He is not my boyfriend!!"

"Alright, alright, you're fighting to each other right, boy, I don't know what kind of mistakes you have made, but you won't hurt her right?" The middle age woman asked.

"I won't," Haru nodded with a serious expression.

The middle-aged woman nodded, "From my experience, he won't cheat you anymore, you're the only one for him, be happy now." She said cool words and left them while waving her hand.

"What was that about?" Haru was confused and didn't understand.

Yuri was also confused and looked at him, "This is only once."

Haru nodded, "I know, you won't regret it."

Yuri couldn't back down anymore and entered her past house. She suddenly heard their scream during the robbers and their pleading on her. She almost fell down but she was caught by her.

"I'm sorry, I know it is hard for you, but please bear it for a while," Haru said while holding her.

Yuri didn't say anything while sobbing. She didn't know what he wanted to do but she felt it was something important for her.

Haru also gritted his teeth and walked to the second floor while holding her. Both of them walked very slowly and they had arrived in front of the door.

Haru didn't say anything and opened the door. He wanted her to see them as soon as possible.

"Eh?" Yuri was surprised when she saw it. She didn't expect to see them after a few years.


"Nee-Chan, you're here."


Three of them were very happy when they saw her. Even though she had grown up, those three siblings noticed her right away.

Yuri couldn't say anything while crying when she saw them. She walked toward them and tried to hug her only it passed through. She couldn't touch them but she could feel them and saw them.

"Nee-Chan, you've become big."

"I'm happy to see you, Nee-Chan."

"Nee-Chan, we love you."

"I'm sorry, I'm s-," Her voice was choked and her eyes were red.

"Nee-Chan, please live happily now."

"We're glad that you're alive."

"Nee-Chan, please don't blame yourself."

The three ghosts smiled together and a white light suddenly enveloped them. They disappeared without leaving any regret.

Yuri had still remembered the thing that happened in the past. She had still questioned God why God let her siblings die? Why God let someone without sin to die in the hands of those She didn't know about it but she was glad that she could meet them for the last time.

Haru didn't say anything and went out to let her calm down. He felt that he needed a cigarette since the thing that happened today was too much for him. But at the same time, he was glad that he could help them. He took his phone and wrote on the chat group, "I'm succeeded."

He felt a burden on his chest had been lifted. He looked at the sky and wondered whether he could see his parents too. He shook his head and thought to let them go. His experience was different from her and he only hoped that his parents would be in heaven now happily living in their next life.

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