Sis-Con With Dimensional Chat Group

Chapter 6 Daily Points

Chapter 6: Daily Points

Tsunade changed her name to her real name since it was quite a strange name for someone to call her 'GambleAddict'.

Gintoki: "@Haruka, do you think this is that famous Tsunade?"

Haruka: "@Gintoki, probably, since I have never seen someone with that name other than her."

Yajima: "Is she that famous?"

Gintoki: "Of course, she is very famous in Naruto!!"

Haruka: "Yeah, she is also a Hokage."

Yajima: "Hokage?"

Gintoki: "It means the leader of her country, she is the president of that country."

Yajima: "Wow, that's amazing."

Tsunade frowned when she saw them saying that she had become a Hokage, 'Hokage? No way in fart!!!' She shook her head hard when she thought that she would become a Hokage. She didn't even stay in the Konoha and how she could become a Hokage.

[Ding! Gintoki has sent manga 'Naruto'!]

Gintoki: "@Tsunade, you don't need to thank me."

Tsunade frowned since it had a different title than she had imagined. She thought that she should be the main character but it didn't seem so. She pressed the file of this manga and she became surprised.

"T - this??" Tsunade looked at the scene where Nine-Tails attacked her country a few years ago. She saw them both Minato and Kushina protected and sealed the Nine-Tails away inside the body of a baby. She was in tears when she saw this scene and it continued with the life of the baby through until he graduated into the ninja school.

"Naruto, huh?" Tsunade kept reading the manga while ignoring 'Gintoki'.

Haruka: "@Gintoki, I think she is still reading the manga."

Gintoki: "That's true, I think it is just too shocking for her."

Haruka: "@Gintoki, do you have a JUMP there?"

Gintoki: "Of course, Jump is the sign that I am still a young boy."

Haruka wanted to spit on him calling himself a young boy, "@Gintoki, have both Kagura and Shinpachi work in your place?"

Gintoki: "@Haruka, not yet, probably next year, I'm still thinking about how to give them a salary and pay my rent now."

Haruka: "Don't you have money from where you're working?"

Gintoki: "@Haruka, I use most of them on a gamble."

Yajima: "@Gintoki, you should stop gambling you know, your life is different from Tsunade, you're not the granddaughter of the first Hokage, you should open a restaurant or something, I can teach you how to cook." He had seen the 'Naruto' and his opinion this world was quite hard to live since there was a lot of wars in that world. He felt his country was better since they still lived peacefully on the surface, even though they were a lot of people who made a conspiracy to make trouble in this world.

Yajima shook his head and thought that most world had some strength and weakness by itself. Even Haruka who had the most peaceful world also had his own problem in life.

Gintoki: "Ugh, I don't really want to open a restaurant."

Haruka: "You can eat sweets most of the day when you open the restaurant."

Gintoki who looked at the screen became shocked when he knew that he could eat a lot of sweets. He was tempted until he shook his head, "N - no, I won't do it, I will continue this Yorozuya!!"

Yajima: "Well, I won't force you, but any of you know the function of points?"

'Points?' Haruka looked at the top of the right side where he could see his points, '0 pts, huh?' He remembered that he could get by points daily and did a quest.

Gintoki: "Do you know anything about this old man?"

Yajima: "Probably, it will help us in the future, maybe we can use it to travel to another world, for example, I can teleport to your world @Gintoki. Also, I have used my daily points and got 29 pts, it seems, my luck isn't that good."

'Travel to another world?' Haruka shook his head and thought he didn't really care whether he could travel to another world or not since he didn't have any plans to visit them. He had a little sister and he couldn't leave her alone since he was her only family.

Haruka looked at the daily sign and understood that he needed to do a lottery to get points from the chat group. He could get 1 - 100 pts based on his luck in this lottery. He started to play it and waited for a while until he got the notification that he had got 92 pts.

Gintoki: "I got 55 pts from the lottery, it seemed my luck was quite good, how about you @Haruka?"

Haruka: "Quite good, 92 pts."

Yajima: "...."

Gintoki: "...."

Gintoki: "Okay, it seems, he doesn't only have luck with a woman but a chat group too."

Haruka: "You say that but you also have your own girlfriends, you know."

Gintoki: "Girlfriends? Where is it? I can only see a granny here!!" He replied with a chat and shuddered when he thought a lot of weird girls would follow him.

'But they're not bad,' Gintoki thought until someone suddenly opened the door of his house.

"Pay your rents, bastard!!!!"

"I'm sorry!! Let me pay for it next month!!!!" Gintoki thought that he should really think about how to pay his room's rent.

Haruka and Yajima didn't know what was happening to him.

Yajima: "@Haruka, have you tried to learn magic?"

Haruka: "@Yajima, not yet, I'm quite tired earlier, the shock from this chat was too much for me."

Yajima: "That's true, let me know whether you can learn or not since we have a different world, but I'm quite interested in the Chakra that is in Tsunade's world, it has the same concept as the magic power in our world but at the same time it is different."

Haruka thought that both magical energy and chakra came from the body of the user. He should really try it tonight whether he could use magic or not.

Haruka: "@Yajima, I will try it tonight whether I can learn it or not."

Yajima who was looking at the screen suddenly thought about this young man even though his life was full of girls but he had lost his parents and there were only both him and his little sister there. He started to get teary and thought about how to help him since he didn't have grandchildren in here.


Haruka looked at her little sister and smiled, "Let's eat breakfast, I have prepared it for you."

Sora smiled and sat down on the dining table.

"Do you have a plan for today?" Haruka asked.

"Probably, I will only study, thanks to someone who broke his promise," Sora said while looking at him.

Haruka rubbed his nose, "I said, I'm sorry didn't I? I will bring you out tomorrow, please be patient." He said while taking care of her hair.

Sora didn't stop him and smiled inwardly. She continued to eat while humming happily.

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