Sis-Con With Dimensional Chat Group

Chapter 5 GamblingAddict

Chapter 5: GamblingAddict

Haruka woke up quite early and saw his little sister was still sleeping while using his arm as a pillow. He caressed her head for a bit and moved slowly so she wouldn't get up from her sleep. He did his work out routine and went to have a bath early.

Haruka thought about making a simple breakfast since he wanted to check out the 'Dimensional Chat Group'. He didn't check it before and was wondering whether they had found something or not in this chat. He had finished preparing the breakfast and only needed to wait for Sora to wake up. He opened the group chat and was surprised to see there was a lot of notification.

"What is happening?" Haruka opened the chat and saw a lot of curses toward him.

Gintoki: "@Haruka, bastard come out, I will have you feel the feeling of a single dog that you have hurt!!"

Haruka was surprised to know that his identity was Gintoki who was the main character of 'Gintama'. He was curious why this guy was mad at him.

Haruka: "Why did you get mad at me? @Gintoki."

Gintoki: "@Haruka, you're really my hero, please make me your disciple teacher!!!"

Haruka frowned and looked at his earlier chat that was very different, "Why do you want me to become your teacher? @Gintoki."

Gintoki: "@Haruka, Boss, don't deceive us!! I have seen your deeds from @QueenOfNightmare."

Haruka: "????" He was confused until he saw a notice that 'QueenOfNightmare' had sent something to the group.

[Ding! QueenOfNightmare has sent the anime 'Yosuga no Sora'!]

Haruka was shocked beyond believed and started to look at the anime whether it was real anime or not. He was quite amazed at the speed of both download and upload of this Dimensional Chat Group and wondering whether he could send something other than data in the group chat. He opened the anime and watched the first episode for a few minutes and closed it. He closed his face with both of his hands.

'This shouldn't ever be shown to Sora,' Haruka thought. He looked at the group chat and decided to play dumb at this thing.

Haruka: "I - is this me?"

Gintoki: "@Haruka, Boss, you're very fierce, have you done those things?"

Haruka: "No way, I still haven't entered high school, the guy in the anime is in high school."

Gintoki: "Fiuh, it seems we can avoid the disaster."

Yajima: "@Haruka, this old man doesn't really care about your relationship but you shouldn't cheat on woman, okay?" He was actually tried to search for information about him and wondering who he was but 'QueenOfNightmare' had found his identity. He didn't try to reprimand him since there were a lot of things too in Fiore. He couldn't reprimand him when he had done the deeds but he sighed in relief when he hadn't done it especially the i.n.c.e.s.t.

Yajima also didn't expect that to see such a peaceful world that without any monster or dark guild in there. He hoped that he could try to go there to see that peaceful world.

Haruka felt that he had been violated when his life had been known by everyone. Yajima was different since he was only a minor character but he was the main character and he was the protagonist of harem anime.

Haruka: Enough about me! What about you @Gintoki? Do you know about yourself?"

Gintoki: "Of course, @QueenOfNightmare has sent a manga about me, luckily, it isn't over yet and I still have a chance to have straight hair."

Haruka wanted to tell him that he would have perm hair until the end of his manga but he decided not to tell him, "Do any of you know the identity of @QueenOfNightmare?"

Yajima: "No, I don't know."

Gintoki: "Hmm, I have only heard that she used to be called Kuroneko (Black Cat)."

Haruka: "Black cat? It seems I have heard it somehow." He wasn't sure yet but somehow he had the idea.

GamblingAddict: "Is this group real? Is this group really connected to everyone from the other dimension?"

This woman wears a grass-green haori with the kanji for "gamble" on the back, inside a red circle. Underneath, she wore a grey, kimono-style blouse with no sleeves, held closed by a broad, dark bluish-grey obi that matched her pants. Her blouse was closed quite low, revealing her sizeable cleavage. She wore open-toed and strappy black sandals with high heels. She has red nail polish on both her fingernails and toenails and uses a soft pink lipstick.

She was quite surprised at the appearance of this group, especially when she looked at the things that they had shared with each other. She had won a strange device when she won for the first time in gambling. She thought it was garbage but decided to keep it since it was rare for her to win something. But she was still frustrated since she lost a lot of money to win this garbage.

At night, when she was drunk she looked at this device and kept blinking and made him dizzy since she was drunk. She decided to throw it away and slept right away, only in the morning she was curious and decided to open it. She was very surprised to see the manga that had been shared and magic.

She was too lazy to practice magic and looked at the manga and anime that had been shared. She looked at 'Fairy Tail', 'Gintama' and 'Yosuga no Sora'.

Fairy Tail is the world of magic, Gintama is the world of samurai, but the last anime had given her some complex emotion.

She decided not to think too much since there was a lot of i.n.c.e.s.t in her world but she had to admit that the boy was quite cute.

'Future? Magic?' She thought about it and she also wanted to know about her future.

Yajima: "@GamblingAddict, you have finally joined our chat."

Gintoki: "@GamblingAddict, are you good at gambling? How about you go to my town and let both of us conquer the gambling business in Kabukichou!!!"

Haruka: @GamblingAddict, what is your real name?"

The woman ignored Gintoki and answered his question, "My name is Tsunade, do any of you know my future?"

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