Slave Harem in the Labyrinth of the Other World

008 – Farming in the afternoon

Farming in the afternoon.

When I kill demons, my experience points go up.

Earning experience from hunting demons is the best way to raise my level.

My bonus points have increased by 1 for some reason, maybe because my level increased.

I have a feeling my bonus points increased when I hit Lv2 also.

It will be a great system if my bonus points increase every time I gain a level.

I wonder how people without the character reset skill use them.

It would be a hard decision.

Something you are stuck with for life.

That would be truly cruel.

Anyway, I’ve worked out how to raise my level.

The next problem is how to increase my jobs.

I have the Villager job from the beginning.

The thief job I picked up somehow.

Hero might be because I protected the village from a thief.

The other jobs I’ve seen currently are village chief, merchant & farmer.

I’m not sure how I can become a village chief, maybe if I do the things a village chief does.

Or maybe only NPC’s can become one.

Maybe if you do a good job you replace the existing village chief.

I can possibly ask the merchant how to become a merchant.

But what about a farmer?

Now that I think about it, I got the thief job when I stole the sandals.

Maybe farmer is the same as thief? I just have to do some work on a farm to get it.


Maybe I can do it in the village?

I put away the durandal & return to the village.

I was thinking maybe I should try using my copper sword, and maybe putting up to 5 points into weapons.

However, if I don’t kill stuff in one strike I might get attacked.

The HP absorption of the durandal is necessary to recover.

Maybe the right idea is to alternate swords?

The copper sword is hanging at my waist, my right hand has the five rabbit furs, and I have the rabbit meat in my left hand.

The rabbit fur is quite small. How many will I need if I want to make a fur coat?

Maybe 100-200 pieces, or more.

They probably don’t sell well.

Well, it’s a demon that even a beginner can hunt if they have a durandal.

Ah, Mr durandal.

I enter the back of the village from the forest, and return to the village chief’s house.

“Please use this with dinner.”

I give the village chief the rabbit meat.

“I can have this?”

“Yes, I thought it might help with dinner.”

“Certainly. This…. is rabbit meat!”

The village chief was surprised.

Even though he was the one who told me about rabbit meat dropping.

“It dropped by chance.”

“You need to kill around ten slow rabbits to get rabbit meat.”


So the drop rate is 10%?

“Michio, the gods must love you if this dropped on your first try.”

“No, I didn’t get it from the first one.”

I lift my right hand.

“No way……”

The village chief swallows his saliva.

Why is he surprised?

He told me it would be an easy victory.

“You said it isn’t a strong demon.”

“I knew you could defeat it, but this many when only half a day has passed…”

“That’s really quick?”

The sun is still high in the sky, there is plenty of time before sunset.

“Many villagers are needed to fight a slow rabbit, and it’s a long fight before they can finally defeat it.”

“I see.”

I did have a hard time while using the copper sword.

But the durandal killed it in a single blow.

“It even takes a long while to recover physical strength after fighting one. Treatment is also needed if there are wounded. They are not normally hunted in succession.”


If they are using copper swords, they will probably be hit by the jump attack. Is the recovery of physical strength even necessary after receiving attacks?

For me, the HP absorption of durandal also recovers physical strength.

“You’re too strong Michio! People who can kill slow rabbits on their own in such a short time don’t normally come to this village.”

“Is that so?”

The villagers may think I am amazing.

That’s fine.

I don’t feel bad if they think I am strong.

“If you can, please sell the furs to the merchant. We sew them up in this village, even though we can’t hunt many.”

“Ok, I’ll do that.”

Since the slow rabbit lives near here, it might be a specialty of this village.

I wonder if I’d get more selling it elsewhere?

“Thanks, the merchants house is three houses along.”

“Ok, I’ll head over there.”

“Wait a minute.”

When I try to leave the village chief asks me to wait.



The village chief calls out, and a woman who seems to be his wife comes out carrying something.

“Please use this bag.”

“Oh, thank you.”

The village chief passes the bag to me.

It’s a small bag like a pouch, that has a drawstring to pull it closed.

I put the rabbit furs into the bag.

“Then, I’ll be off now.”

I head to the merchants place, three houses along.

I did not hear if it’s right or left.

“Maybe that place?”

There is a house where the entrance is wide open. Maybe it’s a shop? It doesn’t really look like one.

Should I equip the negotiations skill?

I used my character reset skill.

I uncheck Meteor crash, and place the check next to negotiations.

It causes a rise of 10% is sale prices.

This pattern again? (TN, I’m not sure about the pattern, the details on stat resets are very hard to figure out from MT’s).

I am able to spend 64 points.

The sale price went up. 15, 20, 25 and barely scraped in to 30%.

“Excuse me.”

I called out, and entered the house I thought was the merchants.

“It’s Michio, I’d like to do some business.”

The merchant from earlier comes out.

“What do you sell here?”

“This is the only shop in the village, I mainly take orders, and aquire the items from the city.”

There is no merchandise?

It seems quite pitiful.

Is this civilizations level like this?

“There is no shop with items?”

“….merchants who always have stock on hand…. I think slave dealers are like that.”

The merchant sounded a bit suspicious.

It’s expected that slaves can’t just be obtained when required.

So a slave trader always has some stock on hand. Other stores just have stock on demand.

By chance, did it seem like I came to buy the slave?

“That sounds strange to me, though I’m from the country.”

I quickly made something up.

“I don’t think there are stores like that in the country.”

“There aren’t, I heard someone say there were shops like that in towns.”

“Is that so? In the town of Vale there is no such thing. Maybe bigger towns have armor & weapon stores like that.”

“Since I’m from the country, it might have just been a made up story. Don’t worry about it, I actually came here to show you these rabbit furs.”

I changed the subject.

“It’s rabbits fur?”

“Yes, and the village chief suggested I sell them here.”

I take the furs out of the drawstring bag.

“These… are quite good quality.”

There are five of them.

I probably don’t need to say I just hunted them.

“Will you buy them?”

“The market price for furs is 20 nars each.”


I don’t understand the value, even if he says 20 nars.

“I will give you 130 nars for them all.”

20 nars each for five furs should be 100 nars, and it wonderfully became 130 nars.

How did that happen?

I won’t complain if he’s paying well.

“That is good.”


The merchant places many copper coins and a white coin on the table.

Is the white coin a silver coin? Is the silver coin worth 100 nars?

…..26, 28, 30. I have received it.”

I count out 30 copper coins.

I put the small change into the drawstring bag that held the furs.

The merchant put away the rabbit furs.

“We have the kyupiko fruit growing in our vegetable garden, I’d like to give you some as thanks for this trade.”


“Yes, it’s something I’ve grown with some good quality seedlings that I think could become a specialty product of our village.”

It was something I had never heard of.

Maybe only people of this world are familiar with it?

“I see.”

“Wait here a minute please.”

“Could I have a look at where the kyupiko comes from?”

The merchant stops.

This could be a chance for some farming labor.

“You want to see it Michio?”

“Since I am from the country it sounds interesting.”

“Ok, then lets head out to the vegetable garden together.

The merchant and I went outside.

“Does everyone have a vegetable garden?”

“Yes, everyone in the village maintains small vegetable gardens.”

The merchant and I chat while we walk.

Information gathering is always useful.

“I thought there were farmers in this village?”

“Yes, there is a man who is a member of the farmers guild managing a field just outside of town.”

“Farmers guild….”

Is there such a thing?

“All farmers around here belong to the farmers guild.”

I don’t quite understand it, but it seems to be serious.

Even if I do farming work, is it useless?

“Oh, and what about becoming a merchant?”

I secretly used my judgement skill to check the merchants title.

The judgement skill is very convenient.

“I also belong to the merchants guild.”

So I probably have to join the farmers guild to become a farmer, and the merchants guild to become a merchant.

“So, if I want to become a merchant then I have to join the guild?”

“Are you interested in becoming a merchant Michio?”

“No, I’m just wondering about it.”

I quickly deny it.

“I thought you would already be in a guild?”

“I haven’t joined one yet.”

I act embarrassed.

“Your not an adventurer? I thought you would be part of the adventurers guild?”

“I’m not an adventurer yet.”

So there is one.

There is such thing as an adventurers guild.

“Your really not part of a guild?”

I guess it was unexpected.


“You might already know, but you can only join one guild, and there are severe restrictions on leaving that guild.”


So it’s like that?

“Joining the merchants guild is quite easy.”

“I just need to register with it?”

“Yes, and you can’t become one if you don’t get their approval.”

“I understand.”

I said I understand, but I don’t really.

It sounds a bit like a strange procedure.

“Also, there is a wealthy merchant guild. You can’t get into it unless you have alot of experience.”


I don’t understand it well, but I guess a wealthy merchant is a higher ranked merchant?

I toss in words of agreement as we head to the vegetable garden.

At the edge of the village there are fields spread out.

“This is our vegetable garden.”

“Oh, it’s big!”

It’s strange to call such a good sized area a vegetable garden. There are several kinds of different plants in it.

The plants are the same as those on earth.

There’s a carrot!

There is a plant about a meter high with red carrots hanging from it.

Wait. Do carrots really grow this way?


Was the carrot a type of fruit?

“That one is the kyupiko.”

The merchant tells me as he approaches the carrot.


So it’s not a carrot, it’s a kyupiko?

A carrot is a root. It does not grow this way.

“When it becomes red it is ready to eat, try it.”

“It’s fine to pick off by hand?”

The merchant nods, so I pick one.

“….how is it?”

After picking two, the merchant asks me this with uneasiness.

Did you say you wanted to make this a specialty product?

“Carrots don’t grow around here?”

“Ginseng? You can probably find that in the forest.”

There doesn’t seem to be carrots in this world.

It doesn’t matter, because it is not a food I favor.

It should be fine to eat, it feels slightly hard.

“It resembles a vegetable from where I lived.”


The merchant watches me expectantly.

“It is bearing fruit well.”

“How is the taste?”

Have you tried it?

I make up my mind, and bite into the thing that looks like a carrot.


It’s quite tasty.

Yes, the taste is not bad at all.

Like a slightly sour cherry.

But with the appearance of a carrot.

The difference gives a strange feeling.

“It has a good taste and should sell well.”

“You think so? Thank you.”

The merchant thanks me with a relieved expression.

The day is coming to an end.

I decide to hurry back.

On the way back, I open my character settings and check my jobs.

Farmer Lv1

Effect: small strength rise.

It’s there.

It was obtained unexpectedly easily.

I got the farmer job from harvesting fruit.

I can set it as my first job.

I could also switch Hero to my first job, but I don’t think there is any point.

Since I can only have three active jobs, I need to disable one.

Should I choose the slight stamina rise from villager, or the small strength rise from farmer?

If I move stat points out of bonus experience, I can force a 4th job to be set.

My body felt extremely light while fighting the slow rabbit, and I think that was the effect of job bonuses overlapping.

Though it’s possible that only the strongest of two similar bonuses is active.

Even so, it should still be good to learn more jobs.

The problem is experience.

If I set 4 active jobs, my experience gain might get worse.

Thief is currently set to my third job, and has risen to Lv3, so all active jobs might take a share of my experience.

So if I get a fourth job, will all of them only get a quarter of my experience?

If experience is divided, it will be harder to raise levels.

But what about if it’s not divided?

More jobs would be better after all.

Three jobs would be three times more experience, and for jobs would be four times more.

This would make my bonus experience stat even more efficient.

I replace villager Lv3 with farmer Lv1 as my first job.

Kaga Michio: Male, 17 years old.

Farmer Lv1

Hero Lv1

Thief Lv3

Equippment: copper sword, sandals.

Do the first & third job positions have any differences?

Should I switch the position of the higher level Thief Lv3 with the first job?

Though people don’t really like thieves, so hopefully this job is hidden a bit if it’s in the lowest position.

When I get back to the village chiefs house, dinner had just finished being prepared.

Dinner was a stew made from the rabbits meat, with some kind of stir-fry made with fish as the main dish.

Both are really delicious.

It seems the dishes in this world are of quite a good standard.

Dinner left me quite satisfied, so I went to bed early to be ready for tomorrow.

Hmmm, Tirihi?

The life of a villager Lv25.

0 years old.

Born in a country village.

Parents are both villagers, and there are three older brothers.

10 years old.

Since I am not the first son, I think I should probably leave the house some time in the future.

I don’t really want to become a soldier. but there is not many job options around here. I want to live freely. Hopefully I can become an adventurer.

12 years old.

There is a demon subjugation near the village, so I join in.

17 years old.

I become the leader of the town guard.

I guard merchants that travel out of town, and I learn a lot about the outside world.

18 years old.

A strong demon attacked the town.

I lead the fight, but a lot of villagers die, and surrounding fields are destroyed.

This causes a famine, and disease strikes some of the weakened villagers.

19 years old.

My family died from illness, so I left the village & headed to a town.

I lower my head to an adventurer I knew and am allowed to join a party. I changed my job to explorer. The treatment isn’t good.

33 years old.

I fall in love with Tirihi(17 years old).

However, I am employed as an explorer, and I can’t approach her.

35 years old.

I work hard on raising my level, and make it to Lv50

I switched jobs to adventurer, and joined the adventurers guild.

I leave the party and become independent. Tirihi is now 19 years old and I try to approach her.

Life felt good. I also got a rapier.

37 years old.

I married Tirihi (21 years old).

I have trouble as an adventurer. Since I was a low ranked party member for years, my equipment isn’t good. I don’t have good contacts either. I exist just hanging around the adventurers guild.

40 years old.

I have bad luck, and suffer an injury.

The adventurers guild tries to make me work, even with my injury. The let me leave the guild, with the condition that I abandon the job of adventurer, and return to being a villager.

Tirihi & I return to my home town and live together.

41 years old.

We have a son.

I help the village hunt demons. Even without the adventurer job, I am still quite skilled with a sword.

I spend my days fighting demons for the village, and looking after my wife & child who I love.

47 years old.

I fight with a thief who attacked the village, and I die in battle.

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