Slave Harem in the Labyrinth of the Other World

009 – Another Path Ends

Another paths end, according to a special volume.

The hero’s delusion.

This is another path, where Tirihi visited his bed during the night.

It’s totally a delusion, it has no relevance to the main story.

There is no problem if you continue reading the story without reading this chapter.

Future events will be different to this, including characters and settings. It does have heroines appear that have not yet been introduced.

Even though the series title is “Harem”, there is no heroine until chapter 11.

Well, if you include this chapter, the first heroine will not appear until chapter 12.

I will try to write more quickly.

Please don’t throw things at me.


“Is there something in this village Master?”

Miria asks with her cat ears raised.

“No, there is probably nothing.”

“There doesn’t seem to be any kind of resort here either.”

Sherry looks around restlessly also.

Is it from curiosity rather than caution?

“It’s just somewhere I came a long time ago.”

I put my hand on her head.

I enter the village with them.

It’s been a long while, and things change over time, but this village has hardly changed at all and feels quite nostalgic.

There should be a barn just to the right as I enter the village.

Bikka. 41 year old male. Merchant Lv14.

There is a man in front of the barn.

It’s a face that I remember.

His level hasn’t gone up much over ten years though.


He says something, but as usual I don’t understand it.



Roxanne responds, and the merchant gives a small bow and heads into the village.

He should have been able to speak even in the brahim language.

“Master, do you have some business to do here?”

“Yes, please buy some Kyupiko from the merchant.”

I request Roxanne.

Roxanne takes Miria and leaves. I head towards the barn.

There is one horse in the barn.

“It’s a barn.”

Sherry says as she comes up beside me.

“Master, why are we at the barn?”

“Hmm, I wonder why I came here.”

I look over to Vesta who is standing at my left, then up at the roof of the barn.

I didn’t want to say I came here because I was feeling a bit homesick.


Vesta answers with suspicion, and I give her back a light pat.

Ten years ago this barn is the first place I appeared when I came to this world.

My journey started here.

It’s hard to remember if it looks exactly the same as it did a decade ago.

The merchant was here, so this barn probably belongs to him.

That’s probably it.

There probably aren’t many horses in this village, just one to pull a wagon.

The merchant has a wagon, so this horse is probably his, and the barn with the horse in it must be his too.

So, those Sandals belonged to the merchant.

“Do you remember me?”

I pat the horse as I speak to it.

It’s possible that it’s a different horse though since ten years have passed.

If it’s the same horse from that time, then it’s the first living thing I saw when I came to this world.

“Master, I got them.”

Miria comes from the other side of the road.

She has red fruit in both hands.

“You did?”

“Yes Master.”

Miria passes two kyupiko to me, and then goes back the way she came.

Roxanne comes from the other side as well.

“Hurry up Nee-san!”


Miria runs to Roxanne and pulls her by the hands.

Roxanne starts running along.

I handed the fruit that looks like a carrot to Sherry and Vesta.

I wait for Roxanne.

“You spoke to him?”

“Yes master, it seems this is a specialty of this village.”


The merchant seems to have succeeded in his cultivation.

“Master, here you go.”

Roxanne takes a kyupiko from her bag with a smile and passes it to me.

This smile hasn’t changed over ten years.

I accept the kyupiko from Roxanne.

I take another and pass one to Rutina.

“Thank you Master.”

Rutina bows her head. Her long elven ears sticking from her pretty blonde hair are beautiful.

While looking at her with eyes of admiration, I noticed Miria looking at me expectantly.

I’ve eaten one before though.

I bite into the kyupiko.

Yes, kyupiko.

Hmm, was the taste like a cherry?

It’s hard to remember what a cherry tastes like.

“It’s delicious.”

“Ah, that’s good.”

I put my hand on Miria’s head. It’s nice being allowed to pat a cat girl.

Patting feels really good.

I looked at the villages vegetable garden.

What kind of plant was the kyupiko?

There’s a small boy working in the vegetable garden.

He’s admirable looking with jet-black hair.

… a black haired boy?

He keeps disappearing and reappearing as he works behind chest height crops.

There are a lot of blonde and brown haired people around here.

Black hair is a minority.

Was there anyone with black hair in this village?

With a strange feeling in my chest, I use judgement.

Mio. 9 years old male. Villager Lv1.

Mio and Michio.


It’s like that.

It probably is.

Is that right?

Even though he hasn’t inherited the family name?

Is this possibly my child?


I’m still patting Miria, and she’s letting her voice out a bit.

She’s fully satisfied with the sweetness of the fruit and her ears being patted.

“Roxanne, can you interpret?”

“Yes Master.”

I go to the vegetable garden.

“Do you have a moment?”


After Roxanne speaks, the boy comes out of the vegetable garden.

That face… is it similar?

“What are you growing?”



“The Kyupiko.”

That’s what it looks like.

The red fruit.

“How are your parents?”



“My mother is doing well, but father died before I was born.”


So that’s how it is.

I pull a sword out of the item box.

Scimitar of Anger. 5 x attack power, HP absorption.

It’s an old sword that I no longer use.

It’s quite good because of it’s passive skills.

“Do you do what your mother tells you to do properly?”


After Roxanne interprets, the boy nods.

“I have a feeling that I knew your father.”


“I will give this sword to you, and if your mother thinks it’s ok then you can use it. Make sure to protect your mother.”


The boy watches the sword.

He seems to be extremely interested.

“Don’t decline.”


I gave him some prompting.

“When you use this sword you may think you have become strong, but it is this sword that is strong. You are not strong, don’t even forget that.”


I give a warning before I release the sword.

Would he listen to it?

It will embarrass me if he leaves his mother because of this and becomes an adventurer, bit it’s his life.

I wait until Roxanne finishes interpreting and then finally release it.


“Thank you”

The boy bows greatly, and then runs away with the sword held like an important treasure.

Maybe his mother, Tirihi, is in their house.

“Master, that’s the old sword that I treasured.”

“Sorry, Roxanne, it’s a sword which was mine first.”

“I don’t mind, it’s just the first sword I received from Master.”

Roxanne shows a smile as she remembers the old days.

It’s beautiful whenever I see it.

Even after ten years it’s a smile I never get tired of seeing.

“Let’s go.”

I’ll probably come to this village again.

Or, maybe not.

With the village behind me, I use movement magic.

There are still fights in our future.

Please look forward to more work from Sogano Shachi.

(This series is still continuing)

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