So Pure, So Flirtatious

Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Pretty Teacher’s After Class Tutorial

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Another fly came around the corner. There was no shortage of flies surrounding a pretty woman. Yang Ming was displeased when he saw the pretty teacher being pestered. He knocked on the door.

A man asked, “Who’s there!?”

Yang Ming replied, “I am the student of Teacher Zhao.”

The man replied impatiently, “Teacher Zhao is not here. Return to where you were!”

Damn, were you tricking me? Yang Ming couldn’t care less about having permission. He opened the door and went into the office. The office door wasn’t locked from the inside which allowed Yang Ming to freely go in. The man was enraged when he noticed that Yang Ming came in on his own. He pointed at Yang Ming and said, “What is wrong with you? Did anyone permit you to enter? Leave at once!”

Yang Ming looked the man standing in front of him. The man, who was about twenty-six years old with sleek hair parted in the middle, was holding a bouquet of roses in his hand. It was obvious that he wasn’t a good person. It was also obvious that Zhao Ying had not accepted his flowers. Since there were no vases in Zhao Ying’s office, he could only hold the roses in his hands.

Yang Ming walked toward Zhao Ying’s desk without minding the man and said, “Teacher Zhao, I am here!”

The man held the flowers in his left hand and pointed to where Yang Ming had entered with his right hand. It was hilarious that he acted just like a doorman.

The man abruptly became irate. He rushed toward Yang Ming and shouted, “Damn. I am talking to you!”

Yang Ming smirked and spoke to Zhao Ying as though the man beside him was invisible. “Teacher Zhao, can we start now?”

Zhao Ying frowned as she looked at the man who was making a fuss and said, “Teacher Jin, please leave. I need to tutor my student.”

“Humph!” Jin Gang threw the flowers onto the sofa and angrily rushed out of the room.

“Hehe. Young Teacher Zhao is quite welcomed by young men!” Yang Ming smiled and said, “I am privileged to be able to spend some time alone with Young Teacher Zhao!”

“Shut up,” said Zhao Ying. She sighed in relief once Jin Gang had gone. Recently, Jin Gang was constantly troubling Zhao Ying for a date. It was such a bother.

Yang Ming asked, “Is that man also a teacher in our school?”

Zhao Ying told him, “Yup. Jin Gang teaches physical education. Also, you should avoid him when you see him next time. I am afraid he will try to take revenge on you.”

Without much concern, Yang Ming uttered, “Revenge? What can he do? Punch me??”

Zhao Ying nodded her head and said, “Yup. It is possible. He has a bad record so you need to be a little more careful.”

Yang Ming was puzzled. “Having a bad record and beating the students as a teacher? How could he even keep his job in this school?” Nowadays, there were newspapers spreading the idea that teachers cannot exercise corporal punishment on and physically beat students. This man dared to go against that policy?

Zhao Ying said, “This is hard to say. Please don’t ask about it further.”

Yang Ming thoroughly examined the situation. Jin Gang. If I am not mistaken, the dean of the school also possessed the surname of Jin. Was there a special tie between them? It was highly possible! No matter what, Jin Gang would be better off if he didn’t provoke me, or else, his tiny figure wouldn’t be able to withstand a few of my punches.

Jin Gang? Pirates sounded more like it? [1]

Zhao Ying said, “Alright, let’s not talk about this. In the future, you will need to come over to my office after school is over. I will walk you home every night. He wouldn’t dare lay a finger on you!”

“Heh?” Yang Ming was surprised. He wasn’t afraid of revenge from a person whose surname was Jin. However, only fools would reject such an offer to walk home with a pretty teacher. Thus, Yang Ming hastily nodded his head. “Alright! Alright!”

Zhao Ying noticed his silly act. She stared at him and said, “Tell me about your situation, so that I can have a tailored study plan for you!”

Yang Ming replied, “Uh … To put it in simple terms, I don’t have any basic knowledge of the material in senior high school. I had started from scratch these past few days. I have finished reading the first two chapters of the algebra textbook.”

Zhao Ying nodded her head. She opened the algebra book on her desk to the first chapter and said, “Not bad. The speed is alright. How about this? You will study during the day. In the evening, I will review the main points and provide some targeted exercises for you.”

Zhao Ying switched to a serious tone and began to explain the topics to Yang Ming. “Chapter One: power functions, exponential functions, and logarithmic functions. The chapter focuses on single variable quadratic inequalities, maps, and functions, power functions…”

At first, Yang Ming didn’t care much but after seeing how serious Zhao Ying was, he began to take notes in earnest. Although I could cheat during the exam, most of the knowledge that I learn will provide some benefit in the future.

Yang Ming didn’t feel tired because working in a male-female pair did not cause fatigue. Before long, two hours had passed. Zhao Ying drank a sip of tea, looked at her watch and said, “That’s it for today. Please be on time tomorrow. This worksheet has the Grade 10 quiz questions. Go back home and finish it.”

After Zhao Ying finished her sentence, she casually brushed aside the hair that was in front of her eyes. Her beautiful face was presented in full in front of Yang Ming. She had a face like an angel and a body like a succubus! Yang Ming was stunned by the beautiful sight. Damn. No wonder Jin Gang was pestering her. I am deeply charmed by her.

Zhao Ying discovered that Yang Ming was staring at her. She waved her finger in front of Yang Ming’s eye. She realized something was not right with him. “What are you looking at!?”

“Ah?” Yang Ming finally woke up from indulging in the beauty of a pretty girl and came back to reality. But, something strange happened to his body.

Zhao Ying stood up and grabbed her bag from the cupboard. “Let’s go. I will walk you home.” She turned back to face Yang Ming and realized that he remained in his chair. She said, “Yang Ming, what are you waiting for? Quickly, get up!”

Yang Ming struggled with the situation. If he stood up, it would all be exposed. Zhao Ying should never see something so embarrassing.

Zhao Ying looked at Yang Ming. She mistook the embarrassment as suffering, thus she emphatically asked, “Yang Ming, how are you? Are you feeling uncomfortable?”

Yang Ming carefully stood up and said, “Nothing. Nothing really.” His legs were spread wide apart and his buttocks were arched back. He tried his best to make himself seem normal in his unusual state.

Yang Ming’s behavior, however, caused Zhao Ying to be suspicious. She scanned over Yang Ming’s body with sharp eyes. Suddenly she found the unusual state in Yang Ming’s pants and her face turned red immediately.

“Damn. Yang Ming, what are you thinking about!?” Zhao Ying wanted to conceal her shyness. Thus, she intentionally raised the decibel of her voice. “You were having filthy thoughts the whole time! No wonder you can’t improve your studies.”

Yang Ming wanted to hide the evidence of his crime. The unexpected uproar from Zhao Ying made Yang Ming tremble on the ground. The unusual state in his pants vanished in a flash.

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