So Pure, So Flirtatious

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Give It a Try

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The next morning, the classmates were very surprised by Yang Ming’s new crewcut. Zhang Bing gave a big thumb’s up and said, “Damn! Bro, did you especially change your styling to attract the school beauty?”

“Go to hell! I have decided to study hard!” said Yang Ming as he laughed.

“Studying – for you?” Zhang Bing’s mouth fell open. “Did I hear you right? I can count on my fingers the number of times that you attended lessons since Grade 10, and now you want to study?”

“Hehe. Yeah. I shall study diligently to not disappoint someone’s kindness!” Yang Ming intentionally spoke loudly. “Besides, someone has already promised to help me if I face problems.”

Since Yang Ming knew that he had this special ability, he became overconfident and had a different point of view on things. Previously, he was an unpromising bad student, but things had changed. His attitude became even worse and more condescending.

A careless word can cause offense. Yang Ming said it carelessly, but it didn’t sound like that for Chen Mengyan. Immediately, her heart beat faster! What’s wrong with Yang Ming today? How dare he speak like that in front of everybody!? Did he really decide to study hard for himself? Why would he want that? Could he be… Should I help him if he was asking for his own problem?

Aiya! What was I thinking! Maybe that’s not what he meant! Chen Mengyan scolded herself.

In fact, Chen Mengyan was just thinking too much. The other classmates did not realize who the “someone” was that Yang Ming spoke of. Even Zhang Bing was clueless – except for her.

For those who had gone through Grade 12, they all knew that there were many tests! There was a big exam every three days, a small exam every two days, and a quiz every day.

The biology teacher walked into class with a stack of paper; there was another test. Yang Ming, who previously hated exams, was excited because he wanted to gauge the practicality of his special ability.

In order for his plan to go well, Yang Ming lay down the biology textbook flat in the desk drawer. He looked through the table into the biology textbook. It was clear and distinct, and he saved time from not having to flip pages.

Yang Ming roughly scanned through the exam paper when it was passed down. The earlier blank selections were conceptual questions, so it was simple to get answers from the book. It wouldn’t be so easy for the calculation questions but then he could copy others’ answers.

Yang Ming’s eyes were focusing on the test paper. His eyes had to see through the test paper before getting to the biology textbook in the drawer. Yang Ming used his eyes to flip the pages rapidly and finished the blank selections on the exam. Checking the time, he saw that he used nearly 30 minutes. It appeared that his speed was still slow. He had to keep practicing, otherwise, he would run out of time during the real exam.

Yang Ming scanned the test papers from the front row and then his eyes stopped at Chen Mengyan’s paper. At this moment, she had already finished all the questions and was checking her answers carefully.

Wow! That’s fast! Yang Ming was impressed. She was already done when he hadn’t even finished copying yet.

Yang Ming didn’t bother whether the answer was right or wrong. He immediately copied the answer to the big question on his test paper. The bell rang as soon as he finished writing.

Yang Ming was relieved that the cheating method was flawless. It seemed his approach was doable, but he needed to fully prepare for the National Higher Education Entrance Examination in order to easily get high marks.

Yang Ming immediately relaxed after solving his problem. He was starting to feel alive without the pressure to study.

Now that he had this special ability, could he make some money?

Since many protagonists in novels became millionaires – even billionaires – by the virtue of their special abilities. Could he do the same with his ability?

Yang Ming pondered about his ability. A clear vision of a distant object was not a marketable skill. What was the point even if he could look up at the moon? However, aside from the telescopic vision, he still had the x-ray ability.

X-ray – what can I do with it? Gamble? This wasn’t a bad idea, but this place isn’t like Macau and he didn’t have real cash so the idea was temporarily abandoned.

After he thought about it for the entire morning, Yang Ming couldn’t figure out how to make use of his ability aside from cheating on exams but he was not discouraged. He still had time and it will come in handy someday.

Yang Ming was unprecedentedly not skipping class today so Chen Mengyan didn’t trouble him. But Yang Ming felt like he was missing something; he really wasn’t used to it. Usually, Chen Mengyan was watching him, but suddenly, no one was doing it.

Yang Ming tore out a piece of paper from his notebook and wrote, “I am going to study properly for you! -Yang Ming.”

After a few thoughts, Yang Ming ripped out two words from the note, folded it and asked Zhang Bing to pass it to Chen Mengyan.

Zhang Bing smiled creepily and passed the paper slip away. While Chen Mengyan was doing some exercise problems, someone unexpectedly passed her a note. She received it with hesitation.

When Chen Mengyan opened the note, her little face went red quickly. Although the note wasn’t signed with a name, how could Chen Mengyan not know who wrote this!?

What did he mean? Was he proposing to me? Should I tell him not to have any improper thoughts? But if I did that would I be letting him down? Now that he had decided to study well, would he feel frustrated if I blocked off his intentions without mercy and then give up again?

Chen Mengyan thoughts struggled for half day. How did she know Yang Ming was only looking for trouble from her? Kindhearted Chen Mengyan reluctantly stared back at Yang Ming, and wrote on the paper, “Hope you don’t give up halfway.”

Yang Ming was delighted to receive the note. No rejection means she acknowledged it silently. It seemed she was quite reserved.

Yang Ming didn’t forget that he had tutoring from a pretty lady. Filled with Ah Q’s spirit [1], he happily walked toward the faculty building. Yang Ming hummed a song as he walked toward Zhao Ying’s office. Just as he was about to knock on the door, he heard someone speak inside.

“Zhao Ying, I have ordered food and wine at Heaven’s Paradise tonight. I’m inviting you to dinner…” A man’s voice came out of office.

“I’m sorry. Tonight I’m busy; I still have to give supplementary homework to a student,” answered Zhao Ying with a cold and icy voice.

“Aiya. It’s just a broken student. Simply find a reason to dismiss him. Why do you have to spend so much effort!?” asked the man.

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