So Pure, So Flirtatious

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: An Actor’s Robbery

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“Sister Ying, it’s pretty late now. How are you going back?” Yang Ming pushed his bicycle out of the school’s garage and walked to the school’s front gate with Zhao Ying.

“My house is not that far. It’s right there in front. It was a dormitory built by the school for the faculty members and staff. There were a few private rooms reserved for young teachers who do not own a house,” said Zhao Ying.

“You know what? I will drop you back home first before heading back!” said Yang Ming.

“I am a teacher! Why would I need your company? I should be the one taking you home!” Zhao Ying laughed.

“Sister Ying, even though you are a teacher, how can I let a lady walk alone at such a late hour?” Yang Ming laughed wryly.

“Ah?” Zhao Ying was taken back for a while before she was able to react. Yeah. I am just three years older than he. Once the identity of a teacher is removed, we are almost the same age. It’s perfectly reasonable to have a guy escort a girl home.

“Alright, since it isn’t far away. Just a few more steps and we will be there.” Zhao Ying nodded.

Initially, Yang Ming intended to invite Zhao Ying to sit on his bicycle as he cycled her back. However, he couldn’t seem to verbalize it. Hence, he could only push his bicycle as he walked together with Zhao Ying in the darkness.

Suddenly Yang Ming stretched his hand out to stop Zhao Ying from walking further.

“Ah! What are you doing?” Zhao Ying felt scared at Yang Ming’s sullen expression. Is he going to do something to me? It’s pitch-black here and no one usually passes by. Moreover, Zhao Ying was thinking about how Yang Ming stared at her this afternoon with the bulging crotch… She couldn’t help but shiver.

Yang Ming didn’t notice Zhao Ying’s uncertain expression. Instead, he focused on the back of the garbage bin as he whispered softly, “There are people ahead!”

When Zhao Ying realized that Yang Ming didn’t want to do anything to her, she was relieved. It wasn’t what I was thinking! But then she felt nervous again as she heard Yang Ming state there were some people in front of them.

Yang Ming had just obtained the telescopic and x-ray abilities, how could he not use them? Moreover, he just realized that he had crystal clear night-vision. When Yang Ming was casually looking behind the garbage bin, he found three people squatting there!

It was really late now so there shouldn’t be anyone squatting behind the garbage bin for any reason. Therefore, there was only one possibility. These people were here to steal! But what really intrigued Yang Ming was that the teacher, Jin Gang, was one of the three people.

However, Yang Ming understood what was going to happen. It seemed like Jin Gang wanted to act out the scene of a “hero rescuing a damsel in distress” in order to punish him!

“Robbery!” Two people jumped out from behind the garbage bin and leaped in front of Yang Ming and Zhao Ying.

“Ah!” Even though Zhao Ying had received a warning from Yang Ming, she was still shocked. Instinctively, she held onto Yang Ming’s arm.

Yang Ming was thrilled. This was a great opportunity to perform in front of Zhao Ying. These two actors were absolutely no match for him. He decided to play along. He put his hand around Zhao Ying’s shoulder and said, “What would you all like to rob?”

Zhao Ying was incredibly nervous and she didn’t even have the time to consider Yang Ming’s action. Moreover, her fear drove her to unconsciously lean into Yang Ming’s arm.

“Rob what?” These two actors were stunned by Yang Ming’s calm reply. They had never worked in this field before.

“What did Brother Gang ask us to take?” Minor Actor #1 [1], a slightly fat man with a body shaped like a gas tank asked Minor Actor #2.

“Mind your words!” Minor Actor #2 gave Minor Actor #1 a glare, and said calmly, “Robbery… of course, it’s about money. Yup, money! Hand over all your valuable belongings!”

Yang Ming already discerned the background information of these two individuals. His stomach almost ached from laughing after listening to their funny dialogue. However, he put up a serious face and said, “We don’t have any money, but life – we have one. Oh yeah. I also have an old bicycle here. I believe both of you high-class robbers wouldn’t really bat an eye on it, right?”

“Yes! You are right!” Minor Actor #1 answered without thinking.

“Damn!” Minor Actor #2 gave a kick to Minor Actor #1 as a warning to stop blabbing out words.

However, Minor Actor #1 didn’t understand what he meant. He returned a glare to Minor Actor #2 and said grumpily, “Why the f*** are you kicking me?”

Minor Actor #2 almost exploded; he contained his anger and ignored his partner. He turned around and told Yang Ming, “Stop fooling us. Nothing valuable? Take out all your cell phones and wallets!”

“Yes! Tell me all your passwords for IP, IC and IQ card!”[2] Minor Actor #1 immediately added. Once he finished, he looked at Minor Actor #2 proudly as though saying, “Look how fast I responded!”

If they weren’t already playing out the scene, Minor Actor #2 would have beaten up this person right now!

“Yang Ming, let’s hand over our money to them.” Zhao Ying responded first. Zhao Ying had no doubt that those two were robbers.

“What do you mean ‘hand over’? If they want something, they will have to come and take it!” said Yang Ming.

“You want me to take? Sure! You go and search the guy; I will search the girl!” Minor Actor #1 said excitedly after hearing Yang Ming’s words.

Minor Actor #2 had a frown on his forehead, Why did we pick an idiot to become an actor for robbery? He thought that the dumb robbers in <A World Without Thieves>[3] on TV were just a joke, but he now found an even dumber one here!

“Cough! Let’s finish this guy, then we will look at the girl!” Minor Actor #2 reminded Minor Actor #1 of their purpose here.

“Ha? Oh yeah. I had almost forgotten. Brother Gang told us to give this guy a beating!” Minor Actor #1 smacked himself on the head and ran towards Yang Ming.

Yang Ming understood his words, but sadly, Zhao Ying couldn’t. She still thought that these two were using their internal jargon.

Yang Ming’s fighting skills which had been honed for years through his real-life experiences were definitely not negligible. Seeing how Minor Actor #1 one walked over with some fighting style and pose, he didn’t even consider him a worthy opponent. Yang Ming gave him a kick. His actions were fierce and focused on his enemy’s weaknesses.

This Minor Actor #1 already had a small figure so a direct kick to his face made his nose bleed.

“Ah!” A sharp voice shocked everyone present.

Yang Ming couldn’t help but give Zhao Ying a pat and said, “It’s fine! No worries.”

Zhao Ying was scared by Minor Actor #1’s savage face which was covered with blood.

Chapter Notes:

[1] Because the author treated this scene like an act in a play, he refers to the two nameless guys who tried to rob Yang Ming and Zhao Ying as 龙套一号(lóngtào yī hào) and 龙套二号 (lóngtào èr hào) which we are calling ‘Minor Actor #1’ and ‘Minor Actor #2’.

[2] IP card – sim card; IC card – identity card; IQ card – credit card

[3] 天下无贼 (Tiānxià wú zéi) A World Without Thieves is a movie based on the novel of the same name.

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