So Pure, So Flirtatious

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Yang Style Flying Kick

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“Damn it! I’m gonna kill you!” Minor Actor #2 wasn’t easy to deal with; he was much steadier than Minor Actor #1. Minor Actor #2 pulled back Minor Actor #1 and said, “You watch the girl. Don’t let her run away. Let me deal with this guy!”

Minor Actor #2 suddenly jumped in place two times, stretched his fingers with a “kaka” sound like a boxer who was ready to fight. Based on his standard movements, he seemed like a professional.

Yang Ming’s expression turned grim. He originally thought poorly of them, but now he had to be careful. These men could be Jin Gang’s friends at sports school. Perhaps they were boxing club’s members or coaches.

Minor Actor #2 abruptly initiated an onslaught by throwing a punch toward Yang Ming’s head. Yang Ming didn’t dare to belittle it, so he ducked and dodged Minor Actor #2’s punch. But Yang Ming was surprised by Minor Actor #2’s fake punch. He immediately withdrew his punch when Yang Ming dodged it and threw another punch toward Yang Ming’s abdomen.

Yang Ming couldn’t dodge it in time and Minor Actor #2 hit the bullseye. Yang Ming felt a sharp pain in his abdomen, but he didn’t even make a humph sound. But still, it was far from getting hit by an iron bar! Back in those days, Yang Ming was hit by a bunch of punks using an iron rod but he got back up, grabbed them and lashed out a few kicks at them. Those punks were completely frightened.

Yang Ming could definitely endure this sort of physical trauma.

“It looks like you’re a professional boxer, right? But the power is only average!” Yang Ming sneered and said, “No wonder you have to change your profession to robbery!”

Of course, Minor Actor #2 knew how heavy his punch was. He was stunned when Yang Ming was fine. If it were any other person, that pain would have caused him to puke his intestines out.

“Okay, it’s now my turn to attack!” While Yang Ming was talking, he dashed toward Minor Actor #2 and kicked at the guy’s chest. Minor Actor #2 leaned back right away, but both of Yang Ming’s legs were up in the air. While the upper kick missed, the lower kick hit right in the middle of his pants.

These twin flying kicks originated from the Street Fighter game in those days. Although the kick didn’t really look skillful in the eyes of many, its lethality was the greatest! Yang Ming called it the Yang Style Flying Kick.

In those days, countless opponents were defeated by Yang Ming’s flying kick! Yet there was still a weakness in this technique. His a** automatically hit the ground after using it as if he had gotten tossed.

It would be fine if the kick hit the opponent. He could still get up immediately when the opponent was knocked down but if the kick missed, then his weakness will be exposed.

Therefore, Yang Ming wouldn’t use this technique unless he was certain that it would hit. Right now, Yang Ming urgently executed the second kick because he knew that Minor Actor #2 couldn’t evade it.

Yang Ming quickly got up after he sat on the ground. Although there was just a one-second gap, if the opponent took the preemptive opportunity, Yang Ming would have to suffer from the beating!

Apparently, Minor Actor #2 was hurt badly. He clutched his pants and squatted on the ground.

“Brother Gang, help me!” Minor Actor #1 shouted anxiously when he saw the heavyweight boxer defeated.

“Damn!” Jin Gang cursed in his mind. I never imagined that this lucky brat would defeat two of my friends! He didn’t think that Yang Ming had any real skills. Yang Ming’s flying kick can’t even be considered a technique; it was only a crappy move performed in panic. How could he know that Yang Ming spent months developing this technique?

What angered Jin Gang the most was that Minor Actor #1 shouted his name! This put Jin Gang in a dilemma. If I helped, then I will prove to Zhao Ying that I am the culprit behind all this! If I don’t help, then this brat will get away with it!

After Jin Gang weighed the pros and cons repeatedly, he finally decided not to show his face and find another chance to finish off this brat!

Yang Ming saw that Jin Gang wasn’t showing himself as he looked toward the dumpster. He sneered and said to Zhao Ying, “Elder Sister Ying, let’s go!”

“Do we need to call the police?” Zhao Ying was not as worried as before since Yang Ming had defeated the thugs.

“There is no need for that. We would still have to look after them if we called the police. If we didn’t, then they wouldn’t stay and wait for the police to arrest them!” Yang Ming thought it was troublesome. He rarely got a chance to stay alone with the pretty teacher and he really didn’t want to start a record at the police station.

“That’s true!” Zhao Ying said after a few thoughts. She didn’t lose much so just let it be.

When the two of them arrived at the school family building, Zhao Ying said, “Yang Ming, you can go home. I will go up myself!”

“No way! What if you run into another robber!” Yang Ming actually wanted to go upstairs; he just phrased his sentence in a different way. I have already escorted you back home. You can’t just not invite me in to visit!

Zhao Ying looked at the unlit stairs and thought about the fierce thugs again. Her heart was shaken immediately so she nodded her head and said, “Please do that!”

“I have told you – it is my duty to escort a pretty lady back home!” Yang Ming led the way toward the stairs. Before going in, he intentionally “checked” from the first floor to the eighth floor to make sure there weren’t any living things here. But he didn’t say it, otherwise, his credit would be gone.

Zhao Ying followed Yang Ming. She suddenly felt that they were much closer. The phrase “misfortune tests the sincerity of friends” was really true. At least now, Zhao Ying didn’t consider Yang Ming as her student, but as a friend and a younger brother.

Zhao Ying saw her floor and immediately yelled at Yang Ming since he was still going up. “Alright, here it is!”

“Huh? We’re here already?” Yang Ming didn’t know Zhao Ying lived on the second floor! He didn’t get to show off much before they arrived.

“Yeah!” Zhao Ying nodded, took out the key from her bag and opened the door.

Since Zhao Ying didn’t invite Yang Ming inside, he was very anxious. When Zhao Ying opened the door and waved goodbye to him, Yang Ming had a spur of the moment idea.”Sister Ying, does your house have a toilet? I can’t hold my pee anymore!”

Yang Ming didn’t wait for Zhao Ying’s reaction. He slipped into the house and sprinted toward the washroom.

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