So Pure, So Flirtatious

Chapter 21

Chapter 21: It Was Really Him

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“Really? Thank you for that! I’m going now!” Yang Ming finished his sentence and he patted heavily on Wang Zhitao’s shoulder. It looked like a friendly act but Yang Ming actually had used great force on him.

Wang Zhitao was patted until he gritted his teeth. Under normal circumstances, he would already be pissed off, but now he only wanted Yang Ming to step out of school as soon as possible. He didn’t want to make more trouble so he acted like he was very happy, grinned and said, “You’re welcome!”

Yang Ming laughed as he walked out of class.

As Yang Ming’s front leg stepped out of the classroom, Wang Zhitao’s phone vibrated.

Wang Zhitao took it out and looked. Then he glanced around, made sure no one could hear him and answered the phone.

Wang Zhitao lowered his voice and spoke, “Hello, Ah Biao, are all of you there already?”

Zhang Biao immediately apologized, “Master, I’m sorry!”

Wang Zhitao was confused. He didn’t understand why Zhang Biao was apologizing. “What do you mean? You can’t find anyone for it?”

Zhang Biao complained, “No, Master. This Yang Ming isn’t that simple. Regarding the two punks that I found around here, once they discovered that their opponent was Yang Ming, they didn’t dare fight him. Instead, they greeted Yang Ming with a smiley face!”

“How could it be like this?!” Wang Zhitao was stunned. “Eh, wait. Are you really sure you saw Yang Ming?” Wang Zhitao remembered that Yang Ming had just stepped out of the classroom!

“Absolutely, yes. Oh yeah. Master, Yang Ming had gone back into school. You should be careful!” Zhang Biao didn’t know that Wang Zhitao had already met Yang Ming.

“Damn it!” Wang Zhitao hung up the phone. He now realized that Yang Ming obviously knew that he hired those men and toyed with him!

When Wang Zhitao thought about this, he nearly destroyed his phone in anger. Since Wang Zhitao was exposed, he feared nothing. Since you can’t be defeated using a direct method, I’ll use a dirty one then. I don’t think you can always get away with it!

While Yang Ming was humming a song as he walked back home, he met Li Dagang who was walking out from billiards room.

“Brother, you’re great!” Li Dagang’s sudden greeting stunned Yang Ming.

“What was great?” Yang Ming was confused.

Li Dagang said, “Damn. Stop acting. Your test results lately have improved significantly. Young Teacher Zhao praised you several times in our class. Even the poker-faced Lao Li praised your improvements as well!”

Poker-faced Lao Li was Yang Ming’s class teacher who taught Biology. He was famous because he always showed a strict face. Class 7 and Class 8 were counterpart classes; they shared the same teachers.

Ever since his last biology test, Yang Ming had repeated success in cheating on his exams. His results were flying like a helicopter. Thus he became the teachers’ example of the typical hardworking underachiever.

Yang Ming exaggerated and said without shame, “Yeah right. Can’t you see who I am?!”

Li Dagang asked, “Can you share any tricks with me?”

Yang Ming said perfunctorily, “Just read the textbook… There is no other trick for learning…”

Li Dagang said sadly, “Eh! I’m really stupid. I would rather die than study. It’s ok. I’ll only stay until senior high school graduation, then I’ll find a job!”

Yang Ming looked at Li Dagang’s face. Yang Ming nearly revealed to him about the contact lenses, but thought again, Absolutely not! I can’t tell this to anyone. If not, it will bring me too much unnecessary trouble.

These contact lenses were just a cheating tool for Yang Ming. What if it fell into others’ hands? If one uses it for crime… Yang Ming couldn’t even imagine it. Fortunately, he didn’t let it slip out of his mouth. If not, he would be dead without even knowing why.

As he thought of this, Yang Ming began to sweat.

Yang Ming comforted Li Dagang, “It’s ok. Everyone has their own ambitions; every trade has its master! Look at Xu Peng. Isn’t he having a sweet life now? He even earns more than some university graduates!”

“Yeah, you’re right!” Li Dagang patted Yang Ming’s shoulder and said, “Thank you!”

Yang Ming felt weird. I had only comforted him for a bit but why did he thank me? Li Dagang was enlightened and Yang Ming’s worry was swept away.

Li Dagang asked, “Are you going to meet with Xu Peng in the afternoon?”

Yang Ming said with a smile, “I’m not going. I have to study before the National Higher Education Entrance Examination.”

When he thought about Chan Mengyan’s and Zhao Ying’s expectations on him, Yang Ming tilted his mouth slightly.

“Big Ming, the report card you brought back has improved a lot lately.” Father Yang looked at Yang Ming voraciously eating the meal and said, “Every night you have mathematics tutoring with Teacher Zhao Ying. Your mom and I are thinking to visit her. Maybe we could buy something for her?”

“There is no need for that, Dad.” Yang Ming swallowed a mouthful of rice then said, “Teacher Zhao isn’t one of those kinds of people!”

Father Yang shook his head and said, “Why can’t we do that? Teacher Zhao contributes a lot in the progression of your results. How could we not thank her for that?!”

“It is really unnecessary!” Yang Ming was going to say that Zhao Ying had become his sworn sister but he didn’t speak about it. He was worried that his father might get the wrong idea so Yang Ming said, “Dad, I’ll take her out for a meal one day!”

“That would work!” Father Yang nodded. He took out a hundred yuan and put on the table. Then he thought for a moment and he took out another hundred yuan. He passed this money to Yang Ming and said, “Find a place that’s a little higher class.”

That afternoon, Wang Zhitao didn’t bother Yang Ming anymore. Wang Zhitao realized that he had underestimated Yang Ming. He wanted to get revenge but he was waiting for a good opportunity.

This time Wang Zhitao couldn’t teach Yang Ming a lesson so it brought out Wang Zhitao’s cruelty. He won’t use thugs anymore. This kind of garbage method wasn’t useful against Yang Ming. He prepared a method even more detrimental to Yang Ming so that he could eliminate the thorn in his side forever.

Of course, this fatal approach won’t kill Yang Ming. He didn’t have the guts to go that far but he thought of a way to make Yang Ming be completely discredited.

Suddenly Wang Zhitao’s expression turned from a frown to a grin. It was a cold sneer.

Although Yang Ming knew Wang Zhitao hired those thugs, he didn’t have much proof. He didn’t really think much more about it but Wang Zhitao did something to surprise him.

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