So Pure, So Flirtatious

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Definitely Suspicious

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Brother Biao, who would you like us to take care of?” said the punk as he threw the cigarette to the floor and stomped on it.

“Even I haven’t met him before, but my master had already sent a picture to my cell phone! In a while, I will go and look for this person. Just look for my signal. Once I wave, you all come over!” Ah Biao then put on his shades. He didn’t want to be recognized by people because he was Wang Zhitao’s chauffeur who frequently came to the school’s entrance.

“No problem!” The young punk nodded.

This young punk was Zhang Yuliang who had been sent to the hospital by Yang Ming recently. It was only three days ago that he and the other yob got discharged. The hospital fee was pretty hefty and he was worried because he used up his ready cash. Then, Zhang Biao came to find both of them to teach a student a lesson and promised a fee of a thousand yuan in return.

Zhang Yuliang agreed to it without hesitation. How hard can “fixing” a student be? It should be a piece of cake!

“Are you Yang Ming?” Based on the image on his phone, Zhang Biao found Yang Ming amongst the crowd at the school entrance.

“Yup. Who are you?” Yang Ming looked at this man with shades and realized that he didn’t know him.

“Great, it’s you! There’s a person who asked me to give you a word or two. Do wait a while and don’t be too arrogant!” Once he finished speaking, Zhao Biao waved his hand to signal for Zhang Yuliang and his partner to come over.

Yang Ming stared at Zhang Biao like an idiot, “Is your brain fried? Who are you?”

Zhang Biao didn’t respond and moved aside, excited for Zhang Yuliang’s performance.

“You f*****…” Zhang Yuliang dashed in front of Yang Ming. Only then did he recognize that this was the person who sent him to the hospital just a while ago. The F-word had been swallowed back into his throat.

The yob also recognized that the person they were supposed to beat up was Yang Ming. He had an even more painful expression than Zhang Yuliang. Still want to have a fight with him? He could have gone to heaven with another beating from Yang Ming. The yob trembled and asked for forgiveness, “Brother Yang, it’s you. It’s a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding!”

“Yes, a misunderstanding. We were just thinking about coming over to you to apologize!” Zhang Yuliang’s response was pretty quick too.

“It didn’t seem like it. That man with the shades seemed to say that both of you were here to give me a lesson?” Yang Ming smiled.

“How could it be? Damn! Who would dare to touch Brother Yang unless they no longer wanted to live anymore?!” Zhang Yuliang said with a smile.

“Yes, me and Brother Liang… Liang was just here to visit you since we have just been discharged from the hospital!” the yob added.

“Just discharged? I think you both didn’t have a long enough hospital stay and wanted to go back, right?” Yang Ming said while he squinted his eyes.

“Hai, no, no. If there was nothing else then we are going to go first. We will treat you to a meal on another day!” Zhang Yuliang now wanted to avoid this plague immediately. After some small talk, he wanted to leave right away.

“Ai! Why are you both being so cooperative? Whack him!” Zhang Biao was nervous when he saw how both of them decided to leave after a few words.

“Brother Biao, we don’t want that thousand yuan. You go find someone else!” said Zhang Yuliang shook Zhang Biao’s hand.

“How could this be? Both of you promised me at the start!” Zhang Biao panicked. He had already promised Wang Zhitao. Now, these two people decided to stop their act at the last minute, how was he going to explain to Wang Zhitao!?

“Damn. If you call me again I am going to f*** you up!” The yob was also panicking. He was afraid of Yang Ming but not of Zhang Biao who was just another chauffeur. Nothing to be afraid of.

“This…” Zhang Biao’s mind blanked. Even these punks in the society can’t do much. It’s better to save the trouble. Zhao Biao stared at Yang Ming with hatred, and walked away with a ‘hmph’!

“Wait!” Yang Ming saw how Zhang Yuliang wanted to go and stopped him.

“Brother Yang, is there anything else?” Zhang Yuliang heard Yang Ming’s words and reluctantly turned around.

“Do you know that person?” Yang Ming was, of course, pointing at Zhang Biao.

“Oh? That guy with shades? I don’t know him. He found me through a mutual friend and was looking to give a guy a lesson… Of course, had we known it was Brother Yang earlier, we wouldn’t have dared to come!” said Zhang Yuliang as he lowered his voice.

“Alright, I understand. You both can go.” Yang Ming waved his hand. He didn’t really want to cause any problems for Zhang Yuliang. Instead, he should have thanked him! If it wasn’t for them, he wouldn’t have gotten those contact lenses that gave him his special power!

Yang Ming pondered carefully. Who would want to cause him harm? Recently, he only had problems with Zhang Yuliang but from today’s situation, it definitely wouldn’t be Zhang Yuliang who wanted to give him a lesson. Who else could it be?

Wang Zhitao! Yang Ming suddenly thought of this person. But he’s just a student. Would he find people from the society to handle him? It didn’t seem likely. However, who could have explained these kinds of things? During these past few days, he was really close to Chen Mengyan, it was entirely possible that Wang Zhitao got annoyed and wanted to give him some lessons!

After coming to this conclusion, Yang Ming was prepared to verify this with Wang Zhitao. Of course, he couldn’t ask him directly, but he could figure it out indirectly!

Yang Ming turned around to go back to class. At this time, Wang Zhitao was nervously holding his phone awaiting the good news from Zhang Biao. He panicked as he saw Yang Ming return to the classroom without a single scratch. He thought Yang Ming had changed his plans and hadn’t gone outside the school yet.

Wang Zhitao had already memorized Yang Ming’s routine. Yang Ming usually returned to his house to have lunch every afternoon, therefore, he asked Zhang Biao to wait at the school’s entrance. But why did he come back to school today?

“Class monitor, why are you not out for lunch?” Yang Ming had just entered the classroom and noticed that Wang Zhitao was staring at him. Yang Ming felt that something wasn’t quite right so he went to ask Wang Zhitao first.

“I… I am still not hungry. Yang Ming, don’t you always go home to eat? Why are you back here today?” Wang Zhitao expected Yang Ming to have gone out to take a few beatings, but he didn’t think that Yang Ming would have come back. His man was outside waiting for him. But because he was nervous, his words slipped.

Yang Ming confirmed his suspicions further as he heard Wang Zhitao’s words. This fellow is suspicious!

“Oh. There’s no one at home today, so I am not going back for a meal.” Yang Ming made up a story.

“Ah? Not going?” Wang Zhitao was surprised. Zhang Biao and his gang were still waiting at the school entrance!

“Why? Is there any problem?” Yang Ming prompted.

“No… no problem!” Wang Zhitao shook his head immediately. “Then… I will be going off for a meal first. Goodbye.” Wang Zhitao wanted to leave Yang Ming immediately so that he could give Zhang Biao a phone call.

He didn’t think that Yang Ming would continue to ask, “I heard that there was a really delicious steamed bun store opposite our school. I wanted to ask you the name of it. Since you are rushing off, then it’s fine. I will just buy a meal in the school’s canteen.”

Wang Zhitao had walked two steps but he turned around immediately after he heard Yang Ming. He said passionately, “Aiya, I am not rushing! The meals in the school’s canteen are really nothing much. There were rumors that people found rocks within the rice as well! Let me tell you how to go to the steamed bun store. Once you exit the school’s gate, there’s a warehouse selling items. Beside that warehouse is the store, Eastern Steamed Bun King. The vegetable steamed buns there are awesome!”

Suspicious. Definitely suspicious! Since when has Wang Zhitao been so kind to me!? Yang Ming now confirmed that it was most probably Wang Zhitao who got Zhang Yuliang to come and give him a lesson.

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