So Pure, So Flirtatious

Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Another Robbery

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Boyfriend? Zhao Ying was stunned… We were mistaken as a couple! The ages of Zhao Ying and Yang Ming was close and in addition, Yang Ming looked tall and strong. He was a head taller than Zhao Ying. Besides, Zhao Ying didn’t really look like Yang Ming’s teacher. No wonder the stall owner was mistaken!

Both tried to explain at the same time as they shook their heads, “No, we’re not…”

The stall owner said discreetly, “I know, I know!” He was implying, “I know. You don’t have to explain.” He nodded his head self-righteously.

Zhao Ying rolled her eyes to Yang Ming, meaning, Look, we’re misunderstood by others!

Yang Ming smiled helplessly meaning, What can I do?!

However, Zhao Ying got the wrong message. She thought he meant, You had promised me to be my wife. If he misunderstood, then let it be!

Zhao Ying was bitterly angry, but she couldn’t do anything else. This issue would get complicated with further explanation. Some issues weren’t a big deal at first, but if one explained too much, a simple thing would get more ambiguous.

Yang Ming said to stall owner, “Two Beef Noodles with eggs!” He originally wanted to drink beer at the barbeque stall, but drinking alcohol in front of beautiful teacher-come-sister would be digging his own grave. Besides, Yang Ming was hungry, so eating noodles would be more filling. He didn’t want Zhao Ying to spend too much either.

“Alright! It will be ready soon!” said the stall owner and then he whispered quietly, “Couples should be eating a big bowl together. Wouldn’t that be more enjoyable?!”

Yang Ming looked at Zhao Ying’s blushed face. She was really frustrated. Why did the stall owner have to be such a busybody?! Both of them were progressing through the friendship and brother-sister relationship, but it stalled when this guy pointed it out!

As expected, Zhao Ying moved awkwardly aside and distanced herself from Yang Ming.

The few words from the stall owner had made them both quiet and they kept their heads down as they ate. They quickly finished their noodles. When Zhao Ying took out her purse to pay the bill, Yang Ming sensed a strange look from the stall owner.

I bet this guy must be thinking that I’m a kept man!

They left the stall and walked back toward their homes.

Yang Ming broke the awkward silence and said, “Sister Ying, you don’t have to listen to that nonsense. These stall owners are all the same – indecent and with a glib tongue.”

“Pff…” Zhao Ying laughed. “You were walking so fast now. I thought you thought that having me as your girlfriend was shameful?”

“Ah? Hehe. Sister Ying, you aren’t angry? I really thought you were pissed off!” Yang Ming scratched his head and felt embarrassed. “When you went to pay, the stall owner thought I was a kept man. Why shouldn’t I run?!”

Zhao Ying wasn’t angry actually. She just felt embarrassed, but she had already passed through the awkward stage. She was worried that Yang Ming’s studies would be distracted and hence joked with Yang Ming.

Yang Ming was feeling good and when he saw that Zhao Ying was fine, he started chatting with her.

“Freeze!” A sudden roar scared Yang Ming and Zhao Ying. Yang Ming raised his head and saw two men standing in front of them and one held a dagger.

The place was far from the city, so it wasn’t a thriving neighborhood. The shops nearby were already closed. There were not many people around so no one noticed what was happening.

The man with the dagger said, “Give me all your valuable items. Don’t try to resist. If not, I will really kill you!”

Yang Ming first thought that this was Jin Gang’s vengeance but he looked around and because he didn’t see Jin Gang, he then re-examined these two thugs.

The other man without the dagger said impatiently, “What are you waiting for? Don’t make me do it. An old man like me doesn’t have much patience!”

Yang Ming looked at these guys. If he was fighting them alone, Yang Ming believed that he could easily deal with them. Yang Ming would still have an 80% chance to win even if both of them fought him together. However, Zhao Ying was beside him. He wasn’t scared but that wasn’t the case for Zhao Ying.

Therefore, Yang Ming hesitated and but then put his hand in his pocket. In there was the 200 yuan that Father Yang gave him during lunch. Yang Ming felt really bad but he didn’t think much and obediently threw the money on the ground.

Zhao Ying straightaway threw her handbag on the ground. The thin man nodded satisfied as he picked up the money and handbag. Suddenly, he noticed that the girl was exceptionally beautiful. His eyes were involuntarily showing lust…

The man with the dagger also noticed. They exchanged knowing looks and slightly nodded their heads.

The man with the knife said, “Kid, you can go now!”

Yang Ming subtly pulled Zhao Ying’s hand. “Let’s go!”

The man with the knife waved his hand, “Wait! I’m only letting you go. The girl will stay!”

“What are you guys planning to do?” Yang Ming eyes were murderous. He was disgusted with people who were greedy and ate their own words.

The thin man said impatiently, “What’s the matter? I’ve already made myself clear. You leave. The girl stays!”

Yang Ming said coldly, “I have given you the money. I hope you guys can follow the gang rules! Don’t be so absolute. This won’t be good for either you or me!”

“Huh? Who you think you are to be talking gang rules with me? I let you go because of the money. Kid, you should stop being pretentious. If I change my mind later, neither of you would be able to leave!” The man with the dagger sneered disdainfully.

Yang Ming looked coldly at the man with the knife and a smirk appeared at the corner of his mouth.

The thin man smile lewdly, “Little kid, don’t worry. We will let this chick go when we finish playing with her. It’s just being poked a few times; she won’t die!”

“Run!” Yang Ming clenched his teeth, pushed Zhao Ying away, and then he rushed bravely toward the thin man.

“Yang Ming…” Zhao Ying almost stumbled from the push. She looked at Yang Ming horrified.

Yang Ming saw that Zhao Ying hadn’t run but instead, she stood there in a daze. He had a sudden rush of anxiety and he shouted, “Just run! Don’t worry about me; you run first!”

When Yang Ming was distracted, the thin man punched him in his face, “Ah!”

The man with the dagger saw that Yang Ming dared to fight back and charged toward him. “Little kid, since you tried to trick me, none of you will be leaving!”

Yang Ming was hit because of his carelessness. But now that he restored his vigilance, he saw the man with the dagger charging toward him. Immediately, Yang Ming launched a kick at the hand with the dagger.

Yang Ming was furious at this moment. He didn’t hold back on this kick. “Kacha”, was followed by a miserable howl. The man with the dagger broke his hand, and the dagger was nowhere to be found.

This was what Yang Ming wanted. Because he feared that the weapon may hurt Zhao Ying, he was vicious with his kick. He kicked the dagger away and crippled one hand.

Zhao Ying was worried about Yang Ming when she saw him get hit. She knew that she would be a burden to him. But now Yang Ming looked really brave as he kicked away the dagger with one kick. Then, she remembered his courageous fight with the thugs in the past, so she lengthened her steps, and quickly ran away.

Yang Ming wasn’t as worried when she was far away. While the man with the dagger – no, now it was the man without the dagger – was howling, Yang Ming threw another punch toward his temple.

Yang Ming took advantage of the daggerless man’s plight and knocked him out without a sound.

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