So Pure, So Flirtatious

Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Let Me Be Your Wife

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The wizened man saw his partner being finished off and became enraged, “Brat, which street do you belong to? How dare you spoil my plan!”

Yang Ming had already taken down one of his enemies. At that moment, he was confident and no longer scared. He looked at the wrinkled man and said, “You are the one who didn’t follow the rule first. You could have left after taking the money and we would have no more business with each other. It is you who forced me to do this.”

The shriveled man swiftly launched a kick at Yang Ming, “Brat, what a strong tone. Let me teach you a lesson!”

Yang Ming was surprised. Even though the guy seemed to be thin and weak, he had great agility! He was even more agile than the foe who held the knife! It wasn’t by chance that he managed to land a punch on Yang Ming!

The wizened man had swift movements, but Yang Ming wasn’t a fraud either. He had participated in lots of gang fights in the past. He dodged the kick easily and returned one.

The wrinkled man swiftly dodged backward and Yang Ming missed his kick! However, Yang Ming wasn’t bothered. Since the first kick didn’t connect, what mattered more was the follow-up kick that came after!

That was Yang Ming’s go-to technique. He used it during the fight with Jin Gang’s man just a few days ago. The wizened man relaxed after he saw Yang Ming miss the kick. He never thought that Yang Ming’s second kick would come so quickly!

“Pang!” A loud noise echoed in the whole area. The thin man looked at the kick that had landed on his chest! It was followed by agonizing pain when he fell on the floor. His dizziness was accompanied by a feeling of his lung bursting.

Yang Ming didn’t even look at him because thus far, there hasn’t been anyone who was able to get up after experiencing Yang Ming’s flying kick. Yang Ming picked up Zhao Ying’s handbag that was on the floor. He turned around and walked towards the wrinkled man. After searching his body for some time, he took out a wad of cash which included his two hundred yuan.

Yang Ming flipped through the stack; he estimated it to be about three to four thousand yuan! At first, Yang Ming wanted to just take back his own two hundred yuan, but after realizing that this money was probably acquired through crime, he simply stashed everything in his pocket.

Yang Ming originally wanted to leave the scene but he saw blood dripping out of the wizened man’s mouth. Yang Ming had used his full strength for the fight so there were at least a few kilograms of force thrown on the wrinkled man’s chest. It would be strange if there weren’t internal injuries!

Yang Ming felt that this skeleton-like brat could die at any moment. By that time, Yang Ming would have become a murderer! Thus, Yang Ming immediately dialed 911 at a nearby public telephone and reported the two injured men by the roadside.

After a while, a police siren could be heard in the distance. Yang Ming thought to himself that the police was very efficient in their duty and left feeling assured.

Seeing the empty streets, it looked like Zhao Ying had escaped far away from the scene. Yang Ming shook his head. Being close to a beauty might not always be a good thing. They had been robbed twice. Although the first robbery was because of Jin Gang, this time it was Zhao Ying’s beauty that caused the mess.

As Yang Ming looked for Zhao Ying at a different corner of the street, he noticed a human figure behind a garbage bin far away! Could there be such a coincidence? Do I look like a rich man?

As Yang Ming looked closer, the figure that was hiding behind the garbage bin was actually Zhao Ying! She carefully peeked out from behind the garbage bin and gazed upon Yang Ming.

Both of them were separated far away, however, Yang Ming was able to see Zhao Ying but Zhao Ying couldn’t see the situation at all. Yang Ming held her handbag up and waved at her, indicating that it was alright.

Zhao Ying came out from behind the garbage bin once she was sure there wasn’t any danger ahead. She ran towards Yang Ming while holding her bulging breasts as she gasped for air. She held Yang Ming’s arm and asked in a concerned manner, “I am so scared, Yang Ming. Are you alright?”

Yang Ming starred lewdly into Zhao Ying’s chest and mumbled, “It would be great if I could feel it…”

Zhao Ying didn’t hear what Yang Ming said nor did she see Yang Ming’s expression. She asked in a puzzled manner, “What did you just say?”

Yang Ming pointed at the bruise on his face and made a joke, “Nothing much, Sister Ying. Just look at me, I am disfigured. What should I do if I can’t get a wife?” Yang Ming had received a punch this time around. Even though it wasn’t as serious as the previous case, it was still scary in comparison because the damage was on the face.

“Aiya!” Zhao Ying that realized half of Yang Ming’s face was swollen. She exclaimed, “Your face is severely swollen. How could you still joke about it?!”

Yang Ming replied, “I am serious! It involves a major affair in my life! A person’s looks are very important. My face is already like this and I don’t have a reason to live anymore!” In reality, Yang Ming’s face had no problems at all. The swelling would have gone down overnight. During his time in junior high school, he would always be in a fight. It was common to be hit on the head by a brick. However, those were the times when Yang Ming first went out into society and met other punks. Later on, Yang Ming had beaten the hell out of the others.

“Yang Ming! Can you be more serious?!” Zhao Ying was slightly irritated. “As I said before, I will be your wife in the future! Let’s head to the hospital immediately!”

In that instance when Zhao Ying panicked, she blurted out “I will be your wife in the future.” She felt something wasn’t right after she finished her sentence. The premise of her statement was that Yang Ming couldn’t find a wife. Since it was already spoken, any further addition would reveal her affections. In that case, Yang Ming may think that she was fooling him which might lead to more misunderstandings. Zhao Ying thought Yang Ming didn’t realize this because she didn’t detect anything special in his expression.

Although Yang Ming’s academic work wasn’t very good, it wasn’t a fair representation of his literary skills. He might not be able to comprehend a poem and the meaning behind interchangeable words[1], however, he had a better knowledge of wording and phrasing sentences or else, he wouldn’t be able to put Zhao Ying to silence with his arguments. He felt like he wanted to have a voice recorder by his side so that he could record Zhao Ying’s promise as evidence. With that, his marriage was covered!

It was hard to imagine but many couples in the world had broken their promises as time went by.

“So that’s a promise?” Yang Ming felt that Zhao Ying was someone who kept her promise.

“That’s a promise. Quickly, we need to go to the hospital.” Zhao Ying was anxious about Yang Ming’s injury and she no longer cared about the other matters.

Yang Ming suggested, “Why go to the hospital? Let’s just go to your house.”

Zhao Ying was shocked. “Go to my house? Come over for what?” Zhao Ying blushed as she thought to herself. I just made the promise. Would he already intend to make me his wife?

Chapter Notes:

[1] 通假字 (Tōngjiǎ zì) A word that can be written in multiple ways in Chinese.

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