So Pure, So Flirtatious

Chapter 28

Chapter 28: A Unique Encounter

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Yang Ming was excited. After all, he was still a teen experiencing puberty. He still hadn’t experienced sex and he felt his heart itching when he looked at the innocent junior in front of his eyes.

Lin Zhiyun realized that Yang Ming was hesitating. She knew that he was tempted. However, this was her first time and she never did this before. Although she was forced into it, there wasn’t any girl who wished to offer her virginity to a stinky uncle. She felt that Yang Ming wasn’t a bad person and he was even handsome. Since she was selling her body in the end, it would be better to offer it to Yang Ming.

If the one standing here wasn’t Lin Zhiyun but rather an experienced prostitute, Yang Ming wouldn’t have been approached. This was because Yang Ming wasn’t wearing any fancy clothes. It was obvious that he was a poor kid.

Lin Zhiyun struck while the iron was hot and said, “Three thousand! Three thousand is enough…”

“Ha?” Three thousand? She even demands three thousand? Yang Ming opened his eyes widely. This isn’t even a business but highway robbery! Yang Ming may not have engaged in prostitution before, but he roughly knew the price. The better ones at most were 300 yuan. This girl demanded the price of three thousand. No matter how chaste you acted, it wouldn’t even be worth this price.

Lin Zhiyun noticed Yang Ming’s expression. After thinking a few moments, she understood why Yang Ming felt that way. She further explained, “This… This is my first time.” As such, three thousand yuan wasn’t that expensive. If it wasn’t the situation, she wouldn’t have done something like that.

“First time? Does that mean you are still a virgin?” asked Yang Ming as he stared at Lin Zhiyun. This year, there were a lot of prostitutes that pretended to be a virgin. Do you think I am stupid enough for you to con me?

“…” Lin Zhiyun felt a bit embarrassed as she nodded her head.

Yang Ming stared at Lin Zhiyun for quite some time. After a few moments, he slowly asked, “Since it is your first time, why would you still do it?”

According to the saying, ‘the eyes were the gate to the soul’, no matter how proficient a person’s acting was in both behavior and facial expression, the gaze of the eyes would reveal the truth.

In matters of deception, Yang Ming could be deemed a master. With the exception of his parents, Yang Ming’s act of deception was flawless in front of others. He was articulate and eloquent.

After a closer look, Yang Ming felt that the girl wasn’t lying. In her eyes, Yang Ming could sense some bitterness and helplessness.

Lin Zhiyun didn’t want to share too much information about her personal matters but she uttered, “I need money to save someone’s life.” She was determined that she would do it only once. She didn’t want people to look for her in the future.

“Saving a life?” Yang Ming looked at her and he felt that while she was thin, she did not look thin because of severe sickness. He couldn’t help but be curious and ask, “If you can explain clearly what you mean, I will pay for… your service.”

Lin Zhiyun hesitated a while. Initially, she heard that the price per trick was only three to five hundred yuan. Three thousand yuan was definitely an exceptional price that she could get on a rare occasion. If she rejected him, it wouldn’t be possible to have another customer that would pay such a price. Thus, she took the plunge and revealed what had happened. “My dad was hit by a car and the driver escaped from the scene. Most of the money at home was used to pay my father’s hospital fees. However, the amount of money we had wasn’t enough. The hospital said that if the three thousand yuan fee is not paid by tomorrow, they will stop treatment…” Lin Zhiyun burst into tears.

Yang Ming looked at her. Even though he wanted to bed this girl, he knew that this action would be barbaric. Yang Ming knew that he may not be a good person, but he was determined to avoid being a person that took advantage of others’ helpless states.

“Haih!” Yang Ming left a sigh. He thought he made some great money today. It never crossed his mind that the money would leave him so soon after coming into his pocket.

Yang Ming took out the four thousand yuan that he obtained from the wizened man. He took out the two hundred yuan that was originally his, stuffed the remainder into the girl’s hand and said, “Take it to cure your father. Never lay foot in this place again.”

This time, Lin Zhiyun was dumbfounded. She looked in wonder at Yang Ming’s back as he left. He just gave me this money and left? Over these past few days, she experienced and noticed the fickleness of this world. Her cousin didn’t care much about her father. The hospital didn’t offer any leeway for her father’s treatment fee. However, a random stranger just handed her this amount of money?

Lin Zhiyun simply looked at the money in her hand. It must be at least three thousand yuan. How could he not desire my body since he paid for it? Could it be that I am that bad? It shouldn’t be. I am one of the campus belles and there are usually many boys pursuing me! Her thoughts made her feel disappointed.

Since the money was already in hand, Lin Zhiyun didn’t want to think too much about it. She collected all her money and hastily walked towards the hospital.

Yang Ming arrived at home. It did not occur to him that his parents weren’t asleep yet. His parents were watching TV awaiting his return. Yang Ming didn’t want his parents to be worried. He turned his face to the side as he quickly walked towards his own room.

Father Yang asked, “Big Ming, have you treated your teacher to a meal?”

“Yup, father. There’s still some money left. I will return it to you tomorrow.” Yang Ming was afraid that his father would notice the bruised half of his face as he quickly walked towards his room.

“There’s no need for it. Keep the money so that you can purchase more reference books later.” Father Yang also said, “It is rare to have you studying so hard.”

“Thanks a lot, Dad. I will be going to my room.” Yang Ming swiftly retreated.

Mother Yang suddenly stood up and walked in front of Yang Ming. She was shocked as she asked, “Wait a second. Big Ming, what happened to your face?”

Yang Ming immediately covered his face with his hand. “There’s… nothing much really… nothing. Mom! Dad! I’m tired and I need to return to my room to rest…”

Suddenly, Father Yang roared, “Stand right there! Turn your head around!”

Yang Ming had no way to avoid it. He could only stop his footsteps gingerly and turn his head around.

After catching a glimpse, Father Yang’s face turned sour. “What happened to you? Did you have a brawl with the others again! I thought you had turned over a new leaf. How could you act like this?! Are you trying to piss me off?!”

Yang Ming wanted to explain, “Father… I…” Father Yang cut him off immediately, “Spit it all out! Where did you go goofing around today? You lied to me saying that you spent the money to treat your teacher to a meal. You must have spent it with your bad friends!”

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