So Pure, So Flirtatious

Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Murder Suspect

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“Dad, I really did invite Sister… Teacher Zhao out for a meal!” Yang Ming may as well stop covering his face since the swelling had gone down. However, there was still a bit of a bruise which was unnoticeable if you really didn’t pay attention to it. Even though Lin Zhiyun didn’t see it, with the bright lights in the living room, anyone will notice it with a closer look.

“Are you still lying? You’re really making me angry. What happened to your face then?” Father Yang scolded agitatedly, “If you made a mistake, it’s completely fine as long as you admit it but you deny it right to my face!”

“My child’s father, don’t be too angry [1]. There may be some misunderstanding!” Mother Yang came to the rescue.

“Misunderstanding? Are you saying that the bruise this time is once again because of a car accident?” Father Yang smirked. “M***** F*****, don’t think that I don’t know anything. I already knew you were lying last time. That bicycle of yours – the repairman told me it wasn’t caused by an accident but was wrecked by someone. But because I saw how hard you studied, I gave you some respect and didn’t expose your lie. I never thought you would take advantage of it over and over again!”

Yang Ming now knew why his father was so enraged. Apparently, the last incident’s lies were exposed! Yang Ming decided to stop lying and told them everything about meeting the robbers on the street.

“Are you sure you are telling the truth? Based on what you said, you have encountered robbers twice in a row. Isn’t that such a rare coincidence that the probability is like winning a lottery?” Father Yang obviously did not believe that a person can get robbed twice in a row.

Yang Ming was thinking about how these two groups of people had completely different intentions, but he couldn’t really explain that. Therefore, he nodded and said, “Yup, those are the facts.”

“Do you think I would believe you? You have already lied to me once and now you want to come up with such outrageous lies to shut me up?” Father Yang’s face had turned really bad.

“Yup. I have Teacher Zhao’s phone number here. Dad, if you don’t believe me, we can give her a call.” Yang Ming suddenly thought that Zhao Ying could back him up.

Father Yang looked over to Mother Yang and she nodded. Father Yang turned around and said, “Alright then, you make that call.”

Yang Ming took out his phone book and found Zhao Ying’s phone number. He then took the phone and called her. After a few ringtones, Zhao Ying’s lazy voice could be heard from the telephone, “Hi, greetings…”

“Greetings, Sister… Teacher Zhao. I am Yang Ming.” Yang Ming was so used to Zhao Ying that he almost greeted her incorrectly in front of his parents.

“Yang Ming? Why are you calling me so late at night? Don’t you know your sister is sleeping now?” Zhao Ying furious voice came out through the phone.

“Teacher Zhao, because of the wound on my face, my dad thought I went to fight with others and didn’t believe that I was in a robbery. Therefore, please explain to him…” Father Ying snatched the phone before Yang Ming could finish his sentence.

“Teacher Zhao, ah, I am Yang Ming’s father. It’s like this… ” Father Yang hung up the phone and a smile was restored to his face. He said to Yang Ming, “Big Ming, I accused you wrongly! It was really like this; you were right. You are a man now, and even though Teacher Zhao is your teacher, she is still a girl. You defending her was absolutely understandable! No doubt you are Yang Dahai’s son!”

Once he knew the cause of the incident, Father Yang was really happy. He asked Yang Ming to take a good rest and said he would make him some great dishes tomorrow.

No other words were heard the whole night.

In the next morning, Yang Ming came to school and saw a few police officers standing in front of the school gate. Zhao Ying was there as well. They were discussing something.

“Sister Ying, what’s happening?” Yang Ming walked over and asked Zhao Ying. He didn’t know why the police were here to find her.

“Yang Ming, it’s such good timing that you are here. These police officers are here for you.” Zhao Ying looked at Yang Ming and greeted him.

“You are Yang Ming?” asked the leader of the police officers.

“Yup, is there anything that I could help you with?” Yang Ming asked.

The lead policeman gave the other police officers a look and then said, “I am the captain of the criminal investigation team of the city police, Chen Fei. Please have a walk with us to the police station!”

“Go to the police station? For what?” Yang Ming pondered, I didn’t commit any crime, did I?

“Officer, didn’t you say you were just here to understand the situation? Why are you taking him away? He’s my student; he still needs to go through his lessons in school!” Zhao Ying was obviously reluctant when she saw how they came here to take Yang Ming away.

“Yang Ming, you are a suspect in a murder case. Therefore, you must follow us to the police station for investigation.” Chen Fei said with a stern voice as he took out some evidence from his pocket and dangled it in front of Yang Ming.

“Me? Suspected of murder?” Yang Ming was shocked. “It can’t be. Did you all make a mistake? Who did I kill?”

“No mistake. Once you are back there with us, you would understand it yourself. No use denying it now!” Chen Fei waved his hand and the other two policemen went to secure Yang Ming’s arms on either side.

“What are you all doing? I am his teacher. I won’t allow you to take him away!” Zhao Ying had spent a lot of time with Yang Ming these few days and the two of them had developed a pretty close relationship. How could she allow someone to take Yang Ming away just like that?

“Sorry, Teacher Zhao, but we are executing our duty. Please don’t stop us!” Chen Fei said.

“Sister Ying, you return first then. I will follow them. There shouldn’t be any problem as I didn’t do anything wrong. I believe things will soon be cleared up!” Yang Ming had no choice but to follow based on the current situation. Even the arrest warrant was brought over here. If he didn’t follow, he would be breaking the law.

“Then you should be careful. I’ll go find our headmaster!” Zhao Ying nodded her head and said.

Yang Ming nodded and said to Chen Fei, “Ask them to let go of me. I will follow you all!”

Chen Fei gave Yang Ming a look, then he said to the two people, “Let go of him.”

The two policemen let go of Yang Ming after hearing that. Yang Ming followed Chen Fei and got into the police car.

Once they arrived at the police station, Yang Ming was immediately brought into an interrogation room. A policeman wanted to handcuff Yang Ming, but Chen Fei shook his head and stopped him.

Chen Fei sat across from Yang Ming at the interrogation table. Beside him was a policewoman with a notebook who prepared to jot down notes.

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