So Pure, So Flirtatious

Chapter 30

Chapter 30: A Flash of Inspiration

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“Yang Ming.”


Yang Ming thought this was ridiculous. The questioning procedure had been in place for so many years. It was still the same as what he saw on television. They still asked about gender. It’s like holding a candle to the sun. However, Yang Ming knew it was necessary so he answered, “Male.”






“Song Jiang Car Factory Employee Family Compound, Block number six, 4th floor, door number one.” Yang Ming answered.

“What did you do last night?” Chen Fei suddenly changed the topic.

Last night? Yang Ming reminisced, I met two robbers, then I punished them. After that, I met a girl, she wanted me to f*** her, but I retained my conscience. I didn’t f*** her. I even gave her some money. That’s all!

“What are you thinking? I’m asking you – what did you do last night? Explain to me in full detail right now!” Chen Fei thought Yang Ming was trying to make up some lie.

“Last night, I’m had my tutorial with Teacher Zhao until 8:30 pm, then we ate beef noodles at the night market…”

The policewoman stared at Yang Ming impatiently and said harshly, “Straight to the point!”

Yang Ming saw this policewoman and he became really angry, Son of a b****. Your captain didn’t even say anything and you already became impatient. Look at your sexy body. I never thought you were a tomboy. Look at yourself; I bet you will never find a boyfriend and be a single woman. You’re a woman with a hormone imbalance and wants to vent your anger on me.

Chen Fei waved to the policewoman and signaled her to stop talking. “Alright, keep going.”

Yang Ming intentionally aggravated the policewoman, “Where did I stop just now?”

The policewoman shouted, “What kind of memory do you have?!”

Chen Fei reminded him, “Yang Ming, you were eating beef noodles.”

“Oh right, eating beef noodles. Look at your captain’s attitude. You should learn from him! This comrade is really inexperienced.” Yang Ming spoke like a leader toward the policewoman. Now it wasn’t like questioning him; it was more like criticizing a subordinate.

The policewoman said angrily, “You! You’re complacent now, but later you will cry. You have become a murderer. It will get even better!”

“Enough Xia Xue. You shouldn’t speak so much. He is right. How can you be unbiased if you behave like this? The taboo of interrogating your suspect is first being angry. You can’t get any information from them and even worse, you’re raising their ego.” Chen Fei said, “Besides, he isn’t a murderer yet. It’s not for you and me to decide. Leave it for the court.”

Xia Xue was speechless against Chen Fei’s rebuke. She had just graduated from police school and she was still interning in the criminal police department. She was so easily provoked by Yang Ming. She had forgotten what the police academy instructor had taught. After she was disciplined by Chen Fei, she became clear-headed and immediately shut her mouth.

“Student Yang Ming, you can keep going.” Chen Fei shook his head. Every year, the new recruits were pretty much the same. He once was like Xia Xue but after years of training, Chen Fei knew how to manage his emotions.

“After we ate beef noodles, we started to walk home but we met two robbers at Si Huan Street…” Yang Ming described the situation at that time.

After Yang Ming’s description, Chen Fei suddenly informed him, “The thin man you talked about was dead when we reach there. After he was sent to the hospital, forensics confirmed that he died of breathing difficulty induced by a bleeding lung.”

“Ah? What? You’re saying that the man is dead?” Yang Ming was surprised; he didn’t really think that he killed a person!

Chen Fei said, “Yes, now your story is just one-sided. The thin man’s partner is still in a coma. We have to wait until he wakes up in order to come to a conclusion.”

“I don’t think you can ask him anything after he wakes up.” Yang Ming said and sighed, “He was the first person I knocked out.”

Chen Fei said, “You don’t have to worry about this. Our technology department is reconstructing the case. I believe the results will be out soon. Then we will know whether your self-defense was unjustifiable or not.”

At this moment, another policeman walked in and said to Chen Fei, “Captain Chen, the other suspect has woken up, but he doesn’t want to talk about the case. He is acting crazy in the hospital and says he lost his memory!”

“What?” Chen Fei was taken aback. In all these years, after Chen Fei had solved so many cases, this was his first time hearing about a criminal who was making such an excuse to exonerate himself.

The policeman asked indecisively, “Captain Chen, what are we supposed to do? Without evidence, they can only be charged for the disruption of law and order based on the situation… We can’t convict them of committing a heavier crime and we can only hold them for a few more days..”

Yang Ming was dumbfounded. If this man lost his memory, then it would be difficult for me to exonerate myself!

Chen Fei asked, “Did he really lose his memory?”

The policeman said, “I’m not sure about this but the doctor said his brain wasn’t injured so theoretically it’s impossible to lose his memory. Besides, I really think that he is just acting like a fool.”

Chen Fei couldn’t help but ponder, Based on the current situation, his criminal charge isn’t heavy. He could even be freed from getting charged so why would he act like a fool?

Chen Fei talked to himself, “Is he trying to hide something? There’s no need for it. This isn’t a big crime.”

Hiding? Yang Ming suddenly had a flash of inspiration. If a man loses his memory, what kind of memories would he possibly forget? He connected it to his last online novel. Yes, it’s his identity!

If a man loses his memory, it’s likely for others to overlook his previous identity.

The policeman suggested, “Captain Chen, I think we should follow the security regulations and lock him up for few days.”

“Wait, wait!” Yang Ming abruptly interrupted, “Did you check his identity?”

Xia Xue said in a resentful way, “Identity? Why would we need to check for his identity? Didn’t you hear that the guy had lost his memory? How would we check?”

Yang Ming said, “You can check by posting his photo online!”

Xia Xue said angrily, “You think we have nothing else to do, right? It’s just a small case. Why do we need to search the internet?”

Chen Fei agreed and nodded, “Not bad, Yang Ming is right. Both of you quickly upload the photo to the internet.”

“Yes, Captain Chen.” The policeman went out.

Chen Fei gave Yang Ming a thumbs up and said, “Not bad kid. I appreciate your wits!”

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