So Pure, So Flirtatious

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Discovery of a Special Power

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Am I dreaming? Yang Ming contemplated in shock.

Yang Ming felt like he was in a daze. Just as he was about to rub his eye, he remembered that he was still wearing the contacts. He couldn’t simply rub his eyes like that!

What’s happening? Even the tiniest mistake could be seen in extreme clarity as Yang Ming stared at the handwriting on Zhang Bing’s exam paper. He must not be in a daze, or else he wouldn’t be able to see in such detail. Yang Ming looked back at his own exam paper. He almost fainted with the sudden change. He saw some gigantic characters which looked like they were enlarged with a magnifying glass.

While Yang Ming pondered on what had taken place, suddenly everything on his exam paper looked normal again. He glanced again at Zhang Bing’s exam paper. It was no longer clear. Am I having hallucinations right now? Yang Ming didn’t quite believe that he was daydreaming as his experiences now were very realistic.

Yang Ming looked once more at Zhang Bing’s exam paper, and another miracle occurred. The words on the paper gradually became clearer, as though his eyes had acquired some kind of focus ability.

Damn! Yang Ming was so excited that he almost cheered out loud! As an avid reader of web novels, Yang Ming was familiar with similar situations involving frustrated minor characters whose lives then became legendary.

Could it be that the lucky charm had fallen on my head? Have my eyes transformed to have binocular vision? Wait, not really. I never possessed this special power before so how could I have gotten this special power all of a sudden?

Yang Ming reflected on his experiences in the past few days with a strange feeling. In most novels, the main character was either struck by lightning, hit by a car, or had some bugs dig into their butt before he or she obtained this form of special power. He hadn’t come across any of these weird encounters lately.

Oh ya! Spectacles! Yang Ming had finally thought of the most crucial object! This special power only appeared when he wore the contacts from the old man!

To prove his point, he immediately removed the lenses from his eyes.

“Yang Ming, you don’t seem like you are working on your exam paper. What are you busy doing here!” Zhao Ying had patrolled one round in the classroom, and she saw how Yang Ming hadn’t written a word yet, but he was doing some strange things.

“Uh… ” Yang Ming was startled and his hand almost poked his eyes. He turned a sour face to Teacher Zhao Ying and said, “Young Teacher Zhao, can you please not be so stealthy? I just got myself these spectacles and they weren’t really comfortable. I was about to take them off and put them back on, but shocking me like this has almost sent me to the school for the blind!”

“Pff!” Zhao Ying could not help but laugh as she heard those mischievous words from Yang Ming. “Stop joking around. You have all the logic, don’t you? Answer your exam papers quickly once you are done with your contacts! You haven’t even written a single word after twenty minutes!”

“Understood, Young Teacher Zhao,” answered Yang Ming.

“Do you want me to help you put it on?” Zhao Ying turned around to ask once she saw how Yang Ming was clumsily rolling his eyes.

“That will be great!” Yang Ming liked the feeling of Zhao Ying standing in front of him and even though he didn’t know why, it increased his heartbeat.

In Zhao Ying’s perspective, Yang Ming was just another student, so she didn’t really think about anything beyond that. She used both her hands to lift up Yang Ming’s head and gently held open his eyelids. Since contact lenses were small, delicate objects, Zhao Ying couldn’t avoid bending down toward him. Yang Ming was mesmerized by her exquisite fragrance.

After Zhao Ying took Yang Ming’s contact lenses out, she realized that Yang Ming was still tilting his head looking at her… She blushed and blurted, “Stop dreaming. Your contact lenses have been taken out already!”

“Ah? Oh ok.” Yang Ming was enjoying this moment, but the angry rebuke from Zhao Ying forced him to readjust his posture immediately and say, “Thank you Young Teacher Zhao!”

Zhao Ying put the contact lenses inside the case and passed it back to Yang Ming. She glared at him before she turned around and left. Even though Zhao Ying was now a working adult, she was still a young lady who hadn’t experienced much in life. How could she not react to a guy who stared at her like that! She felt really embarrassed. This Yang Ming- I originally thought he was a student with much potential. It seems that he is beyond saving now!

Now, even if Yang Ming stared at Zhang Bing’s exam paper until his eyes were sore, he wouldn’t be able to see the wordings clearly. He had guessed correctly! It was due to the contact lenses!

Yang Ming took out the contact lens case and examined it. The case didn’t look like anything special, yet it was a treasure! In the future, he would be able to observe any pretty girl in high definition with this object. Hehe!

Ai ya! Yang Ming smacked his own forehead as he had almost forgotten the most important thing. There were only ten minutes left for his examination. He put on his contacts, then anxiously picked up his pencil to copy Zhang Ming’s answers. The contact lenses shortened the time it took for his eyes to adjust to different distances and that allowed him to focus between the two exam papers with little delay.

The bell rang just as he finished copying all the answers. Yang Ming breathed a sigh of relief. These contact lenses are really useful. Since they didn’t feel very intrusive when I wear them, let’s just keep them there! They are transparent anyway so nobody would notice them.

During the next class lesson, Yang Ming experimented with the contact lenses by focusing on objects at varying distances. He realized that he could focus on the things he wanted to see, even things that are really far away. His brain acted like the motor and autofocus chip in a digital camera, directing the lenses to adjust according to the scene!

Within the time span of a single class lesson, through his persistent experimentation, Yang Ming mastered the ways to control the focus of the lenses. Yang Ming wasn’t sure how far he was able to see yet because a building blocked his view through the window. He was, however, able to clearly observe a tiny pit in the wall on the other side of the field.

Yang Ming felt really excited. The old man didn’t lie. Yang Ming really did receive a high tech object! Was this old man a mad scientist who lived like a hermit? He just happened to bump into me as he walked around in the mortals’ world and decided to pass me his invention?

Yang Ming mulled it over. Regardless of how it came, it was just one of the many mysteries in this world.

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