So Pure, So Flirtatious

Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Naked Campus Belle!

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Later on, Yang Ming considered the possibility of using the contact lenses to cheat on his National Higher Education Entrance Examination. This was the most important matter! Although Yang Ming had yet to discover the additional benefits of the contact lenses, the ability to see the answers on the others’ exam papers clearly was valuable!

With that in mind, Yang Ming realized the essence of the problem. Would he be able to see other examination papers? Even though he could see things that were far away, it wasn’t enough without the cooperation of others!

Zhang Bing might let Yang Ming see his exam paper. How about the others? If Yang Ming managed to persuade others to let him see their exam papers during the National Higher Education Entrance Examination, how could he be sure that their answers were correct? If Yang Ming encountered someone who was worse than him, then there really was no point in copying.

Zhang Bing turned his head around and spoke to Yang Ming, “How is it? I’m really helpful aren’t I?!”

Once Yang Ming returned to reality from his muddled thinking, he patted Zhang Bing’s shoulder and said, “Oh? Hey, that’s not bad. It was really helpful!”. However, he whispered in his heart, “I can only barely pass by copying your answers!”

Humans were always like this. Before the exam, Yang Ming set the target to pass the exam. After knowing that he had the far-sight ability, he became dissatisfied and wanted to go further.

Zhang Bing noticed Yang Ming’s lack of enthusiasm and thought that Yang Ming didn’t finish copying. After all, there were many steps required to solve the questions at the end of the exam. It wasn’t easy to see the answer clearly when both of us sat quite far from each other.

Yang Ming gathered up the pencils on his table and put them into his pencil box. Once again, he saw the note that Chen Mengyan left for him. Yang Ming uncontrollably had indecent thoughts. This is the paper note given to him by the campus belle. It is not a treatment that everyone could get! Although the written words were meant to scold him, Yang Ming was still happy. Chen Mengyan’s pretty face appeared again in his mind. He had dreamt about her just last night. What was the poem again?

Lying down, listening to wind and rain in the night,

In my dream, was Mengyan with a bikini.

The Chen Mengyan in the dream was wearing a bikini – a proud figure with voluptuous breasts. However, the vision wasn’t very clear. He couldn’t remember much after he woke up. Hehe. It would be great to be able to see her nude body!

Yang Ming was enjoying his filthy thoughts. Suddenly, he heard someone call to him, “Yang Ming, Teacher Zhao wanted you to drop by her office!”

Yang Ming raised his head and saw Chen Mengyan. But, his mouth unbelievably turned into an “O” shape. Chen Mengyan was not wearing anything!

Yup! There was no clothing at all. To be accurate, she still wore something – only a black lace panty and a white half-cup bra!

Yang Ming opened his eyes widely. His nose bleed was close to spraying out! Chen Mengyan, aren’t you too brave? You even dared to wear a bikini in the classroom!

The most challenging matter for Yang Ming to bear with was the translucent black lace panty. The pubic hair loomed and caused one of Yang Ming’s body parts to surge with blood almost to the point of bursting his pants.

Yang Ming stuttered while he pointed at Chen Menyan and said, “Mengyan, Why are you naked …”

“Naked?!” Chen Mengyan was furious once she heard those words. “Are you sick? You are the one who is wearing nothing!”

“You…You…” Yang Ming felt confused when Chen Mengyan didn’t admit it: “You really aren’t wearing anything. I can even see your black lace panty …”

“Pa!” Yang Ming’s face got slapped. “You are impudent!” Chen Mengyan’s face was extremely flushed. She gasped and shouted, “Is there something wrong with your eyes?”

Me? How am I impudent? Yang Ming was dumbfounded. You are the one that is naked yet you don’t let others speak of it!

Wait! This isn’t right, there must be something wrong! Why would Chen Mengyan wear a bikini to class? It is only March. In the northern region, there is still ice outside. Besides, Chen Mengyan is not a penguin. It is impossible to be not afraid of the cold! Although there’s a saying – where beauty triumphs over the freezing cold, there will not be anyone who dares to take life as a joke.

Yang Ming suddenly recalled Chen Mengyan’s words. Something wrong with my eyes? Yes! Eyes! My eyes! It must be the contact lenses that are causing me the trouble. Yang Ming calmed himself down and look at Mengyan. He realized that she had dressed appropriately. She still wore the small white fleece and jeans that she had this morning.

Yang Ming whispered to himself, “Damn, this broken pair of contact lenses. I almost made a fool of myself!” He put on a sleepy expression with a smile and said to Chen Mengyan, “Sorry, Chen Mengyan. I was half-consciously sleeping just now. I thought I was dreaming …”

Chen Mengyan initially thought that Yang Ming was flirting with her. After listening to his explanation, she became enraged. Dreaming? What are you dreaming about? It must be some shameless wet dream, right? However, once she remembered what he said, Cheng Mengyan felt wronged. Am I in his dream…

Chen Mengyan left with a cold “Humph!” Deep down in her heart, Chen Mengyan was still puzzled. How did he know what kind of panty I am wearing? Was it just a coincidence that his dream was accurate?

Filled with overwhelming thoughts, Yang Ming left the classroom. It seems that I hadn’t completely grasped the other abilities of the contacts. For example, I could even see through Chen Mengyan’s clothing …

Why would the ability be activated suddenly? Even I didn’t realize it in the first place?

Oh right. Before Chen Mengyan called to me, I was picturing her wearing a bikini. My brain must have managed to control the contact lenses and activate the ability to see through objects.

After coming to this conclusion, Yang Ming raised his head as he decided to test it out. Although Yang Ming was not someone who was considered a gentleman, he understood the rationale of “see no evil”. If one is to be lewd, he should be liberal on his own lewdness! What is the worth of being sneaky about it? Yang Ming was not someone who was like this. If I ever want to see a girl’s naked body, I must be frank and righteous to convince the girl to voluntarily strip herself. Yang Ming would never succumb to voyeurism.

In order to test the ability to see through objects, Yang Ming decided to try it out on a boy. Soon, Yang Ming set his target on a distant slugger. Yang Ming sent a signal into his brain, “What is beneath his jacket?”

The guy’s jacket truly disappeared and the black sweater was exposed beneath it.

Yang Ming continued sending signals, “What is his underwear?”

Damn! Yang Ming felt a chill down his spine. This guy was wearing pink triangle briefs!

Yang Ming decided to catch a sight of him naked. Since both of us are male, it doesn’t matter.

… After catching a glimpse, Yang Ming was speechless. This guy looked tough, but his part was like an earthworm. It doesn’t measure to one-third of mine.

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