So Pure, So Flirtatious

Chapter 855 - Still Dead in One Move

Chapter 855: Still Dead in One Move

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“Good.” Ouyang Junwei was angry, but he had not said anything. It was great to be able to seize the opportunity. Ouyang Junwei was more confident in this one-on-one fair duel. He was a black belt in Taekwondo, so the average person was really not his opponent!

So far, Ouyang Junwei had rarely encountered opponents. He was quite confident in his skills.

Ouyang Junwei still believed the fact that Yang Ming could kill Delay Man 001 and his father was because of luck. It could be said that Yang Ming was very clever, but it did not mean that Yang Ming had real Kung Fu.

As for Yang Ming having a gun, Ouyang Junwei was not surprised at all. What did Donghai’s Sun Family do? How could they not have guns?

Ouyang Junwei now also thought that if he could initiate first, could he kill Yang Ming in one move? If he could, that was great. So, after Ouyang Junwei finished the word “good,” he did not make a move first, but instead, yelled at Yang Ming. He thought of a perfect move to see if Yang Ming could be killed in an instant.

If he could not kill Yang Ming in one move, then Yang Ming could do some dirty tricks and kill him. Ouyang Junwei was really a little scared now. This Yang Ming seems to be quite cunning, right?

“I say, Ouyang Jun-whatever, what are you doing? Can you hurry up?” Yang Ming was impatient. “What are you holding from me? If you still don’t make a move, I’ll tell you that I might change my mind.”

Ouyang Junwei was concentrating on giving a fatal blow to Yang Ming. When he heard Yang Ming, he was shocked. Is this kid going to change his mind? Listening to his tone, is he trying to play a trick?

Ouyang Junwei was shocked and did not dare to delay. He shouted and launched a kick. This was a standard kick in Taekwondo, but it was also very strong. If it landed on someone, the person might be seriously injured.

However, how could this move hurt Yang Ming? Yang Ming simply dodged to the side, then Ouyang Junwei’s kick missed.

“Okay, are you finished? If you are finished, then I am going to make a move!” Yang Ming was really reluctant to bother with this Ouyang Junwei, but since Yang Ming promised him a chance to give him a fair fight, then Yang Ming couldn’t take back his words, right?

En ?” After Ouyang Junwei listened to Yang Ming’s words, he was stunned. But then he was delighted! Originally when two people fighting, no matter who made the first move, the result was that two people would be fighting together! But now, listening to the meaning of Yang Ming, this seemed to be the test where each of them used one move at a time!

Ouyang Junwei was really afraid that when they fought together, Yang Ming would use some dirty move. He would lose if he were not careful. And now, according to Yang Ming, if it were one move at a time, then he would have enough focus to deal with Yang Ming’s tricks, he didn’t have to worry about the dirty moves would Yang Ming use.

“Good!” Ouyang Junwei nodded and said, “Then you make a move, I will take it!”

“Then you be careful. Don’t be defeated in one move. Then we can’t play anymore!” Yang Ming sneered.

“You can rest assured. I will not be defeated by you in one move.” Ouyang Junwei was very angry, but he still said it with patience.

Yang Ming nodded and said, “I’m going to make a move!” Then following the way that Ouyang Junwei shouted, he ran and threw a flying kick toward Ouyang Junwei.

Ouyang Junwei was happy. But Yang Ming is such a noob. I used flying kick, and he also uses flying legs! Can this kind of flying kick hurt me? Thinking of this, Ouyang Junwei came up with a more carefree posture than Yang Ming. He touched his own gold-rimmed glasses, then he swung his hair back. His body leaned to the side and avoided Yang Ming’s kick.

Just as Ouyang Junwei was complacent, he wanted to say a few words to harass Yang Ming, but he suddenly felt a fierce wind blowing across his ear. Then, a powerful force hit him. It nearly blew his head off!

Ouyang Junwei only felt an impact on his brain. Then he felt that his skull seemed to be too small. The brain juice inside wanted to burst out. His head was so painful that it almost exploded!

Ouyang Junwei covered his head and knelt on the ground. He was gasping heavily, and his eyeballs gradually bulged outward. His body twitched suddenly, then his face bled, and he laid on the ground quietly.

These consecutive flying kicks by Yang Ming worked every time he used it. Even if Ouyang Junwei were cautious, he wouldn’t think that Yang Ming would launch another kick!

“I asked you to be careful of dying in one move. I did not expect you to be so weak!” Yang Ming glanced at Ouyang Junwei, who was lying dead on the ground and said without pity.

Turning around, he wanted to continue to deal with Liu Jihao, then he smelled a stinky stench. He looked at it carefully, but he saw that Liu Jihao involuntarily urinated because of his terror. At the moment, he was sitting on the ground in horror.

Yang Ming held his breath and reprimanded, “Are you dead yet?”

“I… I am dead… Ah no, no, I am not dead…” Being screamed at by Yang Ming, Liu Jihao regained his consciousness. “Brother Yang, Boss Yang, Ancestor Yang, please spare me. I dare not. I dare not to provoke you anymore. I don’t want these twenty million yuan… I beg you. Don’t kill me… I’m wrong…”

“What about Wang Mei’s parents?” Yang Ming frowned and asked.

“In the basement of the villa, I didn’t lie to you, really. If you don’t believe me, I can take you to see, really… really. I did not abuse them. I have given them enough to eat and drink…” Liu Jihao said quickly.

“Really?” Yang Ming asked, looking at the basement of the villa with the special ability. Sure enough, he saw two old people being locked in a room. They were not tied with ropes. It looked like they did not receive any bad treatment.

At the moment, the two were sitting in chairs and talking with a worried face. Only then did Yang Ming let go of his worries. It seems that Liu Jihao is still humane. I’ll let him live then?

However, he could be exempted from death, but he could not run away from punishment. Yang Ming wondered if he should make this guy crazy to prevent future disaster. Otherwise, God knows if this kid would be bold after eating Viagra one day, thinking about dealing with Yang Ming.

When Liu Jihao saw that Yang Ming didn’t talk, he thought that Yang Ming didn’t believe it. He was extremely terrified. The three ruthless people in his eyes had become three dead bodies by Yang Ming. Liu Jihao knew he could not fight with Yang Ming.

“Brother Yang, I really didn’t lie to you. I will take you there now…” As Liu Jihao said this, he got up from the ground to go downstairs. But unexpectedly, it could be that his mood was anxious, so that his body was not balanced. He accidentally stepped on his own urine, his foot slipped, and then he plunged down the stairs with his head touching the ground.

Ah –” Liu Jihao screamed, then he rolled down the stairs and did not move anymore.

Yang Ming looked down and suddenly felt helpless. This is good. It saves me the time to do it myself! He saw that half of Liu Jihao’s head and neck had smashed into his body. Apparently, he was dead…

“You deserve what you did really…” Yang Ming shook his head with a sigh.What is called – bad deeds come back to haunt you? This is a typical example…

Yang Ming took the pistol in Ouyang Kanqi’s arm and put into his pocket. He carried the twenty million yuan that he brought here and walked past Liu Jihao’s body. Yang Ming came to the basement and opened the door lock easily. This lock was nothing for Yang Ming.

“You are…” Seeing a young man suddenly coming into the basement, Wang Mei’s mother asked with some horror.

“Are you two the parents of Wang Mei?” asked Yang Ming.

“We are… Who are you?” asked Wang Mei’s mother. But her voice was quite calm. Since Yang Ming asked this question, he definitely was not together with Liu Jihao, because Liu Jihao’s people knew their identities.

“I am a friend of Wang Mei! I am here to save you,” said Yang Ming.

Oh ? You are a friend of Wang Mei? That’s great, but how did you come in? Liu Jihao’s people are very ruthless.” Wang Mei’s mother said with some concern.

“There are a group of people outside who might be Liu Jihao’s enemies. They were fighting upstairs. I snuck in when they were not paying attention!” Yang Ming did not tell them the truth, but he simply fabricated such a reason. “Let’s go quickly. We’ll go back and talk!”

“Well, my wife, this guy is right. Let’s go first!” Wang Mei’s father said quickly.

Yang Ming quickly left the villa with Wang Mei’s parents. As for the bodies in the villa, Yang Ming couldn’t care less. Just let it be then.

They stopped a taxi on the road, but they did not go directly to the hotel. They changed cabs a few times in the middle. Yang Ming did this because he was afraid of leaving any clues behind.

However, Yang Ming told Wang Mei’s parents that they were changing taxis a few times because he was afraid that Liu Jihao’s people would follow behind them and to prevent from being traced. So Wang Ming’s parents who did not know about it nodded and said Yang Ming was careful.

Seeing her parents standing in front of her safely, Wang Mei’s tears suddenly came out, and she threw herself to her parents’ side. “Dad, Mom, are you all right? Did Liu Jihao, that bastard, trouble you two?”

“He didn’t, but what happened between the two of you?” Wang Mei’s mother looked at her daughter with some worry. She knew Liu Jihao was Wang Mei’s boyfriend. But this time, Liu Jihao rushed in and directly had his men grab Wang Mei’s parents. He didn’t even talk to them on the road and threw them into the basement.

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